God Desires the World He Originally Intended

Cheon Seong Gyeong 493

Let’s suppose some parents come
forward with the idea of revolutionizing
parental love and reinventing human
history, claiming, “Even though we are
parents, we will not love our children.”
Yet, the moment their baby’s umbilical
cord is cut, a loving heart will naturally
arise in them. Every life form, wheth-
er on a higher or lower level, is created
in such a way that it cannot but love its
young. Thus, since the act of loving their
children inspires parents to invest and
use their lives as stepping stones, it is
clear that parental love brings us closest
to an eternal and unchanging standard.

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1474

God created humankind for the sake
of love. Why were human beings creat-
ed? They were created because of love.
The reason human beings are different
from other forms of creation is that they
were created as God’s sons and daugh-
ters. They were created as object part-
ners who can receive love directly from
Him. Such is the privilege of human-
kind. (132-245, 1984.6.20)

Jesus Whom God Wanted To Find

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
October 18, 1959

Matthew 23:29-39

Today, after two thousand years have passed, what would the desire of God be? It is to find Jesus again on earth. We think that Jesus fulfilled the purpose of his coming on earth, went to the right side of God, and with the glory of God, bowed to Him in victory. But that is a big error.

When Jesus was departing, he sent the Holy Spirit to this earth. After sending the Holy Spirit, he has prayed ever since in the spiritual world to represent the heart of Heaven and to appear as God’s original desire. He is praying to take responsibility for his uncompleted mission.

What was the content of Jesus’ prayers? What was the purpose of his praying? What was Heaven trying to find through Jesus by preparing for four thousand years and sending him? It was victory, not the Jesus of the cross but the Jesus of glory. Jesus prayed to fulfill that will of God.

The question is how does Heaven perceive Jesus? How does Jesus perceive Heaven? How should the people of the future face Jesus, who wants them to believe in him? The way a believer receives Jesus, the way Jesus receives God, the way God meets Jesus, and the way God meets the people should all be the same. The place where people fulfill their purpose by moving with one goal is a place of victory and glory, not a place of sadness and pain. It is a place where all of Heaven and earth can rejoice. Heaven is longing for that one day, for Jesus to progress to that day, and for citizens who can attend God and Jesus as their greatest pride. This was the reason for God’s sending Jesus to the earth and the reason for making people believe in him. But that purpose has not been fulfilled on this earth even now.

Therefore, he must come again. He must come again. Where is the garden of glory that Jesus built with his victory? Where is the world where God can rejoice? It only remains in the hearts of God and Jesus.

Jesus came as the King of all Kings. He came to deeply love, to embrace and to make an unbreakable relationship with the chosen people of Israel, the nation of Judah. He came to form an iron connection with them, where, if they died he would also die. If they lived he would also live. To form this relationship, he shouted and cried. But the people violated that relationship and abandoned him on the cross. When this happened the mutual goal of Jesus and the Israelites was not fulfilled. God tried to establish a turning point of life and death through Jesus, but that standard was not fulfilled in the physical world. Thus, Satan again invaded the world of men.

Therefore, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are spiritually leading this world. They have battled innumerable times for two thousand years. God’s work was to find Jesus. But because Jesus and the chosen people did not become one, they lost him. Thus, Heaven abandoned the Israelites and God established a spiritual Israel and promised them a Messiah. After Jesus departed God promised to send the Messiah again spiritually, and He carried out a movement of restoration for the failed Israel. That is the two-thousand- year history after Jesus until now.

Then what kind of time is now? They say that these are the Last Days. What are the Last Days? The Last Days are a time when the day of Heaven’s hope is near. The Last Days are a time when God establishes Jesus again and fulfills His desire. What is God’s desire? It is the world that He originally intended. God longs for the fulfillment of the world of the original ideal on this earth through Jesus. Then, in these Last Days, are you who are living in the satanic world of sin prepared to attend Jesus whom God is looking for? God is hoping in the Last Days for a world where Jesus can have full dominion. The world should become a world God would want to show to Jesus. God has persevered for six thousand years, longing to be able to show off His chosen people and chosen children to Jesus. But this world became a world God could not show off to Jesus.

If Jesus comes to this earth again, he should reign as King of Kings, leading the people of this earth, and he should return glory to God. Moreover, we should liberate the historical sadness and sorrow and attend Jesus as the prince of victory. We should give glory to Heaven representing him. But the people of this earth do not know this.

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