He Preached to the Spirits in Prison

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 579

Yet the way of the Unification Church
is different. For what purpose do we eat?
For the sake of the world and to abolish
this evil world. We see in order to clean
up this evil world – not to become a part
of the evil side but to defeat it. How we
hear, think, walk and act is different
from the secular world. (36-71, 1970.11.15)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1099

From a principled viewpoint, the
day of celebration and hope that human
beings long for the most is not the day
when they were born or the day they get
married, or the day you, as a citizen who
lost your nation, recovered your nation,
or even the day of your nation’s indepen-
dence. You should know that the great-
est day of hope, the day that humanity
truly longs for, is God’s Day and Parents’
Day. The establishment of such a day on
the earth has become our deepest wish.
Once God’s Day and True Parents’ Day
are established, then this naturally leads
to Children’s Day and the Day of All
Things. (92-252, 1977.4.18)


3. Rescuing Souls from Hell

For Christ also died for sins once for all, the righ-
teous for the unrighteous, that he might bring us
to God, being put to death but made alive in the
spirit; in which went and preached to the spirits
in prison. 
    1 Peter 3.18-19
As for those who will be wretched, they will be
in the Fire, sighing and wailing will be their por-
tion; they will abide there as long as the heavens
and the earth endure, save for that which your
Lord wills. Lo! Your Lord is the Doer of what
He will.
    And as for those who will be glad, they will
be in the Garden; they will abide there as long as
the heavens and the earth endure, save for that
which your Lord wills—a gift unfailing. 23
    Qur’an 11.106-08
When Allah has finished His Judgments among
the people, He will take whomever He will out
of Hell through His Mercy… They will come
out of the Fire, completely burnt and then the
water of life will be poured over them and they
will grow under it as does a seed that comes in
the mud of the torrent…
    Those people will come out like pearls, and
they will have (golden) necklaces, and then
they will enter Paradise whereupon the people
of Paradise will say, “These are the people
emancipated by the Beneficent. He has admitted
them into Paradise without them having done
any good deeds and without sending forth any
good (for themselves).”
Hadith of Bukhari 9.93.532 (Islam)

“Ho! servant of Yama! Say, what sin have I com-
mitted, for which I have incurred this deepest
hell, frightful for its torments? Known as King
Vipascit, I protected the earth with upright-
ness; I let no fighting rage; no guest departed
with averted countenance; nor did I offend the
spirits of the ancestors, the gods, ascetics, or my
servants; nor did I covet other men’s wives, or
wealth, or aught else belonging to them. How,
then, have I incurred this very terrible hell?”
    Yama’s officer: “Come then, we go elsewhere.
You have now seen everything, for you have seen
hell. Come then, let us go elsewhere.”
    Thereupon the king prepared to follow
him; but a cry went up from all the men that
abode in torment: “Be gracious, O king! Stay
but a moment, for the air that clings to thy
body gladdens our mind and entirely dispels the
burning and the sufferings and pains from our
bodies, O tiger-like man! Be gracious, O king!”
    Vipascit: “Neither in heaven nor in Brahma’s
world do men experience such joy as arises from
conferring bliss on suffering creatures. If, while
I am present, torment does not hurt these men,
here then will I remain, firm as a mountain.”
    Yama’s officer: “Come, O king; we proceed.
Enjoy the delights won by your own merit; leave
here the evildoers to their torments.”
    Vipascit, “As long as these beings are in sore
suffering, I will not go. From my presence the
denizens of hell grow happy. Fie on the sickly
protection-begging life of that man who shows
no favor to one distressed, even though he be a
resolute foe! Sacrifices, gifts, austerities do not
work for the welfare of him who has no thought
for the succor of the distressed… To grant
deliverance to these men excels, I consider, the
joy of heaven. If many sufferers shall obtain
happiness while only I undergo pain, shall I not
in truth embrace it?”
    Dharma [the Law]: “These evil-doers
have come to hell in consequence of their own
deeds; you also, O king, must go to heaven in
consequence of your meritorious deeds. I lead
you to heaven; mount this heavenly chariot and
linger not; let us go.”
    Vipascit: “Men in thousands, O Dharma,
suffer pain here in hell; and being in affliction
they cry to me to save them; hence I will not
    Dharma: “O king! Your merit is truly beyond
reckoning. In evincing now this compassion
here in the hells, your merit has amounted even
higher. Come, enjoy the abode of the immortals;
let these unfortunates consume away in hell the
sin arising from their own actions!”
    Vipascit: “Whatever good deeds I possess,
O Lord of the Thirty Gods, by means thereof
let the sinners who are undergoing torment be
delivered from hell!”
    Indra: “So be it, O king! You have gained an
even more exalted station: see too these sinners
delivered from hell!”
Markandeya Purana 13-15 (Hinduism)

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