Once He Determines to Do Something, He Never Alters His Course

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 1919

In other words, among the many countries of Asia, if there is one nation whose entire population can accept the Christian cultural background and also maintain a receptive attitude while the Pacific civilization is approaching before their eyes, that nation can naturally only be Korea. Japan, China, or the Soviet Union cannot fulfill this role. (222-134, 1991.10.28)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1194

The democratic political system is a system of struggle. That is why we have to rise to the position of parents. Only then can the struggle be stopped. Siblings can all unite, centered on the parents. The world of peace starts from such unity. There is no other method. First, people need to find the True Parents, and then everything else including true children, true nation, and true peace can be found. There is no other way. (205-190, 1990.9.1)

Perseverance and Patience

2. Never Give Up, but Persevere to the Very End

The Bible records… that in the Last Days even people with faith will find it hard to survive. Therefore, you must endure and forbear until the very end if you are to overcome this age of chaos and become victors. (4:237, May 18, 1958)
Our endurance should not end midway; it should go all the way. God has endured for six thousand years for this. Who is God? He is our Father. Because we inherited His flesh and blood and His virtues, we must be like Him.
(44:28, May 4, 1971)
You cannot complete your life of faith in one morning or one day. It is a lifelong path. In a life of faith, the main issue is to maintain your dedication with a constant mind and heart with a view towards eternity, beyond death. Your center core must be unchanging. No matter how difficult, sorrowful or painful, it can never change. To follow the path of faith you must discover this core in yourself, something you can never deny. (59:234-35, July 23, 1972)
Even though you have forbearance, you may realize that it is far from the terminal point. Today many who have been supporting our church say that they are too tired to go on. You hear people say that the Unification Church is good, but its way is too difficult to follow… Indeed, it is hard to go this way. It is a path of tears—tears over what we see, tears over what we feel, and tears in the midst of struggle. Some think that now the time has come for the tears to stop, but it is not yet.
    I know that the tears must continue; I know that the heart of God is waiting for more tears of forbearance, waiting for us, the plaintive ones. I cannot lift my face before Him even though I have endured thus far. Though I have endured from 1945 until today,21 I have never thought about when I might reach the limit of patient forbearance.
    I do not even wish for the days of endurance to end. It is a normal experience in the life of faith that once you start wishing for something to end you start looking after yourselves, and from that point on you feel anxious. (6:89, March 29, 1959)
God is eternal. Once He determines to do something, He never alters His course in the middle. What about you? You may be determined, but how long will you continue? For a month, a year, several years, ten years? Or will you continue for your entire lifetime? Your determination is bound to change. Sometimes you say to yourself, “If I like it, then I will do it. If I do not like it, I will not do it.” However, truth is truth whether you live or die; it is eternal. Truth is beyond death, beyond changeability.
    Therefore, in order to be a true person, with the steadfastness of unchanging truth, you have to be beyond death. To be beyond death, you first have to conquer death. This means there will be a collision at some point between your changeability and unchangeability. When they collide, your changeable elements will shatter and only your unchanging elements will remain. It will be a collision between life and death. At that time you must overcome death; then you will have life. It is reasonable that you must pass through this stage on the path to making a relationship with God.
    When will the moment of truth come for you? It will be the time when there arises an opportunity to be unchanging and changing at the same time. Both life and death appear before you. That is when the truth emerges. (66:43, March 18, 1973)


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