Salvation Means Returning to a State of Health

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 1378

I can select the right spouses for everyone in the world. I have no difficulty in finding the right spouse for people. I know who is good for whom at a glance. You would not be able to find the right spouses for your children in ten years, but on one occasion I matched fifteen couples in ten seconds. I have the head for it – I know the world inside out and so am able to do this kind of work. You believe me, don’t you, since I blessed 30,000 couples last year? In secular society, there are people who call themselves matchmakers, but I am not one. Marriages are originally meant to be arranged by one’s true parents, but because human beings lost their true parents, I must deal with this in the position of the world’s parent to engraft everyone; being the only one who knows how to do that, I have no choice but to take care of it myself. (245-241, 1993.3.7)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1568

What is required to fulfill the ideology centered on the Heavenly Father? The answer is the God-centered family. Thus, at the time when God is working to achieve this Will, the greatest problem posed in both the communist and democratic worlds is the breakdown of the family. The communist world does not recognize the concept of the family. It treats the family as the basis of exploitation. It has no relationship whatsoever with God. The same is true in the democratic world. In fact, the reality is that everything concerned with the well-being of the family is on the decline. Although the family is the foundation of the society, nation and world, it has been in complete disarray until now. As such, once we have secured our basis through the family, we will automatically embrace the right and left wing worlds. (194-113, 1989.10.17)

Cheon Seong Gyeong

Selections from the Speeches of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

True God
Chapter 3

The History of the Providence of Restoration and Changes in Humankind’s View of God

Section 1. The God of the Old Testament Age
1.1. The Old Testament Age was the age of the servant

    Through the Fall, human beings fell into the non-Principle realm. How far did they fall? They fell into a realm even lower than that of the angels, who are God’s servants. The princes and princesses, who were supposed to be the masters, fell to a position lower than servants, so they must go back up.
    From the way of the servant of servants, they should go up through the way of a servant, adopted child, child by a concubine, and child of the direct lineage, and then return, through the mother, to the position of Adam, the father. This is restoration.
    The providence of salvation is like returning someone to the standard of health he enjoyed before he became sick. He must return to the state of having had no sickness.
    This is why the providence of salvation is the providence of restoration. The providence of restoration is not carried out arbitrarily. You cannot just “believe and be saved.” (222-144, 1991.11.3) Continue reading “Salvation Means Returning to a State of Health”

We Will Substantially Build the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1939

The direction of world civilization will develop as it circles around the globe. In other words, civilization moved from the continental civilization of Egypt, to the peninsular civilization of Rome and Greece, then to the island civilization of Britain, and reached the continental civilization of America. The continental civilization is now moving west, crossing the Pacific Ocean, passing through the island civilization of Japan, and ultimately culminating in the pen- insular civilization of Korea to connect with Asia. The culture consolidated here is a profound one, and it will lead to a new world. (115-171, 1981.11.10)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 720

    Good and evil spirits are fighting each other even in the spirit world. There’s a battle going on in that world too. Good spirits battle continually to lead evil spirits to good places, and evil spirits are doing everything they can to prevent good spirits from going to good places.
    Evil spirits are connected to Satan, and people living on earth today are under their influence. Why is that? Regardless of whether they were good or evil, all our ancestors passed away to the spirit world. Good spirits stand on the good side, not because they are completely good from God’s point of view, but because they have set the condition of having distanced themselves from satanic influence on earth.

Original Substance of the Divine Principle

The Principle of Restoration

The True Parent and the Completed Testament Age
(Completion, Conclusion and Finalization of the Providence of Restoration Through Indemnity)

God’s Providence of Restoration

    Adam and Eve fell, becoming false parents and creating a false family centered on Satan.
    The Center of the Providence of Restoration is the Appearance of God’s
Son, the Messiah.  The providence of restoration is divided into 3 eras, namely the Old, New and Completed Testament eras.
   The messiah comes in the capacity of God’s son. The messiah is the seed of true love. He finds the Principle, lives the Principle and perfects the substance of God’s word.
    We are now in the era of the Providence where we will substantially build the Kingdom of Heaven on earth through teaching absolute sexual ethics, receiving the Blessing of Marriage and doing Home Church.
    See slides 45 to 48 below:

