To Remove the Fallen Nature, We Must Reverse the Course of the Fall

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1 Samuel 2

22 Eli was now very old, and he heard what his sons were doing to the people of Israel.[f] 23-24 “Why are you doing these awful things?” he asked them. “I’ve been hearing nothing but complaints about you from all of the Lord’s people. 25 If you harm another person, God can help make things right between the two of you. But if you commit a crime against the Lord, no one can help you!”

But the Lord had already decided to kill them. So he kept them from listening to their father.

Job 21

14 Those who are evil say
    to God All-Powerful,
“Leave us alone! Don’t bother us
    with your teachings.
15 What do we gain from praying
    and worshiping you?
16 We succeeded all on our own.”
And so, I keep away from them
    and their evil schemes.

Exposition of the Divine Principle
3 Color Edition-The Red part

Part 2 Chapter 1

The Providence to Lay the Foundation for Restoration


 For the providence of restoration to be accomplished in Adam’s family, the members of his family had to make certain conditions of indemnity to restore the foundation of faith and the foundation of substance. On these two foundations, the foundation for the Messiah was to have been established, and the Messiah could have come to Adam’s family.


 To restore through indemnity the foundation of faith, fallen people must set up an object for the condition. For Adam’s family, this object was a sacrificial offering. To restore the foundation of faith, there must also be a central figure. Yet nowhere in the biblical record do we find Adam offering a sacrifice. Instead, his sons Cain and Abel offered them. What was the reason for this? In line with the Principle God gave Adam two sons, representing good and evil, and set them in positions where each dealt with only one master, God or Satan. After setting up this arrangement, God had the two sons offer sacrifices separately.

 Since Cain was the first fruit of Eve’s love, signifying Eve’s first fallen act of love with the Archangel, he was chosen to represent evil. Therefore, he was in a position to relate with Satan. Since Abel was the second fruit of Eve’s love, signifying Eve’s second fallen act of love with Adam, he was chosen to represent goodness. Therefore, he was in a position to relate with God. God received Abel’s sacrifice because he stood in a proper relationship with God. Also, he made the offering in an acceptable manner—through faith and in line with God’s will. In this way, Abel successfully laid the foundation of faith in Adam’s family.


 Had Cain fulfilled the indemnity condition to remove the fallen nature, God would have gladly accepted his sacrifice. The foundation of substance would then have been laid in Adam’s family. To remove the fallen nature, a person must make an indemnity condition in accordance with the Principle of Restoration through Indemnity, by taking a course which reverses the process through which human beings initially acquired the fallen nature. The Archangel fell because he did not love Adam; rather, he envied Adam, who was receiving more love from God than he. This was the cause of the first primary characteristic of the fallen nature: failing to take God’s standpoint. To remove this characteristic of the fallen nature, Cain, who stood in the Archangel’s position, should have taken God’s standpoint by loving Abel, who stood in Adam’s position.

 The Archangel fell because he did not respect Adam as God’s mediator and did not receive God’s love through him; rather, he attempted to seize Adam’s position. This was the cause of the second primary characteristic of the fallen nature: leaving one’s proper position. To remove this characteristic of the fallen nature, Cain, who stood in the Archangel’s position, should have received God’s love through Abel, who stood in Adam’s position, respecting him as God’s mediator. In this way, Cain should have maintained his proper position.

 The Archangel fell when he claimed dominion over Eve and Adam, who were his rightful lords. This was the cause of the third primary characteristic of the fallen nature: reversing dominion. To remove this characteristic of the fallen nature, Cain, who stood in the Archangel’s position, should have obediently submitted to Abel, who stood in Adam’s position. By accepting Abel’s dominion, Cain should have rectified the order of dominion. The Archangel conveyed to Eve his evil will that it was permissible to eat of the fruit. Eve in turn conveyed this evil will to Adam and led him to fall. This was the cause of the fourth primary characteristic of the fallen nature: multiplying evil. To remove this characteristic of the fallen nature, Cain, who stood in the Archangel’s position, should have been receptive to the intentions of Abel, who stood closer to God, and learned God’s Will from him. Thus, Cain should have made a foundation to multiply goodness. Instead, Cain killed Abel. In murdering Abel, Cain repeated the sin of the Archangel. That is, he re-enacted the very process which had given rise to the primary characteristics of the fallen nature. Adam’s family thus failed to lay the foundation of substance. Consequently, God’s providence of restoration through Adam’s family could not be fulfilled.

