The Power of True Parents’ Name

Cheon Seong Gyeong 263

The Power of True Parents’ Name

The Bible says that humankind fell. So God must be liberated. Through the Fall, the sons and daughters, husband  and wife, the nation, and even the world that was to be ours were forfeited at one stroke. True Parents must come, recover all things, children, families, nations, and the world, and return them all to God. Those who once belonged to God fell under the sway of false love after deviating from the true path of love. Although they were created on the principle of ownership based in love, they were destroyed by fallen love. Now they must be salvaged through the love of True Parents, and all things, children, husband and wife, nation and world must be offered again to God. Then, God will sing praises of that triumph, the return of His universe through true love, and then He will give those offerings to True Parents. They will become God’s possessions and thereby True Parents’ possessions. In becoming True Parents’ possessions, they will become the possessions of the sons and daughters, and then again be distributed in the four directions. Without the world becoming such a place, the Kingdom of Heaven cannot appear on earth.
    What is the local-level breakthrough (tong ban gyeokpa) we are pursuing? We must unite South and North and offer the Republic of Korea to God as the homeland of all humankind. This must be done in God’s name and in True Parents’ name, centered on the achievement of victory in all nations. This is why we have been investing everything. It is for this reason that we are now like a group of beggars. Why beggars? Because we already offered everything decades ago.
    Now we must unite South and North, and in God’s name and in True Parents’ name we must take back all ownership historically claimed by Satan. We must restore the ownership to the throne of God, the Original Parent, so that Korea will emerge from this as the first ancestor nation among all nations throughout history. Working to bring this about is my final purpose of love. (211-126, 1990.12.29)    

Cheon Seon Gyeong 1241

The British royal household’s 518 carat diamond was nothing but a shiny stone to the native people. Who would have known then that diamonds would one day become the most precious jewels in the world? People saw it shining and reflecting light, and thought it was a piece of glass. It is the same in the case of the Blessing. In one way or another, you have received the Blessing. Though it is as precious as a diamond, all of you are thinking that it is merely a piece of glass, of no particular value. You do not know the true value of it until I explain it to you. Then everyone will realize and say, “Oh! It is that precious!” (83-240, 1976.2.8)

The Search for Knowledge

The search for knowledge is incumbent upon everyone. Education and diligent study elevates and ennobles the human person. several aspects of the search are developed in these passages. First, the search for truth is a religious obligation, and the search takes us back to the source of the universe from whence comes all truth. second, an important aspect of learning is to examine oneself. This includes recognizing the extent of our ignorance—how little we know. third, knowledge is not handed to us, but requires us to comprehend a topic and make it our own. Therefore the student makes thorough efforts to understand the matter from all angles. Fourth, the search should be broad, embracing all religions and cultures, including all the sciences.
Several of Father Moon’s remarks in this section were addressed to gatherings of academics and scientists. Others describe his personal search for truth.

1. God and His Principles Are the Starting-point for Understanding

The fear of the lord is the beginning of wisdom.
    Proverbs 9.11

Understanding is the reward of faith. Therefore do not seek understanding that you may believe, but believe that you may understand, as was said, “Except ye believe, ye shall not understand” (Isaiah 7.9).
    Saint Augustine, On the Gospel of John 29.6 (Christianity)

Without faith there is no knowledge, without knowledge there is no virtuous conduct, without virtues there is no deliverance, and without deliverance there is no perfection [Nirvana].
    Uttaradhyayana Sutra 28.30 (Jainism)

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