How Do You Know that God Exists?

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 135

In my background there were many
incidents that evoked indignation at
unjust treatment. Although many were
very terrible to endure, I clenched my
teeth and focused on occupying Cain’s
world. I had to digest the Cain world
rather than merely Cain as an individ-
ual and his family. How bitter this has
been! It was as if I had to melt something
as frigid and huge as an iceberg. Digest-
ing this bitterness, I have had to silently
bring Satan to submission. He has been
our arch enemy since time immemori-
al. He brought God and humankind to
ruin. (163-163, 1987.5.1

Richard: We can get through the current situation with forbearance. None the less, we have to realize how the enemy Satan is working and defeat him with the New Truth and lifting up families through the Blessing of Marriage. Note that God gave this same Rheama just four days ago.

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1494

Even though the ideal and love
are more precious than life to human
beings, the people of today believe that
such things come from themselves. This
misunderstanding must be cleared up.
Where do love and the ideal come from?
They come from one’s reciprocal part-
ner. That being the case, a law of liv-
ing for the sake of others needed to be
established. Since God, who is the King
of wisdom, anticipated the present con-
sequences, He could not help but estab-
lish such a law. (73-326, 1974.8.10)

Richard: Is God saying here that He anticipated such a crisis as today, and that we need to embrace His truth? Yes!

World Scripture and the Teachings of
Sun Myung Moon

Part 1
God and Creation

Chapter 1
Knowledge of God

2. Evidence for God within the Self

Teachings of Sun Myung Moon

Before I came into being, God exists. Before I was able to think about God, God exists. God rules over my whole being, including my senses. This is the most important key to understanding. It is a principle that experience precedes understanding. We do not know what cold is until we feel cold. First we feel the cold weather, and consequently we form a notion of cold. Likewise, to know that God exists, you should feel His presence in your very cells. To what degree do you experience God? To what degree does your actual experience confirm God’s existence? That is the question. (58:291-92, June 25, 1972)

God is alive; so is the Devil. How do you know that God exists, or that the Devil exists? Communism and philosophy in general raises this question. It is the philosophical argument of idealism versus realism. In the latter perspective, anything invisible is not real, but merely an abstract idea. Even the conscience is thought of as a mere concept. It is the same with love. Love is also an abstract idea from that point of view, yet in truth, love is not an idea. Love connects with everything in our actual life. (186:67, January 29, 1989)

Do you have love? Do you have life? Do you have lineage and conscience? Then, have you ever seen love? Can you see life, lineage or conscience? You know these exist, but you must acknowledge that you cannot see or touch them. You know them because you sense them with your mind. A similar logic applies to the question of whether God exists, or whether a person can see God. Anyone can recognize God and confirm that He exists. Once God comes into your heart, your heart knows Him. (May 1, 2004)

Just as you understand the true meaning of filial piety only after having your own children, you can sense the value of your faith and experience the concrete existence of God only after you have put your faith into practice. (29:198, February 28, 1970)

Had humans not fallen, no one would question whether God exists. Each of us would know the answer through our original minds. Had humans been born from good parents whose original nature was fully developed, they would know God’s existence naturally from birth. Doesn’t a baby emerge from the womb knowing how to suck its mother’s breasts? When the newborn is presented with the breast it begins sucking instinctively. Likewise, had the Human Fall not occurred, we would instinctively know God. Firmly relating with God, we would know how to solve any problem and understand the right path to follow. However, because of the Fall, that original relationship was forgotten. Humankind created a world in which people doubt the existence of God. This is, indeed, a miserable situation. (20:306-07, July 14, 1968)

Just as an electron revolves around a proton, human beings are made to revolve around God. God can pursue the providence for restoration because the human mind, as an electron, naturally relates to God’s mind as its nucleus, its proton. Hence, when we search for the truth, even all by ourselves, we begin to feel the vibration of God’s life and the harmony of God’s love. (2:137, March 17, 1957)

What is the world we long for in our hearts? It is not the world that we perceive through the outward five senses. Nor is it a world created by concepts. We long for the world of heart, filled with God’s love. In that world, we can feel the love of God in even the smallest subatomic particle. You must experience this world. Jesus said, “He who has ears to hear will hear.” You cannot experience this multi-dimensional, transcendent world with your everyday feelings. (7:255, September 20, 1959)

God’s true homeland is the spirit world… If you want to truly know God, first know the spirit world where God lives and works. (365:302, January 14, 2002)

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