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The Person Who Is to Accomplish the Purpose of History is Me

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 2008

The goal of our faith is to become
citizens of God’s country. If you do not
become citizens of God’s country, then
there will be no way for you as sons and
daughters to freely receive the admira-
tion and love of that nation’s people or of
all things of creation. A person without a
country is always attacked. He stands in
a miserable position. He may often feel
hopeless after suffering an affront. That
is why the question is, where can we find
the country of God’s desire? Which is
the nation that can become God’s foot-
hold? That is the issue. (55-79, 1972.4.23)

Cheong Seong Gyeong 1595

Who would have had realizations
unknown to anyone else of how to con-
nect Korea to the unified ideal world and
God’s kingdom in heaven in the future?
Would it be pastors or church elders?
Who would it be? The religious world has
no idea, for the answer is only known to
the True Parents. The Fall came about
through ignorance. The first parents
fell through ignorance of love, and left
behind false love, false life and false lin-
eage. The True Parents have full knowl-
edge of all this. Who is God? How has
Book 10 • The Way in the Completed Testament Age 1596
history developed? How will the people’s
end come about, and how can the divid-
ed mind be reunified? With my own
hands I will bring about the unification
of the individual and family, the libera-
tion of the tribe, people, nation, world,
heaven and even God. The false parents
have imprisoned God, and so it is up to
the True Parents, as the masters of liber-
ation, to liberate Him. I have the respon-
sibility to do away with the satanic right
of the eldest son, family-level rights
and right of kingship. I must establish
the domain into which I can welcome
God from heaven and secure complete
authority over the family, tribe, people,
nation, and world. I have been continu-
ously working to fulfill all this. (303-264,

Exposition of the Divine Principle
3 Color Edition-The Red part


 As an individual, each one of us is a product of the history of the providence of restoration. Hence, the person who is to accomplish the purpose of history is none other than I, myself. I must take up the cross of history and accept responsibility to fulfill its calling. To this end, I must fulfill in my lifetime (horizontally), through my efforts, the indemnity conditions which have accumulated through the long course of the providence of restoration (vertically). Only by doing this can I stand proudly as the fruit of history, the one whom God has eagerly sought throughout His providence.

 To become such an historical victor, I must understand clearly the Heart of God when He worked with past prophets and saints, the original purpose for which God called them, and the details of the providential missions which He entrusted to them. Yet there is no one among fallen humanity who can become such an historical victor by his efforts alone. For this reason, we must understand all these things through Christ at the Second Advent, who comes to fulfill the providence of restoration. Moreover, when we believe in him, become one with him, and attend him in his work, we can stand in the position of having fulfilled horizontally with him the vertical indemnity conditions in the history of the providence of restoration.

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We Need to Go through a Course to Separate Satan from Ourselves

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 1566

Now that the vertical and horizon-
tal eight-stage indemnity has all been
completed, the Ceremony of the Settle-
ment of the Eight Stages could be per-
formed on August 31, 1989, in Alaska,
the most northerly location in the West.
It is the northernmost place. On the first
day of September, I declared “the ideol-
ogy centered on the Heavenly Father”
at the same place. The ideology cen-
tered on the Heavenly Father is simul-
taneously the ideology of salvation by
love as well as the ideology of parental
love. This parent-centered ideology is all
about a life lived by giving love. Satan
cannot oppose anything based on love.
If he cannot oppose the path taken by
the Unification Church, we can rapidly
expand worldwide. (199-157, 1990.2.16)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1396

My perspective is that I could easi-
ly achieve twice the goal that has been
set. I see no obstructions standing in
my way. After we have accomplished
our goal, the whole world will fall back-
wards in amazement. You must remem-
ber that our enemies who pointed at us
and laughed at us – prophesying that
we would fail to accomplish the Bless-
ing of 3.6 Million Couples – are wait-
ing to see if we can actually do it. The
lights must never be off. You cannot go
to bed undressed. I have long awaited
this day. All I’m asking is that you have
the same consciousness about this. You
must become independent and aware,
ready to fight to the bitter end. Under-
stand that you are working on behalf of
God in expanding the dominion of the
Judge and be fully determined to fulfill
your responsibility. (288-39, 1997.10.31)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 963

Now that we have entered the age
of liberation, you do not know how
much the universe is singing in praise,
while focused on this earth. You do not
know how joyful they are over this day.
From the beginning of this year to this
very day, there has been a festive atmo-
Now, heavenly fortune will follow
us and assist us in everything we try to
do. We used to exert ourselves to catch
heavenly fortune but now heavenly for-
tune will follow us around and assist
us. This means that the time has come
for God and the spirit world to mobi-
lize numerous ancestors and countless
good spirit persons to assist people on
earth. We can establish a realm of lib-
eration. The age of transformation has
come. (298-228, 1999.1.8)

Richard: In these readings we see that God has set the path for victory. Yet, we must realize victory is in reach and trod that path.

