What Is the Terminal Point of Forbearance?

Cheon Seong Gyeong 489

What kind of people are true wives
and true husbands? When people
mature, they have a family. Taking their
spouse as an eternal partner of love,
they should form a family of love where
their initial love grows as the days go
by. When that love at the family lev-
el expands to form a tribe, these tribal
members will be eternal embodiments
of love, which can expand love eternally.
Such a husband and wife will be a true
married couple and a true husband and
true wife. Also, such a husband and wife
will be able to participate in God’s love.
(Blessed Family – 880)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 212

The Fall led to the appearance of false
parents. Because of this, I have had to fol-
low a suffering course in order to estab-
lish True Parents and a heavenly nation
in the midst of this satanic world. This
has to be restored by parents. The par-
ents must take the responsibility for and
indemnify what was jeopardized. (131-62,

The Religious Person’s Attitude
Sun Myung Moon
March 29, 1959

Hebrews 11:1-32

Where is the last stop of forbearing with patience? Where is the terminal point of forbearance? Have you ever wondered, feeling your way to that terminal point? Was that place Adam’s home? No, it was not. Was it the home of Noah? No, it was not. When I come to think that the history of forbearance remains for me, for this society, and even for posterity, I must present myself before the Father with the qualifications of a prince of forbearance. People must step forward in front of Heaven with a mind to comfort Him, He who has endured for six thousand years.

Even though you have forbearance, you may realize that it is far from the terminal point of the forbearance that had to be undergone throughout history. Today people in our church say, “I cannot go any further because I am too exhausted.” We hear people say, “I like the Unification Church, but it is too difficult to go the path.” He who says that might be called a happy person from the earth’s standpoint, but he is a miserable person from Heaven’s standpoint. It is indeed difficult to go the path. The path to be gone is the path of tears. It is the path of tears where we look and cry, where we feel and cry, and where we cry while we give. You may have thought it was time for the tears to stop flowing, but it is not. When we come to realize that tears must continue to flow, that is, when we come to know that there is the Shim Jung of Heaven longing for the tears of further forbearance, waiting for us lowly ones, even the fact of my having endured cannot win honor for me. Though the Teacher has endured until today, since the (Korean) liberation, I have never thought about the limit of my patient forbearance yet. I do not even wish for that time to end. Once we start wishing for it to end, we will start to look after ourselves. From that time on, we will feel fear. You will have to experience this in your life of faith. Have you ever thought deeply in your minds that the Father who endured is my Father who is to live with me forever? The figure who endured is the bridegroom whom I am to attend. You may never have thought about it. Let us say there is a person who has taken delight in and enjoyed glory. Rather than envying him, you should be on your mettle in forbearance and be able to be perfectly calm and collected in forbearance. You must feel that the person who appears as the figure of forbearance before Heaven is more precious in this confused history today than the person who was blithely happy. The person who does not know how to go beyond this confused age today with such a Shim Jung will end up becoming a traitor toward Heaven. Continue reading “What Is the Terminal Point of Forbearance?”

Forbear With Patience

Romans 1

16 I am proud of the good news! It is God’s powerful way of saving all people who have faith, whether they are Jews or Gentiles.

Richard:  We should be teaching the Divine Principle to everyone.

Joshua 19

35-39 The Naphtali clans received this region as their tribal land, and it included nineteen towns with their surrounding villages.

Richard:  It’s up to us to build the Kingdom of Heaven within our individual/family domains.

The Religious Person’s Attitude
Sun Myung Moon
March 29, 1959

Hebrews 11:1-32

Next, we ought to become the people who know how to be patient. God has been patient. The historical course from the day the sin was committed to this day has been one of forbearance and patience. No one would deny this. By merely tracing the footprints of God as He related with people, we know that it has been a path upon which He shed tears and blood, forbearing with patience. Look at the history of Christianity. Even though enemies lured the beloved begotten son and made him disappear as a sacrificial offering of death, Heaven had to forbear, with patience.

Coming through a long history, the Israelites, chosen by Heaven, have always been left at the mercy of various peoples of the world. They were pursued throughout all the ages. In spite of being the God of that nation and the God of that people, why has He forborne their suffering with patience until now? Humanity fell because it could not forbear with patience; therefore, fate decreed that God cannot help forbearing with patience until a person forbearing with patience establishes the day of victory. Since humanity acted against God’s will, unable to forbear with patience, until He finds a person who is patient, God’s resentful heart cannot be healed. In other words, you must know that until after God meets such an individual, such a family, such a people and nation who can heal His resentful heart by forbearing with patience, God cannot end His history of suffering. They must provide hope for the day of happiness after dissolving the resentment of the people and the cosmos by forbearing with patience even on the path of struggle, the path of persecution, and the path of death. Otherwise, God cannot put an end to His suffering history and cannot pass judgment. Although the Father has been mortified and has had the authority to judge while suffering for six thousand years, He forbears with patience, unable to pass judgment. Since the Father’s sorrow, the Father’s bitterness, and the Father’s mortification are attributable to this, we must begin and end forbearing with patience. Continue reading “Forbear With Patience”

God’s People Have Endurance and Patience

Exodus 28

40 Since Aaron’s sons are priests, they should also look dignified. So make robes, sashes, and special caps for them. 41 Then dress Aaron and his sons in these clothes, pour olive oil on their heads, and ordain them as my priests.

42 Make linen shorts for them that reach from the waist down to the thigh, so they won’t expose themselves. 43 Whenever they enter the sacred tent or serve at the altar or enter the holy place, they must wear these shorts, or else they will be guilty and die. This same rule applies to any of their descendants who serve as priests.


16 From then on, I let half of the young men work while the other half stood guard. They wore armor and had spears and shields, as well as bows and arrows. The leaders helped the workers 17 who were rebuilding the wall. Everyone who hauled building materials kept one hand free to carry a weapon. 18 Even the workers who were rebuilding the wall strapped on a sword. The worker who was to blow the signal trumpet stayed with me.

Richard:  We should always be prepared.

Let Us Be Persons of Forbearance

Sun Myung Moon
May 18, 1958

Matthew 24: 1-14

God can embrace the satanic world and even hell. He has the mind to forbear with patience even there. Therefore, the satans in hell will bow their heads before His presence. Therefore, if you desire to become champions at the last, the Father’s sons and daughters at the last, then you must feel God’s patience as your patience and God’s endurance as your endurance in your minds and bodies. Because Christianity taught the way of patience and endurance, it became a worldwide religion.

The descendants of the chosen people live on the earth today. Since the chosen people betrayed the will of God, why cannot God forget them? Of course, these people went the side path, but it is because they had an unchanging mind as the chosen people God had elected. Although they are in a situation that is contrary to Heaven, once the time comes when they go in search of God, they are the people who can take upon themselves, more than any other people, the task of God’s patience and endurance. Continue reading “God’s People Have Endurance and Patience”