This Means You Are Not Certain Whether or Not Hell Truly Exists

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Editorial: Vote Against the Jefferson County School Excess Levy Mega Property Tax

Exodus 23

25 Worship only me, the Lord your God! I will bless you with plenty of food and water and keep you strong. 26 Your women will give birth to healthy children, and everyone will live a long life.


12 Why did you celebrate
when such a dreadful disaster
    struck your relatives?
Why were you so pleased
when everyone in Judah
    was suffering?
13 They are my people,
    and you were cruel to them.
You went through their towns,
and stealing
    whatever was left.
14 In their time of torment,
    you ambushed refugees
and handed them over
    to their attackers.

15 The day is coming
when I, the Lord,
    will judge the nations.
And, Edom, you will pay in full
    for what you have done.


2. Warnings About Hell

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

People can never escape from hell; they are trapped there forever. Yet, do you realize that your own mother, father and relatives will likely end up going to hell? You vaguely think that things will somehow work out. However, the reality is that your beloved parents and relatives are headed for hell. In this life, if they should go to prison, wouldn’t you cry out desperately and do whatever it takes to free them?
    Yet truly, your own children, parents, siblings and kinfolk are bound for an eternal prison from which there is no escape. If you really knew that, wouldn’t you feel desperate to save them? This means you are not certain whether or not hell truly exists. You might think that it probably exists, but you really do not know what it is like. Now you may be uncertain, but once you die you will know for sure. Then it will be too late. (34:267, September 13, 1970)
What would happen if God were to bring all believers to heaven, even though they were ignorant of heaven’s laws and [had not prepared themselves to fit with] the structure of the ideal realm? They would face difficulties living there. (390:260, August 13, 2002)
God’s mind has room to accommodate everyone; He wants to welcome every human being to live within His mind. But should He open the door to wicked people and permit them to enter His domain? Or should He close the door and keep them out? This is God’s problem.
    God abides at the highest place, where everyone wants to enter. However, the mind of God has many levels, with walls or mountains separating them. This is the reality of the spirit world: there are many different levels, each walled off from the next. On one side of the wall is hell; on the other side is heaven. Should the spirit world have walls? Or shouldn’t they exist? What do you think?
    In the spirit world, groups of people with the same mindset live together; this creates a wall. It is very difficult to go up to the next higher level, and nearly as hard to go down. Most people cannot even dream of leaving their limited domain. Only the most highly developed spirits can freely travel down to the hells and back. They have the mind of God, who wants to embrace all people.
    Yet God’s situation is difficult. The people on His right are good, while the people on His left are bad. Although He wants to embrace good and bad alike, He has no other choice but to separate them. God declares, “Anyone who is greedy and selfish will be placed upside-down.” Don’t you think this will happen to you if you are self-centered and insist on your own way? Self-centered people think nothing of trampling and beating up others as they scramble to reach the top. They would push away the good people and leave them in misery. Therefore, God sets up walls between the different regions of the spirit world, to keep the evil spirits from breaking through. These walls are absolutely necessary. Were evil spirits given freedom and equality with good spirits, they would cause such havoc in heaven that even God would have to escape.
    The only way to avoid being blocked by walls in the spirit world is to train yourself during your earthly life. Once you get to the spirit world, it will take tens of thousands of years to climb up each step. (November 4, 1990)
The perfection of man and woman is for the two to abide in love with God as the third—the unity of a man, a woman and God. Yet ever since the Human Fall, not one human being could reach that exalted state of love. Having fallen into a world of darkness, don’t people nevertheless aspire to regain the heights? The goal of true love is extremely high, but in reality the standard of human life is extremely low. Knowing the ideal but recognizing that they live very far from it, people feel heartbreak, emptiness and misery. That is truly hell. (92:197, April 10, 1977)

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