Adam’s Family Sets the Stage for All of History to Play Out

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 963

If your grandparents, mother and father, couple, and children, become one based on true love, and inherit God’s true love that lives for others, then even God would be absolutely obedient to that. In the world that strives to live for others – a world that moves according to the love that submits to the tradition of living for others – the basis for peace would surely emerge even if it resisted being formed. (210-354, 1990.12.27)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1188

As viewed from God’s original ideal of creation, the eldest son should come from God’s side and, of course, the second son should also come from God’s side. Due to the Fall, the position of the first son was taken by Satan, and the position of the second son went to God. This has to be made right. Thus, when we consider the story of Esau and Jacob in the Bible, Jacob united with his mother and received her help. He gave Esau the pottage of lentils and bread in exchange for the birthright of the firstborn son. Until today, we could not understand why Bible history is the way it is. With the appearance of the Unification Church, its meaning was clarified for the first time. (134-304, 1985.8.16)

Original Substance of the Divine Principle

The Principle of Restoration

Adam’s Family

We need to understand what happened in Adam’s family, as Adam’s family involves all these aspects: God’s Creation, the Fall of human beings, and the Restoration
Human beings have to establish the Foundation for the Messiah, which involves the Foundation of Faith and the Foundation of Substance. Abel has to love Cain, and Cain has to love, mediate thorugh Abel, submit to him and multiply goodness.
Adam could not be the central figure for this providence. See slides 1 to 5 below:

I Am the Last Runner in the Heavenly Stadium

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New Richard Urban Show:  #133-Dr. John Money’s Transgender Fraud

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1113

Why was a portion of responsibility given to human beings? God granted us the authority to take part in the work of creation and thereby bestowed upon us the value of becoming His object partners. This is an amazing fact. (109-65, 1980.10.4)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1306

Then, who are the 72 Couples and 120 couples? The 36 Couples are representative couples of history, so they represent all that has happened in the past. Based on these couples, the 72 and 120 couples were set up as the representatives of the present. If the 36 Couples are the couples who can fulfill the conditions of family-level indemnity inherited from the past, the 72 Couples and 120 couples can fulfill this condition in the present. The 72 Couples represent the tribe and people, and the 120 Couples represent the world. That is how it is. (28-60, 1970.1.3)

Original Substance of the Divine Principle

The Principle of Restoration


Since Adam fell, God has been working His providence of restoration to restore fallen human beings.  The essence of this work is to have human beings (i.e. “me”) make conditions to restore themselves back to the level where they can receive the Messiah.  This is the very reason Jesus came on this earth, and why True Father, Rev. Moon came on this earth.
This process can be seen through the lens of human responsibility, resurrection, the word and other aspects of God’s providential work (see slide 16 below). 
The Messiah comes and teaches and shows us this path of restoration. 
It is up to me to as the Fruit of History, Last Runner in the Heavenly Stadium, and Creator of a New History to go this path to build the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.  See slides 17 and 18 below.

We Are Wombs of Good and Evil

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 2420

Blessed families are families representing the world both in name and in reality. Therefore, it is absolutely true that as the families representing the world, the Blessed Families must without fail become families who represent God, who have nothing to be ashamed of before the lineage of True Parents and before the lineages of the many people in the tribes, peoples, and nations. This is the meaning of Blessed Families being representative and central families. Therefore, Adam and Eve’s family and our families have the same value. That is the conclusion. Therefore, you cannot live a certain way in one place and a different way somewhere else. (263-204, 1994.10.4)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1174

You are all fakes. Do you think it’s easy to become the real thing? You should know that you have to go in and out of the blast furnace hundreds of times. When you become a father who has to send his son or daughter to the place of execution for the sake of restoration through indemnity in order to restore the realm of heart, you cannot do this without tears. It was exactly so with Abraham. In order to pioneer the heavenly way, to liberate God and enter His realm of love, you can’t just stay as you are. The foundation that you are standing on now did not come about by coincidence. The Unification Church has been built through a course that required tears of bitterness, a course stained with blood and tears. If you learn about this foundation, you will know that you cannot sit here without tears; you cannot sit here without deeply repenting. (169-131, 1987.10.29)

Original Substance of the Divine Principle

The Principle of Restoration


“The Principle of Restoration explains the providence of God through which
fallen human beings are restored to their original created state.”
All of us are “wombs” of good and evil. Evil nature inherited from the fall makes it easy to do evil, whereas doing good takes considerable effort.
We have to meet the Messiah and be reborn through him. We have to have our original sin removed by receiving the Blessing. See slides 1 to 7 below: