Establish Your Value by Living According to Heaven’s Principle

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 1979

As you all are aware, the Russo-Japanese War began due to the Korean peninsula. The same is true for the Sino-Japanese War. If you look into the origin of the great Asian War in modern times, you will see that it began from the incident that occurred at the Marco Polo Bridge. The cause of upheaval in Asia during modern times can be found entirely in Korea, which was the focal point of events. China also needed Korea. Korea is situated in a very interesting place, coveted by both Japan and the Soviet Union. Japan has no way to spread its political domain to the world without first connecting with the continent.

Cheon Seong Gyeong 794

The mind and body of a man and woman centering on God’s love should meet the vertical at a ninety-degree angle, in a balanced way. When a man and woman emerge and polarize to the east and west as living beings rooted in God’s love, it stimulates the original nature of the universe to ignite, spawning thunder and lightning. When that happens, God, man and woman are brought together in complete oneness. Who will break them apart? Can the man break them apart? Can the woman break them apart? Even God cannot extract Himself from this.
    This love, which is the love that becomes the root of the mind of man and woman, is the standard of the original nature of humanity. The flower blooms and bears fruit through love. Through the ideal of the laws of spherical circulation, love develops in the shape of a spiral and extends to the world. Amen! Try studying to discover what all this means. (173-109, 1988.2.7)


2. People of Integrity Fulfill Their Duty

A loyal subject and a treacherous subject originally belong to the same class of people. The only difference is that the former is obedient to the will of the king while the latter makes much of himself before everything else. A loyal subject always walks a straight line; the beginning and end of his works are the same. (Way of God’s Will 2.2)
Because most people do not have an absolute center, they change their minds day and night. We cannot call them people of character. People of character keep their promises and have a high standard of righteousness. Once things are decided, they do not make any excuses. You should become people like that. Even if the laws of the universe were to change, you should never deviate from fulfilling what you have promised. (23:100, May 14, 1969)
By faithfully living according to Heaven’s principles, we should find and establish our value. That value represents our original relationship with Heaven, our original relationship with people, and our original relationship with the universe.
    Once you restore your eternally unchanging integrity before God’s Will, you will be able to praise your own value. You can be proud of yourself as someone who eternally lives for the sake of others. This means that your day-to-day relationships with other people and all things will completely display the beauty of God’s creation. Thus, the ultimate purpose of God’s providence is to help human beings find the ultimate value of their life. (2:336-37, August 4, 1957)
Why does God need Reverend Moon? Because I am a handsome? No. For my worldly knowledge? No. Because I have power and wealth? No, I do not have any of those things. I am nothing. Yet God holds onto me because I know God’s Will and devote all my life, day and night, to its fulfillment. That is the only reason God needs me.
    Likewise, do I need you because I want to use you to make money? Do I want to use you to gain power? No. The reason why I need you more than any power or authority in America is because I sense your zeal for the Will of God. This connects us like a string, but it is stronger than anything else. (77:16, March 23, 1975)

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