Saints and Sages Urged People to Practice Love of Neighbor

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 256

You must have a clear concept of
True Parents. Are you indebted to True
Parents or not? There is no way you can
pay the debt. If you calculate your debt,
it is impossible to pay. But you can pay
off everything with just a small sign of
your love. This is what we need. (116-121,

Cheong Seong Gyeong 1418

The most important work of the
Unification Church today is the Bless-
ing bestowed upon you as couples. The
Blessing of couples is the seed of love
planted by God in Adam’s couple. As
such, it should be disseminated.
All of you gathered here know what
cell reproduction is, don’t you? In that
tiny cell is contained the whole tree, is
it not? When you sow it, a whole tree
grows from it. The roots, branches,
leaves, stems, flowers – in fact, all parts
that make up a tree are contained in that
cell. The conceptual blueprint is con-
tained in it.
Couples are blessed to become the
embodiments of True Parents, and
through their children, reach out to the
nation and world, becoming its roots; just
as the roots and leaves of a tree absorb
essential elements and control the tree’s
carbon assimilation and the separation
of elements from the air, Blessed Fami-
lies should perform similar functions. A
tree takes in carbon dioxide and releas-
es oxygen to its surroundings. Isn’t that
strange? How can it do that? That is an
expression of the harmony and beauty
of creation. The universe is a world of
love – it is not a cold-hearted and deso-
late place, but an enclosure of love. Just
as the seeds are all wrapped in a shell,
God also wants to reside in that realm of
love that is the universe – the enclosure
of love – with His plus and minus dual
For God to dwell enwrapped in the
universe of love, there must be unity in
love between Him as the subject and the
universe as His object. He can only be
enveloped by the love that is shared by
the two sides in the process of giving and
receiving. That is why love is eternal and
great. It is also boundless. Wouldn’t you
want to rest in such a place? The con-
clusion is the same. That is the seed of
God’s love. You must return to that seed.
(180-110, 1988.8.7)

World Scripture and the Teachings of
Sun Myung Moon

Part 1
God and Creation

Chapter 1
Knowledge of God

3. Evidence of God in History
Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon.

The Absolute Being is not conceptual, but rather a real existence who has been revealing Himself throughout human history. The saints, sages and religious leaders who appeared at various times and places have, without exception, appealed to the human conscience and heart, urging the people to practice love of neighbor. When the people responded and followed their teachings, they and their nations enjoyed peace and prosperity; but when they refused, they fell into confusion and decline. Even in today’s confusion and chaos, humankind is waiting, consciously or unconsciously, for the appearance of modern saints and sages who will reveal the path of love. All this shows that the Absolute Being is a real existence who operates behind the scenes of history. He is the Subject of love, who has worked through saints, sages and religious leaders of every age. He works to fulfill His plan: to establish a world of moral values, a world where love is the norm. (69:238, November 21, 1973)

Richard: The modern day saints are the couples, or Tribal Messiahs, who have been Blessed in marriage by Rev. and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon. When they take up the mission of Home Church, they can spread the New Truth and the Blessing to the world.

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