We Should Have One Mind

Yesterday, October 7th we celebrated Foundation Day for the Unification of Heaven and Earth, established on October 3rd, 1988: Foundation Day for the Unified Nation of Heaven and Earth | Daily Inspiration (visionroot.org).

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 1969

The archangelic cultural sphere originated from the Nile River civilization established in Egypt. It then shifted to the Greek civilization, a peninsular civilization based around the Mediterranean Sea, and culminated in the Roman civilization. Why did the development of civilization have to gravitate toward the western spheres? It was inevitable due to the Fall.

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1051

When dealing with people, you must not do it unsatisfactorily. The work of resurrection does not occur in a course that is mandatory. It has to be exciting. You must stay up at night without even realizing it is night. You discover the value of heaven only when you get to the point at which you can say, “The place where I am now is heaven.” Isn’t that right? Even with trees, unless they are completely bonded, they don’t engraft. (75-177, 1975.1.2


3. People of Integrity Do Not Change according to the Circumstances

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Gold is valuable because its essence never changes, even in the fire. If your will changes whenever you are confronted with difficulties, what value do you have? You can never be called a person of character. (Way of God’s Will 2.2)

Because your mind varies, your direction also varies, and because your direction varies, your purpose changes. You cannot fulfill one purpose when your mind is constantly changing. It is difficult enough to fulfill a goal with one mind; how much more difficult it is to fulfill it with two!
    Therefore, in everything we do, we should have one mind. We must have the same mind in the morning, during the daytime and in the evening; the same mind in youth, middle age and old age. A person who starts a task with one mind, proceeds with one mind, and attains the result with one mind—his purpose will enlarge as he is able to maintain that one mind over longer periods.
    We should have one mind. When we pursue a certain purpose, we need one mind. If we do not have one mind, we cannot fulfill the goal. From this, we deduce that God created this world with one mind, not with two minds. We have to begin with one mind and proceed in one direction in order to fulfill one goal. However, today, people are not able to keep one mind. (28:155, January 11, 1970)

Ever since the Human Fall, the form of our minds has been changing continually. If our minds were unchanging as they were supposed to be, we would all be holy people. Something can be holy if it is unique and unchanging. Thus, since white people always retain their white color, their white color is holy. Black people likewise keep their unique and unchanging black color; therefore it too is holy. But a worldly white person, whose mind and behavior constantly changes according to the circumstances, is on Satan’s side. Regardless of his lofty social status, there is nothing holy about him…
    The shape of a person’s hands and face does not change. What changes is the mind. When a person’s mind is changeable, it becomes Satan’s dance floor. Is there any woman here who wants a changeable husband? Certainly not. Although she may not be perfect, she still prefers an unchanging man…
    A holy couple, united in true love, does not change for eternity. The years follow that couple, not the other way around. Such a couple is the center of eternal life. (217:303-04, June 12, 1991)

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