Those Immersed in the Love of God Feel Love for All Things

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1887

The leisure industry will develop and grow in the future. This is because
exciting kinds of recreation are necessary to relieve stress for those who
live in urban areas. How should they relieve their stress? The three best ways
are through hunting, horseback riding, and fishing. However, there are many
restrictions in hunting and horseback riding: for instance, only those people in a specific class can ride horses. It does cost a lot of money, after all, so
not everyone can enjoy it. Also, only those people around forty years old
can go hunting. Once they get over fifty, hunting becomes too strenuous for
them, so only a specific group of people can enjoy hunting. However, fishing is
something that people can practice from their youth until the day they die. So, I
envision the fishing industry becoming a worldwide industry in the future.
(207-122, 1990.11.1)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 757

Why was I brought into this world? Why do I have to live? Where am I heading? You should never allow yourself to think that you were born by your own will. You were born into this world, yet you do not know the source and purpose behind your birth. You are ignorant of the motivation and purpose of your being. In other words, we were born in
spite of our wishes. We live notwithstanding our wishes, and we die notwithstanding our wishes. Then what is there to be proud of? We have no control over our birth; we are merely custodians in this life, and we cannot avoid the path of death. Thus, any attempt to take pride in ourselves is pitiable. Once born, we are destined to live and destined to die.
(7-178, 1959.9.6)

True Love

2. Compassion and Benevolence

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