Do Not Recklessly Make a Move When your Are Given a Vague Teaching

Cheon Seong Gyeong 685

The returning Lord must come as the ancestor of not only the third but also the first and second Israels. Unification Church members must, from a position similar to that of the first Israel at the time of Jesus, overcome their doubt. Then, with a Father’s heart, they should occupy the position of a child inside the Father. The returning Lord must establish order in the spirit world. By doing this, he must begin his work on the foundation where the first Israel was established. Since people in the spirit world cannot form a bond with the True Parents, they must go through this course. The archetypes of the twelve tribes already exist in the spirit world, but Christianity, which had to become the second Israel, lost the center by which it could organize itself into tribes. Thus, the returning Lord must proclaim the ideology of unification and organize his tribes. (10-217, 1960.10.14)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 692

Because you received the precious thing called the Blessing, the door is open for you, but you cannot enter because you are not dressed in formal attire. You must go to the banquet house in formal attire. Can a groomsman go to a wedding in work clothes? Think about it. You have to dress appropriately for the occasion in order to go there and be welcomed into that environment. Otherwise you will be thrown out. People will say to you, “Get lost, blockhead!”

The Search for Knowledge

  1. Comprehend the Truth Not Merely on the Authority of a Teacher,
    but from One’s Own Extensive Study and Research

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

The ultimate purpose of religion can be attained only when one first believes it in one’s heart and then puts it into practice. However, without first understanding, beliefs do not take hold. (Exposition of the Divine Principle, Introduction)

Do not recklessly make a move when you are given a vague teaching. Do not make a move unless the direction is established in clear truth. Even if someone propounds a new teaching with great persuasiveness, do not simply believe it. First discuss it with someone who is more Abel-like than you. (3:212, November 1, 1957)

Although you have joined the Unification Church, if it does not answer all your questions, then pack up and leave. (150:110, September 4, 1960)

Philosophers, saints and sages set out to pave the way of goodness for the people of their times. Yet so many of their accomplishments have become added spiritual burdens for the people of today.
    Consider this objectively. Has any philosopher ever arrived at the knowledge that could solve humanity’s deepest anguish? Has any sage ever clearly illuminated the path by resolving all the fundamental questions of human life and the universe? Have not their teachings and philosophies raised more unsettled questions, thus giving rise to skepticism?…
    If we are created in such a way that we cannot live apart from God, then surely our ignorance of God consigns us to walk miserable paths. Though we may diligently study the Bible, can we really say that we know clearly the reality of God? Can we ever grasp the heart of God? (Exposition of the Divine Principle, Introduction)

Before I began my path of life, I asked the question, “Does God exist?” Only after I could give a clear answer, “Definitely, God exists,” did I begin my course. (13:201, March 15, 1964)

When searching for truth, it is not enough to just accept what you read in the Bible. We need to be able to measure the truth with precision. I searched for truth like a researcher who does experiment after experiment to prove his results. The Divine Principle contains many such well-tested discoveries. (May 1, 1977)

What did God teach me when I was a boy? Do you know what a hard time God gave me? Step by step I had to verify for myself the two fundamental axioms: love passes through the shortest distance, and the origin of the universe is the father-son relationship. Then from these two truths I had to work out everything else.
    I had to elucidate the truths of the world of the principle from this new starting-point—the original father-son relationship that has nothing to do with the lineage of the secular world. Hence, I could not understand anything without knowing the particulars of the Human Fall. Now I have uncovered the origin, and from it, I have revealed the law of the universe, the heavenly law. (376:315, April 29, 2002)

Once I started seriously questioning a certain passage in the Bible, I would strive continually even for three years to solve the mystery of it. Until I could shout, “Eureka!” I would push myself to penetrate the root of the problem. (35:38, September 27, 1970)

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