The Ideal World Will Not Be Realized Based Upon the Human Brain but Upon God’s Love

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God’s sorrow is embedded within us, and at the same time, within this nation, world and within all things. We should liquidate this sorrow and develop a movement to restore His joy. Experiencing God’s sorrow is central to our life.

Intellectual Knowledge and Spiritual Wisdom

Intellectual Knowledge Does Not Profit for Salvation

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

The ideal world will not be realized based upon the human brain but upon God’s love. (Way of God’s Will 1.8)

Philosophy and religion have different starting-points. Philosophy [at its best] is a human quest in search of God, but religion is the path laid out for us to meet God and begin to live with God. (187:70, March 19, 1989)

Extensive reading of sacred texts and philosophy books that line library shelves does not enable you to achieve unity of mind and body. (May 1, 2004)

Know that no amount of knowledge will enable you to fulfill the ideal of creation. Neither knowledge, nor power, nor money avail us to fulfill God’s ideal of creation. Only with love can we fulfill it. The same goes for the purpose of our life—only with love can we accomplish it. Therefore, parents who push their children to study all day long [thinking that it is the only way to success], are making a serious mistake. (144:130, April 12, 1986)

Do not boast because you attend a first-rank university. I do not regard it as such a great thing. Maybe you study seven hours per day—that amounts to about 2,000 hours in a year, but if you divide it by 24 hours it is not that many days. It is nothing to brag about.
    Love is far more precious, and it cannot be learned so quickly. Love is absolute and eternal, so you cannot master it even in your whole lifetime. You can receive a Ph.D. after studying a field of secular knowledge for a few years, but you cannot get the diploma of love even after 30 or 40 years, because the field of love is without limit. Love keeps expanding, only to circle around and return to the starting-point. You can spend an infinite amount of time studying love. Nevertheless, you never grow tired of it. It is just fun, filled with more happiness, gratitude and dignity than anything else in the world. (113:324-25, May 10, 1981)

If you are so cocksure of your intellectual prowess, go ahead and see where it leads you. The story of your demise will simply become another cautionary tale in the textbook for raising true sons and daughters. (60:75, August 6, 1972)

Absolute value relates to love and emotion, not intellect. Love is the highest value, containing the purpose of existence and the perfection of existence. True love is such that both the giver and the recipient are happy. Love is not something to be learned. It should sprout and be experienced directly in a person’s original mind.
    The world of intellect develops through cognition, but the world of emotion does not. Therefore, absolute value remains in the dimension of absolute love, not intellect. From this perspective, the First Cause cannot be found within the sphere of our cognition but is experienced in an emotional dimension.
    Values lacking love do not last forever; they are changeable and someday will vanish. Philosophies and teachings up to the present time have been helpful to humankind in some respects, but in other respects they have misled the development of thought and the progress of history. Hence, it is inevitable that we re-evaluate our value systems. (102:59, November 25, 1978)

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