I Am the Crossing Point of Good and Evil

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 2281

It is not God who gives birth to children but the True Parents, and the couple standing in the position of the parents of horizontal true love is the Unification Church’s True Parents. They are the parents with horizontal love standing at a right angle before God, the True Parent with vertical love. Hence, the love of both sets of parents is necessary. On one hand is the Parent, the Creator, and on the other hand are the physical parents created as the objects of God in pursuit of the ideal. With God in the position of the spiritual Parent and the True Parents in the position of the physical parents, human beings were supposed to be born at the center of both vertical and horizontal loves to allow for the fulfillment of this essential aspect of humanity

Cheon Seon Gyeong 446

Parents should be the head of the family and teachers should be the head of the educational institutions which represent society. Parents raise you by giving you milk thereby assisting your physical development as well as helping you emotionally. Then what is school for? It trains you for your future life in society. If the family is the training ground of the emotions, then school is the experimental training ground of society. But society is not where training ends. Where does it end? It ends with the nation. The nation has a president. Why is it that people miss the president and want to be near him? When they have experienced everything, from the family to the society, they go on to the next lev-el. The president is the fruit of the third stage after the formation and growth stages. A seed divides, sends roots down and a shoot up, and then, through circulatory action, growth begins. After such division comes a synthesis when flowers and fruit are produced


Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

“I” am the crossing point of good and evil. (109:268, November 2, 1980)
We live in a world where good and evil confront each other. Good and evil each pulls our divided mind and body. Evil pulls us toward evil, and good pulls us toward good. Human beings stand midway between these two opposing forces; they become good or evil depending on which way they travel from the center line. You are wandering back and forth across this line. (36:55, November 15, 1970)
If the first human ancestors had not fallen but had reached perfection and become one in heart with God, then they would have lived relating only with God. However, due to their Fall, they joined in a kinship of blood with Satan, which compelled them to deal with him as well… they found themselves in the midway position—a position between God and Satan where they were relating with both. As a consequence, all their descendants are also in the midway position…
How does God separate Satan from fallen people who stand in the midway position? Satan relates with them on the basis of his connection with them through lineage. Therefore, until people make a condition through which God can claim them as His own, there is no way God can restore them to the heavenly side. On the other hand, Satan acknowledges that God is the Creator of human beings. Unless Satan finds some condition through which he can attack a fallen person, he also cannot arbitrarily claim him for his side. Therefore, a fallen person will go to God’s side if he makes good conditions and to Satan’s side if he makes evil conditions. (Exposition of the Divine Principle, Restoration 1.1)
How do we cross over the dividing line between good and evil? Good abides where we live for others and evil abides where we live centered on ourselves. If we look within, our [original] mind always tries to lead us towards good thought and a good direction. It says, “Serve others. Have an affectionate heart for others. Sacrifice for others. Live for others.” Such is the path of goodness. (65:14, November 13, 1972)
If you act as your body desires, you are connected to hell. On the other hand, if you act as your mind wishes, you are connected to the Kingdom of Heaven. You alone are the dividing line between the Kingdom of Heaven and hell. (214:283, February 3, 1991)
Do you know what spiritual food is? Even when you are hungry, if you have to choose between spiritual food and physical food, you should feel that spiritual food is tastier than physical food. Then you can survive and stand on the side of God. Living your life based on spiritual power should be much more appetizing than the taste of life lived with physical power. (131:211, May 4, 1984)
Looking back at my youth, I remember how serious I was. I was at the point of deciding what to do with the rest of my life. At that crossroad, I knew that I should not let humanistic concerns determine my decision. Instead I concluded that I had to make my decision in accordance with God’s Will. (211:134, December 30, 1990)
If I had not taken this path, surely I would be a powerful and respected man in some secular field. I would be recognized for my intelligence. I have the ability; I could have risen to leadership in my nation. Yet, instead, I chose a life filled with tears and sorrows. Ever since I came to know God, I have shed tears for Him.
Do you think I am not capable of avoiding persecution? Yet I endure and tolerate the persecution because I know God’s situation—He has gone through far greater tribulations than mine. Do you think that when I was a young man I did not have any personal dreams and ambitions? I certainly had great ambition and dreams. But once I decided to go this way I cut them off, and ever since I have never nursed any personal ambition. That is how I could become who I am today. (God’s Will and the World, May 1, 1977)

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