Free Sex Is Like a Poisonous Snake

Cheon Seong Gyeong 2032

All the members of the Unification Church should purchase thirty Divine Principle books, lend one out each day, and receive one back each day. If you lend each book out for a week, then you can pass them out to 120 homes. Think about what will happen if 120 houses read that book. When you pass them out, you can gently give them some introductory content. You can lend them videotapes after they read the book. You should do that kind of grassroots breakthrough activities wherever you live in the future and continue Home Church activities at the same time, as well.
    If you work that way, when you give a lecture on the Principle of Creation, everyone will bring their book and listen to the Principle of Creation. Centering on the book, you can lecture the contents in a simple, introductory manner. That way, centering on the book, everyone will be able to follow the content of your lecture. (240-46, 1992.12.11)

Richard:  Very practical advice for helping our neighbors.  I will follow this advice myself.

Cheon Seon Gyeong 1123

Adam and Eve were to be the body of God. They were to be the horizontal parents, while God was the vertical Parent. We should eventually discard this horizontal body, enter the original homeland vertically, and live in attendance to the eternal King in the heavenly kingdom. Had Adam and Eve not fallen, then through perfecting themselves, they would have become God’s body and the king and queen of love. They would have fulfilled their portion of responsibility connecting the realms of direct and indirect dominion on earth through the love of God. (213-190, 1991.1.20)


1. Refrain from Adultery, the Most Serious Sin

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Violating and misusing love is the gravest of all sins. Men and women who have been victimized by love often want to commit suicide and throw away their lives. Hence, we should know that committing a sin against love is worse than murder. (92:79, March 20, 1977)
The critical point in life where Adam and Eve and innumerable heroes and spiritual masters throughout history have failed is the matter of the purity of their sexual love. It is a problem that no one today can solve, not the family, nor the school, the church or the government.
    I teach the best plan to keep purity: ‘absolute sex.’ What is absolute sex? Once joined in marriage, your relationship to your spouse is eternal. You form an absolute love relationship that will never change under any circumstances. How can that be? It is because as husband and wife you love each other within God’s eternal and absolute love.
    Absolute sex is not an obligation only for women; it also applies to men. It is Heaven’s principle that all men and women must keep. On the other hand, free sex is a wicked trend that should be completely eradicated from the planet earth. The things associated with free sex—drugs, violence, homosexuality, and HIV/AIDS—only drive humanity down the path to destruction. (288:283-84, November 30, 1997)
Free sex is like a poisonous snake. Its head is like a man’s sexual organ and its open mouth is like a woman’s sexual organ. One bite from this poisonous snake can spread HIV/AIDS. One bite forever cuts down the ideal world… How can people conquer this snake, employing only their conscience? Coming to their aid, the religions of the world have always taught how to subdue the flesh. They have always commanded, “Do not drink, smoke or engage in free sex!”
    Only love that is absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal can eradicate free sex. The feeling you get from drugs or alcohol or free sex cannot compare to the absolute joy and stimulation of absolute sex. In absolute sex all the cells in the body and mind activate and connect to the one center. It is supreme ecstasy, far beyond the intoxication of alcohol or drugs. Within its essence lie absolute freedom, absolute happiness, absolute hope, and the absolute fulfillment of all one’s dreams. This is true love…
    Where is the place where all the cells want to unite? It is [the partner’s] sexual organ. All creatures desire to arrive at their partner’s sexual organ as their final destination. The sexual organs are the connecting point for love, life, lineage and conscience. [Depending on how they are used,] they are the beginning point of heaven or hell. (279:174-75, August 4, 1996)
Why do we say that one man must love only one woman? What’s wrong with the American lifestyle of one-night stands? Why should we have only one love? Why should there be only one man for one woman? What’s wrong with a man loving several different women and a woman loving several different men? It is wrong because it lacks true love. What is true love? A man’s true love and a woman’s true love is the same. True love does not belong to the man or the woman, but it is the one love that unites both. That is why every man asks his sweetheart, “Do you love me?” and every woman asks her man the same question. Everyone asks their partner, “How much do you love me?” and they answer each other, “I love you more than the universe.” (118:291, June 20, 1982)

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