The Sexual Organs are the Palace of Love, Life, Lineage and Conscience

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1881

When you look at the ocean, you should not regard it simply as the ocean. You should consider it a gift from our Heavenly Father. A great revolution can begin from the moment you begin to reconsider and re-experience everything in the course of re-creation. The value of a great victory can sprout from this point. (112-306, 1981.4.25)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1267

The Fall occurred through the wrongful marriage in the Garden of Eden. Now the time has come for True Parents to overturn this, by marrying people in the right way. The trouble caused by the false parents should be solved by the True Parents. Through them, hell can be eliminated and the millions and billions of ancestors in the spirit world can be blessed in holy matrimony. Through the foundation of the families of descendants on earth, centering on true love, the ancestors in the spirit world and the descendants on earth can unite into one vertically. The East and West will be connected horizontally with this vertical family foundation.
    What should an adopted son do? He must be engrafted to the true son. The wild olive tree must be cut off at the root, and then the sprout of the true olive tree can be engrafted into it. It would be as if there were a movement to convert all the wild olive trees into true olive trees. In order to be reborn, you need to inherit the lineage of True Parents. That is why the whole of humanity hopes for True Parents, and Jesus and the Holy Spirit yearned to carry out the marriage feast of the Lamb. (19-164, 1968.1.1)


1. Refrain from Adultery, the Most Serious Sin

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Some married men, when they see a pretty woman, think how nice it would be if she were their wife. Such a person has two minds. We call him a man with the mind of a thief. Satan started from two minds; thus it is right to call such a man with two minds “Satan.” He is no different from Satan. (Blessing and Ideal Family 1.2.6)
The sexual organ is the most fearful of the senses, because love was the cause of the Human Fall. That is why religions treat adultery as the most serious sin. The free sex that we see in the modern world today is an extension of hell. It is hell on earth and hell in the spirit world. It will entirely perish. (261:303-04, July 24, 1994)
Love, life, and lineage want to attach themselves to the sexual organs of men and women. They are the place to connect with God. They are the place where the Original Parent of all human beings comes and visits us. The sexual organs are the palace of love, palace of life, palace of lineage, and the palace of conscience. They are the starting point. Without them, we cannot find love; without them, we cannot find life. Without them, there would be no way for the life in a man and the life in a woman to meet as one. They are where a man and a woman meet and where a lineage comes into being. Your conscience, too, must be in accord with your sexual organ or it cannot manifest correctly.
    Each of us has love; each of us has life, and each of us has a lineage. Inquiring where they come from, we learn that they are linked to our parents’ sexual organs. They are linked to the love that is in our parents’ sexual organs. That is how precious these organs are. The core of all the ideal traditions of the universe flows through their gates. The living water of eternal life flows from them. To become eternal living water, there must be love. So love is the most important. That is how precious these organs are. In nature, precious things, treasures, do not lie in plain view. Instead, they are hidden. Is this not true of gold? It is hidden, distributed in layers of feldspar or other rocks.
    However, as the result of the human fall, all this was turned upside down. Each woman now thinks that her sexual organ is her own, but it is not hers. A man can never perfect his love without his wife’s sexual organ. Likewise, a woman cannot maintain her love forever unless she has her husband’s sexual organ to bring love to her. As long as men and women regard their sexual organs as their own, they cannot realize eternal love. Rather, they must exchange their sexual organs. The owner of a man’s organ is his wife, and the owner of a woman’s organ is her husband…
    Will a new key fit two different locks? These days some knuckleheaded professors talk about free sex, and say this represents the liberation of love, or the emancipation of sex. They are thieves, and this world has become hell on earth because of such thinking. (300:320-21, April 15, 1999)

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