Practice Everything with Sincerity

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 1858

I have made Bridgeport University and Sun Moon University. Now I will make a university in South America along with a kindergarten, middle and high school in Jardim. I am making all the preparations necessary to have peo-ple go through this university. The other universities in the world are not needed. What use is it to go anywhere else? They have all become a degenerate group of homosexuals and lesbians. Other univer-sities are like a lighthouse that destroys the moral foundation. They are the bases for God’s enemy, something like Satan’s army base and the seat of Satan’s power. They are exerting their influence from there. We have to destroy their influence. They claim that God is dead. (303-231, 1999.8.31)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1620

    What is the Fall? What are fallen children? Fallen children cannot deeply feel God as their Father. Their mind doesn’t have a concept of God.
    You should have the following experiences and realizations. Firstly, you should substantially feel, “I am born again and have inherited new life, and I am God’s child who leads a new life through the True Parents.” Secondly, you need to realize, “I am a qualified citizen of God’s Kingdom.” Thirdly, when you think of the nation and world, you should feel God’s love, and bear this thought in mind, “God has bequeathed this world to me, so as His child I have a right to possess this world.” (Blessed Family – 953)


Sincerity and Authenticity

2. Cultivate Sincerity before Taking Action

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

The saying, “Sincerity moves Heaven,” like “Faith will move mountains,” is a proverb in Korea, but truly it is also the natural order of things. The proverb, “Act with utmost sincerity,” means act with all your efforts, inside and outside, heart and soul. The proverb, “Practice everything with sincerity in your words and deeds,” means to completely unite your body and soul in a conscientious life. This means a life of dedication. We call it “utmost sincerity” or jeongseong. The Korean word jeong deals with the spirit, and song means the fulfillment of the Word. Thus jeongseong means fulfilling every-thing inwardly and outwardly and offering it.16 If you do everything with jeongseong you can “move Heaven.” (78:31, May 1, 1975)
Usually, what percentage of your feelings turns out to be true? You should analyze the process of your life and gauge the results. You cannot assess whether God or the Devil is with you unless you can connect with your internal environment and analyze what percentage of your feelings are right and what percentage are wrong. Develop this mindfulness in your life of faith.
    If you develop such mindfulness, your feelings will accurately disclose what is coming your way. When you go out for a certain purpose, without even praying you will sense at your first step whether your journey will lead to something good or something bad. You will sense immediately whether it will make God happy or sad. You will be able to sense, “This pleases God” or “This pains God.” Develop your faith through experiencing the feelings of God in your inner self. (40:288, February 7, 1971)
Do not bear a grudge, thinking, “This work is tiring, yet Reverend Moon never acknowledges me.” Were I always to praise your efforts, it would block the flow of your love and sincerity. By staying quiet, your sincerity and love can flow. Like water and air, love flows when there is a hole to flow into. (308:205, January 5, 1999)
In your life of faith, do you have an explosive and stimulating power in the center of your heart which is moving unceasingly towards the world of God’s Will? When you have that heart, it is evident that God is with you. On the other hand, if you don’t have that power, it is evident that God is distant from you.
    When your heart is pouring out love for humankind, and you have the mind to share your life with others limitlessly, it is clear that you belong to Heaven. But if after awhile you become proud of your great love, then your self-centered love and proud self-centered values are evidence that God has begun to leave you. Be careful! People like that are not headed for heaven. Their self-centeredness will take them so far, and they will reach their limit. The world of self-centered limitations is different from the world God desires. (32:21-22, June 14, 1970)
Therefore, you have to be able to empathize with Heaven and move God’s heart. Whenever you are in a quandary, it is a time to offer more sincerity, live more for the sake of others, and love more. (308:203, January 5, 1999)
Human beings still affiliated with the fallen realm… must complete a revolution of conscience. This means that they must maintain a tradition of true love, true life, and true lineage in accordance with the predisposition of the original mind endowed in us by God. They must do this without even the smallest deviation, regardless of whatever worldly sovereignty or ideology they may encounter. They must live a life of “high noon settlement,” where they do not leave any shadow or even a speck of shame in the presence of God or the creation. The revolution of conscience is completed when our lives reach a state of one mind, one body, and one thought, and so establish an eternal and unchanging tradition as the ground of our pure love and pure lineage. The age of unity and harmony will blossom from that point. (January 27, 2004)

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