Exposition of the Divine Principle
3 Color Edition-The Red part

Part 2

Introduction to Restoration

The providence of restoration refers to God’s work to restore human beings to our original, unfallen state so that we may fulfill the purpose of creation. Human beings fell from the top of the growth stage and have been held under Satan’s dominion ever since. To restore human beings, God works to cut off Satan’s influence. We must have the original sin removed before we can sever Satan’s bonds and be restored to the state before the Fall. This is possible only when we are born anew through the Messiah, the True Parent.

To explain further: we first need to go through a course to separate Satan from ourselves. We do this in order to restore ourselves in form to the spiritual level which Adam and Eve had reached before the Fall—the top of the growth stage. On this foundation, we are to receive the Messiah and be reborn, and thereby be fully restored to the original state of human beings before the Fall. Finally, by following the Messiah, we should continue our growth to maturity where we can fulfill the purpose of creation. Since the providence of restoration is God’s work of re-creation, which has as its goal the fulfillment of the purpose of creation, God works this providence in accordance with His Principle. In the course of the providence of restoration, this principle is called the Principle of Restoration.



 If the first human ancestors had not fallen but had reached perfection and become one in heart with God, then they would have lived relating only with God. However, due to their Fall, they joined in a kinship of blood with Satan, which compelled them to deal with him as well. Immediately after the Fall, when Adam and Eve had the original sin but had not yet committed any subsequent good or evil deeds, they found themselves in the midway position—a position between God and Satan where they were relating with both.

 How does God separate Satan from fallen people who stand in the midway position? Satan relates with them on the basis of his connection with them through lineage. Therefore, until people make a condition through which God can claim them as His own, there is no way God can restore them to the heavenly side. On the other hand, Satan acknowledges that God is the Creator of human beings. Unless Satan finds some condition through which he can attack a fallen person, he also cannot arbitrarily claim him for his side. Therefore, a fallen person will go to God’s side if he makes good conditions and to Satan’s side if he makes evil conditions.

 What, then, is the meaning of restoration through indemnity? When someone has lost his original position or state, he must make some condition to be restored to it. The making of such conditions of restitution is called indemnity.

We call this process of restoring the original position and state through making conditions restoration through indemnity, and we call the condition made a condition of indemnity. God’s work to restore people to their true, unfallen state by having them fulfill indemnity conditions is called the providence of restoration through indemnity.

 How does a condition of indemnity compare with the value of what was lost? We can answer by listing the following three types of indemnity conditions. The first is to fulfill a condition of equal indemnity. In this case, restoration is achieved by making a condition of indemnity at a price equal to the value of what was lost when one departed from the original position or state. Acts of restitution or compensation are indemnity conditions of this type. The second is to make a condition of lesser indemnity. In this case, restoration is achieved by making a condition of indemnity at a price less than the value of what was lost. The third is to make a condition of greater indemnity. When a person has failed to meet a condition of lesser indemnity, he must make another indemnity condition to return to the original state, this time at a price greater than the first.

 Next, let us study the method of fulfilling indemnity conditions. For anyone to be restored to the original position or state from which he fell, he must make an indemnity condition by reversing the course of his mistake. Who should make indemnity conditions? We ourselves must fulfill the necessary indemnity conditions as our portion of responsibility.

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God Desires the World He Originally Intended

Cheon Seong Gyeong 493

Let’s suppose some parents come
forward with the idea of revolutionizing
parental love and reinventing human
history, claiming, “Even though we are
parents, we will not love our children.”
Yet, the moment their baby’s umbilical
cord is cut, a loving heart will naturally
arise in them. Every life form, wheth-
er on a higher or lower level, is created
in such a way that it cannot but love its
young. Thus, since the act of loving their
children inspires parents to invest and
use their lives as stepping stones, it is
clear that parental love brings us closest
to an eternal and unchanging standard.

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1474

God created humankind for the sake
of love. Why were human beings creat-
ed? They were created because of love.
The reason human beings are different
from other forms of creation is that they
were created as God’s sons and daugh-
ters. They were created as object part-
ners who can receive love directly from
Him. Such is the privilege of human-
kind. (132-245, 1984.6.20)

Jesus Whom God Wanted To Find

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
October 18, 1959

Matthew 23:29-39

Today, after two thousand years have passed, what would the desire of God be? It is to find Jesus again on earth. We think that Jesus fulfilled the purpose of his coming on earth, went to the right side of God, and with the glory of God, bowed to Him in victory. But that is a big error.

