The First Thing that God Thought of Was True Parents

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 2090

Among those of you here today, if
you belong to the family of the Kims,
then you must fulfill the mission of the
Kim family’s messiah. If you are a Kim,
then in the family of the Kims, and if
you are a Pak, then in the Pak family;
you must believe that you are the messi-
ah representing your tribe in establish-
ing the heavenly kingdom. Think that
you are the savior. You should think
you are the savior saving the Kim fam-
ily. In order to do so, you must fulfill
your responsibilities as the chief priest
representing the entire Kim family. (155-
265, 1965.10.31)

Cheong Seong Gyeong 1172

How does Jesus differ from people
like Sakhya Muni of Buddhism, Con-
fucius of Confucianism or Mohammed
of Islam? Throughout history, Jesus is
the only person who was born on the
foundation of a purified lineage. That
is the difference. How are Sakhya Muni
and Jesus different? How is he differ-
ent from Confucius? How is he differ-
ent from Mohammed? Jesus is different
from Buddha and Mohammed in that he
was born from a purified lineage. This is
the special quality of the Messiah. That
is the difference. As the providence of
the purification of the lineage developed
within history, Israel became the start-
ing point of Christianity, centered on
Jesus. This is how he stood in the posi-
tion of the True Father. (169-194, 1987.10.31)

World Scripture and the Teachings of
Sun Myung Moon

Chapter 2

Truth and Universal Law

Eternal Truth

1. In the Beginning Was the Word

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

With what was the world created? In the beginning, there was God’s Will. There was God’s idea. Along with it, there was God’s plan. God’s original Will was to create humans and the human world according to His plan. Therefore, human beings… no matter how fallen, should stand within the Will and plan of God. (76:92, February 1, 1975)

Even the most advanced science cannot attain or surpass what God has made. The immense universe operates in an orderly way according to its laws. Since God created and governs the immense universe, whose comprehension is beyond the reach of human thought and science, we conclude that God is the absolute Scientist. (127:10, May 1, 1983)

Even the greatest scientist or scholar in the world today possesses only miniscule knowledge. The deeper you go, the more you will find principled actions based on eternal laws. Considering this, we see that these laws could not have come about by chance. In every case, they uphold a certain content of the origin. Their direction is aligned with, and never contradictory to, the whole purpose of the universe. This lawful universe is infinitely vast, and at the same time so subtle. Hence, no one can deny that God, who created this universe, is the King of wisdom and the King of knowledge. (127:11, May 1, 1983)

Before God created the heavens and the earth and human beings, there was a time when He functioned centering on Himself. Because we humans resemble God, we also have times when we think only about ourselves. Then God began to create all things in heaven and on earth; this means that He spread out the universe [as the environment for human beings], His object partners. In due course, He would create His object partners. All this investment by the invisible God was for the purpose of manifesting as the visible God. (69:81-82, October 20, 1973)

God created human beings as the model, expanding His creations to the four directions, East, West, South and North. (173:212, February 18, 1988)

Before creating human beings, God created the natural world by expressing partial reflections of the internal nature and external form He had conceived for human beings, who were yet to be created. Hence, a human being, as the manifest image of God, contains the sum total of the essences of all things. (Exposition of the Divine Principle, Creation 3.2)

Even before the creation, the first thing that God thought of was true parents, and the family where true parents, true couple, and true children are united as one. (339:212, December 26, 2000)

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