Love Between a Man and a Woman Is the Microcosm of the Solar System

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 1112

God loves all people and desires that
the whole universe submit to His love.
In giving human beings authority, He
desires that the entire universe follow
them and bow down before them. With
this great love and highest authority in
mind, God gave human beings their
portion of responsibility. (20-209, 1968.6.9)

Why did God give human beings a
portion of responsibility? As He is omni-
scient and omnipotent, He endowed
humanity with those same qualities of
creativity. Moreover, as He is also the
Subject of eternal and unchanging love,
He could not help but vest in human
beings a portion of responsibility so as
to allow them to rise to a position repre-
senting that Subject of love, God Himself.
This became the prerequisite for God’s
blessings,comparable to a key that can
lead us into the dominion of love over
everything, He had no course other than
to bequeath this key to us. However, we
must understand that problems arose
over the fulfillment of human responsi-
bility and that human beings fell. (20-209,

Cheon Seong Gyeong 2179

People of filial piety will think of
their parents first when something good
happens in their lives. In the fallen world
people think of their spouse first when
they see something good. However,
unless you buy something precious for
your parents first, you cannot buy some-
thing for your spouse.

World Scripture and the Teachings of
Sun Myung Moon

Chapter 4

God’s Creation and Human Creativity

Microcosm and Macrocosm

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

A human being is a small universe, the microcosm of the great universe of God’s creation. God, the Source of the great universe, is also the source of our energy. As small individual universes, each of us stands in the presence of the great universe and receives its energy into our heart. Thus, we are connected to a source of unending power, and as its counterpart we are endowed with cosmic value. (121:193, October 27, 1982)

As human beings are a microcosm of the universe, the body represents the earth while the mind and spirit represent heaven. (8:78, November 8, 1959)

Up and down, front and rear, right and left: everything is related to me. Furthermore, these relation-ships are not temporary, but are linked to the entire course of my life. I stem from a line of ancestors stretching back to the beginning of time, and I am linked to descendants a thousand generations into the future. We have to think that we stand on the altar of all these connections. If one day I am shattered into pieces, all those heavenly relationships will also be shattered into pieces. All relationships in the family, the tribe and the world will likewise be shattered. Such is the significance of being a microcosm, representing heaven and earth.9 (8:10-11, October 25, 1959)

Look at our hands. Each finger has three knuckles [symbolizing the three stages of growth]. Each arm has three sections: upper arm, forearm and hand. The whole body is composed of three parts: head, torso and legs. Make a fist like an infant does, with the thumb inside. The thumb symbolizes God, the center of the universe. The four fingers symbolize the four compass directions and four seasons. The twelve knuckles, three on each of the four fingers, symbolize the twelve months.
To strongly make a point, you make a fist and shake it in the air. It is like shaking the whole universe. To strike something with your fist means that you are striking it as a representative of the universe.
From this, we can see that human beings are the counterparts of the Lord who created the universe.
These are just a few of the reasons each human being is a microcosm. Although a human body is very small, it contains everything in the universe. The circulatory system is like the trunk of a tree; the heart is like its root and lungs are like leaves. Our body is indeed a microcosm, representing all things of the universe. (54:96, March 20, 1972)

We are born to resonate with the beat of the universe in all its rotations and revolutions. Ocean waves strike the shore, and my heart beats in time. The wind sighs serenely, and my heart feels serene. A flower releases a pleasing fragrance; it stirs a fragrance in my heart and I feel enraptured. (104:123, April 22, 1979)

You are the planet Earth in miniature, a universe in miniature. Your body is composed of all the Earth’s elements. Who, then, created you? The universe loaned you all the elements that make up your body. The universe gave you birth and made you; hence you should regard the universe as your first parent.

It is amazing! You contain all the elements of the universe. Furthermore, you are mobile, a universe that can move about, whereas the cosmic universe is stationary. Because you move and act, you can govern the universe. (105:106-07, September 30, 1979)

If you could see the entire spirit world, it would look like a gigantic Person. As this huge person unites with God, its Subject Partner, then the spirit world and physical world will intermingle with each other. Then, when God runs, the earth will also run. When God laughs, the earth will also laugh.
Each of us can become a center of the universe. What does this mean? Consider the tiny cells in your finger. Each one of those cells communicates with your entire body. Although your body is huge in comparison to those cells, their functioning is vital for the body; in that sense they are equal to the whole body. Do you understand? I am talking about what it means to the center of the universe. Each of us relates to the universal body as one cell, yet we can be qualified to be its center.
Blood circulates throughout your whole body, from the head down to the soles of your feet. When that blood that went to the feet comes to the head, can the head say, “Don’t come near me”? In the same way, as we circulate through the entire universe, there cannot be any discrimination between black, white and yellow people. The parts of the body are variously colored. Are brown eyes prejudiced against black hair? Do white nails say to yellow skin, “You are of a different kind”?10Just so, if you could go to the spirit world, you would see that all people constitute the body of one Person. Saints and holy men may perform the role of the eyes or the ears, but even though they have important roles, they are still only components of that one macrocosmic Person.
Hell in the spirit world is like an infected wound in the body. Do you think God wants hell to exist for eternity? If you had a wound, what would you do? You would draw out the pus and clean it up. In the same way God wants to clean up and eliminate hell. (91:280, February 27, 1977)

When heaven and earth are in harmony, there is mutual affection among all subject and object part-ners throughout the cosmos. All are linked to the human family, which is the nucleus of cosmos.
Men are larger and stronger, but women have love. The sun is large, but it cannot neglect the earth. There is mutual give and take everywhere, from which arises joy and all the perfections of heaven and earth. Thus we can see the larger significance of love between a man and a woman: it is a microcosm of the solar system and an encapsulation of the animal and plant kingdoms. It is the epitome of the pair system by which all things exist. The animal, plant and mineral kingdoms are all based on the pair system. God set up all male-female pairs to be represented by this one nucleus—human conjugal love. What, then, would happen if this center were in conflict?

You would like to be the center of the cosmos, right? Do animals have this desire? Does the solar system? No; it is evident that humans are the only beings who have this aspiration. (216:157, March 10, 1991)

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