When Jesus was departing, he sent the Holy Spirit to this earth. After sending the Holy Spirit, he has prayed ever since in the spiritual world to represent the heart of Heaven and to appear as God’s original desire. He is praying to take responsibility for his uncompleted mission.

What was the content of Jesus’ prayers? What was the purpose of his praying? What was Heaven trying to find through Jesus by preparing for four thousand years and sending him? It was victory, not the Jesus of the cross but the Jesus of glory. Jesus prayed to fulfill that will of God.

The question is how does Heaven perceive Jesus? How does Jesus perceive Heaven? How should the people of the future face Jesus, who wants them to believe in him? The way a believer receives Jesus, the way Jesus receives God, the way God meets Jesus, and the way God meets the people should all be the same. The place where people fulfill their purpose by moving with one goal is a place of victory and glory, not a place of sadness and pain. It is a place where all of Heaven and earth can rejoice. Heaven is longing for that one day, for Jesus to progress to that day, and for citizens who can attend God and Jesus as their greatest pride. This was the reason for God’s sending Jesus to the earth and the reason for making people believe in him. But that purpose has not been fulfilled on this earth even now.

Therefore, he must come again. He must come again. Where is the garden of glory that Jesus built with his victory? Where is the world where God can rejoice? It only remains in the hearts of God and Jesus.

Jesus came as the King of all Kings. He came to deeply love, to embrace and to make an unbreakable relationship with the chosen people of Israel, the nation of Judah. He came to form an iron connection with them, where, if they died he would also die. If they lived he would also live. To form this relationship, he shouted and cried. But the people violated that relationship and abandoned him on the cross. When this happened the mutual goal of Jesus and the Israelites was not fulfilled. God tried to establish a turning point of life and death through Jesus, but that standard was not fulfilled in the physical world. Thus, Satan again invaded the world of men.

Therefore, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are spiritually leading this world. They have battled innumerable times for two thousand years. God’s work was to find Jesus. But because Jesus and the chosen people did not become one, they lost him. Thus, Heaven abandoned the Israelites and God established a spiritual Israel and promised them a Messiah. After Jesus departed God promised to send the Messiah again spiritually, and He carried out a movement of restoration for the failed Israel. That is the two-thousand- year history after Jesus until now.

Then what kind of time is now? They say that these are the Last Days. What are the Last Days? The Last Days are a time when the day of Heaven’s hope is near. The Last Days are a time when God establishes Jesus again and fulfills His desire. What is God’s desire? It is the world that He originally intended. God longs for the fulfillment of the world of the original ideal on this earth through Jesus. Then, in these Last Days, are you who are living in the satanic world of sin prepared to attend Jesus whom God is looking for? God is hoping in the Last Days for a world where Jesus can have full dominion. The world should become a world God would want to show to Jesus. God has persevered for six thousand years, longing to be able to show off His chosen people and chosen children to Jesus. But this world became a world God could not show off to Jesus.

If Jesus comes to this earth again, he should reign as King of Kings, leading the people of this earth, and he should return glory to God. Moreover, we should liberate the historical sadness and sorrow and attend Jesus as the prince of victory. We should give glory to Heaven representing him. But the people of this earth do not know this.

We Long for the Father Who We can Testify to Through Our Hearts

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 579

God would not be the Absolute Being
if He had created people to live for just
a few days and perish. He created them
as precious beings that He wants to keep
seeing and cherish eternally.
We know that we are the object part-
ners God can derive joy from. As He is
eternal, we must also be eternal. The eter-
nal God relates with an eternal world.
However, there are many people
who have lived thinking, “I’ve lived up
to eighty. That will do, and when I die,
that’s the end of it.” Yet in the course of
history, there were people who pondered
the question of immortality. They won-
dered if there was any way to live eternally
without dying. The more people held on
to this ideal, the more they thought and
asked themselves, “What’s the meaning
of life? Why are people born and then go
away like travelers?” and they conclud-
ed, “Life is suffering. It is like the com-
ing and going of grass.” Yet, if they could
live forever, there would be no need for
such worries. (39-228, 1971.1.15)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1218

The way of restoration requires you
to cut your way through in the direction
opposite to that of the Fall. Walking the
way of indemnity is a basic principle for
fallen people. Unless you surmount this
path, you cannot restore your original
status. You must clean up yourselves.
You must possess a sound theoretical
system explaining how to restore the
individual, the family, the tribe, the eth-
nic people, the nation, and the world.
(God’s Will – 354)

Richard: Exposition of the Divine Principle explains this:

What Belongs to the Father Belongs to Me

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
August 30, 1959

John 14:11

11 Have faith in me when I say that the Father is one with me and that I am one with the Father. Or else have faith in me simply because of the things I do.

