Parents Should Become True Teachers

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 2192

That is why the Bible teaches us to love God with all our heart, with all our soul and with all our mind. So what is the standard of “all”? You have to be better than all other patriots, all other filial children, and all other virtuous women in the world. If not, then God’s dignity cannot be established. Even in the satanic world, there have been many patriots and virtuous women until now. Yet God’s dignity cannot be established if the standard for being a patriot and a virtuous woman is the same as in the satanic world. (9-108, 1960.4.24)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1474

Whom do human beings resemble? God. Therefore, it follows that He also desires love just as they do. In the world of the ideal of creation based on love, human beings embody God as His image and the rest of creation embodies God symbolically, according to the Unification Church’s teaching. Based on what? Love. When God rejoices, people will automatically rejoice, and when they rejoice, the creation will automatically rejoice as well. What would bring this about? Only love, nothing else can achieve this. (166-48, 1987.5.28)

The Teacher

  1. Qualities of a Good Teacher

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Professors should inculcate in their students strong determination and clear values for meeting the challenges of the times. In this sense, professors and religious leaders share a common task. More than merely transmitting knowledge and publishing the results of their research, they should inspire their students to live a life of responsibility. (130:16, December 18, 1983)

Everyone should meet at least one mentor in his life on whom he can totally depend, to whom he can offer himself unconditionally, whom he can trust never to violate his heart, and to whom he can entrust everything he has and feel totally at ease. In this way he can understand the heart of God. He can taste the heart of a true child in relation to his Heavenly Father. (4:168, April 6, 1958)

Teachers, you should protect your school as you would your own home, with a sense of ownership. You should teach your students as you would your own children, with the heart of a father or mother.19 (203:308, June 27, 1990)

Teachers should educate their students with love, standing in the place of parents (in loco parentis). They should teach with love that is eternal, building ties with their students that last beyond their school days. They should make such efforts to form such deep, loving relationships with their students that they never forget them for the rest of their lives. True teachers imbue their teaching with love. They do not teach just to earn a living; they teach out of an irrepressible love and desire to teach, even at great personal cost. Teachers and students should have such a relationship that, night or day, the teachers long to meet them and convey their knowledge—always with love, and the students are eager to receive it. (127:17, May 1, 1983)

Schoolteachers who care for their nation’s destiny dedicate themselves to inculcate their students with the proper values. Holding their hands and with tears in their eyes they tell their students, “More than you have obeyed me, be loyal to your nation.” Students who receive such teaching will fulfill their teachers’ hopes. When dedicated teachers regard the nation and the world as more precious than themselves, and when parents raise their children with sincerity while upholding the nation and world above their families, they will educate those young people to become the future pillars of the nation. (25:98, September 30, 1969)

Teachers and professors have a great deal of influence on young people. However, their parents influence them even more. It is the family that exerts the most influence on the formation of an individual’s character.

    The family is the school of love, the most important school in life. In the family, children expand the capacity of their hearts through education in love and emotions that only parents can provide. This becomes the cornerstone to form the children’s character. Further, the family is the school teaching virtues and norms. Education in academics, sports, technology, etc., should be given on the foundation of this primary education in heart and norms; this is the heaven-designed way.

    Hence, just as parents should become true parents and give their children true love, they also should become true teachers and educate their children properly in heart and norms. Though children may not be aware of their parents’ role as true teachers, inevitably they learn from them and come to resemble them. The role of parents is that important. (271:80-81, August 22, 1995)

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