Lying Lips Are an Abomination to the Lordw

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 620

    Since that is the case, intellectuals generally do not like prayer. When they think about it, it looks like superstition, it cannot be trusted, and it makes them feel that their own existence is going to be denied. Those are the intellectuals – they seek to find truth by forming theories. Spiritual people, on the other hand, are born being fond of calling on the name, God. They just like God for no particular reason and do not require any explanation. They do not mind skip-ping meals as long as they can call God, Father. Such people exist.
    Generally speaking, in spiritual movements, which type of people do you think are successful in creating a revolutionary movement? Intellectuals can-not do it. Those who have accomplished great things in the realm of faith were not intellectuals but were mostly simple and uneducated – they were spiritual people.

Cheon Seong Gyeong 831

The original palace of love is the roy-al palace that perfects God and brings solace to Him. How is this achieved? The royal palace emerges at the unified meet-ing point of Adam and Eve’s convex and concave sexual organs. That is a truly great place. Thus, the sexual organs are called the original palace of love. These are amazing words. The original palace of love is the royal palace that perfects the entire creation of heaven and earth and also provides a place of settlement for all, even God. The Kingdom of Heav-en in the spirit world and on earth does not come first. Heaven begins from the family. That is the original palace. These are amazing words.



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