1 Corinthians 13: 1-13

13 What if I could speak
all languages
of humans
    and of angels?
If I did not love others,
    I would be nothing more
than a noisy gong
    or a clanging cymbal.
What if I could prophesy
and understand all secrets
    and all knowledge?
And what if I had faith
    that moved mountains?
I would be nothing,
    unless I loved others.
What if I gave away all
    that I owned
and let myself
    be burned alive?[a]
I would gain nothing,
    unless I loved others.
Love is kind and patient,
never jealous, boastful,
    proud, or rude.
Love isn’t selfish
    or quick tempered.
It doesn’t keep a record
    of wrongs that others do.
Love rejoices in the truth,
    but not in evil.
Love is always supportive,
loyal, hopeful,
    and trusting.
Love never fails!

Everyone who prophesies
    will stop,
and unknown languages
will no longer
    be spoken.
All that we know
    will be forgotten.
We don’t know everything,
and our prophecies
    are not complete.
10 But what is perfect
    will someday appear,
and what isn’t perfect
    will then disappear.

11 When we were children,
we thought and reasoned
    as children do.
But when we grew up,
    we quit our childish ways.
12 Now all we can see of God
is like a cloudy picture
    in a mirror.
Later we will see him
    face to face.
We don’t know everything,
    but then we will,
just as God completely
    understands us.
13 For now there are faith,
    hope, and love.
But of these three,
    the greatest is love.


We do not want to believe in a Father of words. We want to believe in the Father who has been building a relationship with humankind throughout history. We seek the Father who can have a direct relationship with us now; the Father who can give us the words of truth directly.

Humanity today believes in God as an object. Yet today we do not seek God as a mere object of faith. We want a God who is our living and substantial subject partner, who can connect to our situations and lives, a Father who can never be separated from us and with whom we can spend time. Both God and humanity desire the moment that such a relationship is realized on the earth.

Although we may think that the garden of hope of the Father’s desires is a concept and an ideal, that is not true. We know that the time has come when we should have a concept of the Kingdom of Heaven as a realm we can enter, which we can feel through our actions and through our concrete senses, a realm which we can sing of with real emotion.

We know that the purpose of the providence of salvation, the history of restoration and salvation through the cross all were to build such a relationship. Please let today be a moment when we can call You our true Father and recognize without shame that we are Your true sons and daughters. In that state, let us sing, rejoice and listen to the words. Father, this is our sincere wish.

Although we have learned a considerable amount about the Father of history and the Father of words, we long for the Father whom we can testify to through our hearts; the Father we can experience through our bodies; the Father who can work the miracle of elevating our own words to be the very words of the Father. We long for the Father who can be together with us. Please let this be an hour when You arouse concrete feelings in us.

Father, please grant Your grace so that the sons and daughters who are gathered here can be in control of their minds and bodies. They are neither the masters of their minds nor of their bodies. They believe, unconsciously looking to some faraway place with a hopeful glance. We want to have faith in and rely upon some absolute being, yet we have not come to a point where we can be recognized by an absolute being.

We know that this is because we, who are in the position of object partners, are unworthy to receive the grace of the absolute being and absolute subject partner. Therefore, Father, please be our Lord, and put us in the position of Your object partners. Please allow Your truth to become our own beliefs. Please elevate us so that our hearts can be intoxicated in that truth, and we can sing of the all- encompassing love of the Father. In this hour, let there be a miracle which moves our minds, which we experience and is conveyed through our hearts and which unites us.

I am about speak the words, so please be with me. We do not want the words of a human being. We hear enough words from human beings. We have heard the words of many preachers who intone from the pulpit. This is not what we want to hear. We want to hear new words of truth which can bestir a dead life, revive a dead heart, and purify our clouded minds. We want the words of re-creation through which we can understand that our Father is the center of our hearts, our wills and our beliefs. We want to sense that we are eternally one with the Father. Please manifest this to us. Let this be a moment when You pour down upon us the sweet rain of grace.

We know that it is the work of Satan to form a gap between the heart of the speaker and the hearts of the listeners. Please guide us to remove any pride of our own accomplishments and recognize that all our accomplishments were done by the Father. Allow us to entrust everything to the Father. Praying that this will be a precious moment when we can receive the compassion of the Father, we prayed all these words in the name of the Lord. Amen.