Set the Believers an Example in Speech and Conduct

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 1162

    Looking at biblical history, we see that Jacob, united in heart with his mother, deceived his father in order to receive his blessing. Then, as we look at the history surrounding Tamar, we see that despite her immoral actions Jesus was born from Judah’s tribe. What does this mean? These things occurred because the issue here is the change of lineage. The fallen lineage must be purified.
    Only Christianity has acknowledged the importance of lineage, and considered the purification of lineage to be part of its core teaching. Therefore we can conclude that since other religions do not have such a history, they should follow Christianity. So I could not ignore Christianity if I take into account the issue of the change of lineage. I could not ignore Christianity, as it inherited the ideology of the chosen people. If I were advocating that all religions were the same, why would I have received persecution? Do you understand what I am talking about? This teaching is the core ideology. You must clearly understand this. (227-349, 1992.2.16)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1188

As viewed from God’s original ideal of creation, the eldest son should come from God’s side and, of course, the second son should also come from God’s side. Due to the Fall, the position of the first son was taken by Satan, and the position of the second son went to God. This has to be made right. Thus, when we consider the story of Esau and Jacob in the Bible, Jacob united with his mother and received her help. He gave Esau the pottage of lentils and bread in exchange for the birthright of the firstborn son. Until today, we could not understand why Bible history is the way it is. With the appearance of the Unification Church, its meaning was clarified for the first time. (134-304, 1985.8.16)

The Teacher

TEACHERS SHOULD SET A GOOD EXAMPLE of integrity in their own teachings and impart moral teachings in accord with their own high standard of conduct. They should have mature faith, rich experience, and discernment to treat each student in the way that best suits the student’s individual temperament and interests. They should regard their task as not merely to impart knowledge, but also to motivate and inspire their students with a vision for their lives. Most of all, the best teachers have the heart of a parent, training their students as they would their own children.
The ability to teach is a gift from God, and teachers are in a sense partners with God the divine Teacher. Therefore, good teachers show God’s unconditional love by devoting themselves to all who wish to learn regardless of their ability to pay. When they lecture, they are mindful that God may wish to use them as His mouthpiece. The final passages thus describe teaching as a divine calling. These include examples of Father Moon’s advice to pastors about delivering a sermon.

1. Qualities of a Good Teacher

Teachers train the pupil in what they have been trained; they make him hold fast to moral precepts; they thoroughly instruct him in the lore of every subject; they speak well of him among his friends and companions; they counsel him for his safety and benefit.
    Digha Nikaya 3.185-91, Sigalovada Sutta (Buddhism)

Set the believers an example in speech and conduct, in love, in faith, in purity. Till I come, attend to the public reading of scripture, to preaching, to teaching. Do not neglect the gift you have, which was given you by prophetic utterance when the council of elders laid their hands upon you. Practice these duties, devote yourself to them, so that all may see your progress. Take heed to yourself and to your teaching; hold to that, for by so doing you will save both yourself and your hearers. 
    1 Timothy 4.12-16

The teacher, brethren, should regard the pupil as his son. The pupil should regard the teacher as his father. Thus these two, by mutual reverence and deference joined, dwelling in community of life, will win increase, growth, progress in this Norm-discipline.
    Vinaya Pitaka, Mahavagga 3.1 (Buddhism)

As in the sky flies the white-clothed crane,
Keeping its mind behind,
In its heart continually remembering its young ones;
So the true Guru keeps the disciple absorbed in the love of God,
And also keeps him in his heart.
    Adi Granth, Gauri, M.4 (Sikhism)

When, therefore, anyone takes the name of Abbot he should govern his disciples by a twofold teaching; namely, he should show them all that is good and holy by his deeds more than by his words; explain the commandments of God to intelligent disciples by words, but show the divine precepts to the dull and simple by his works.
    Saint Benedict of Nursia, The Benedictine Rule 2 (Christianity)

Harun ar-Rashid said to his son’s tutor, “I have delivered to you my own blood and the treasure of my soul. You have authority over him and he has to obey you, so be worthy of the trust that the Caliph of all Muslims has placed in you. Let him recite the Qur’an, teach him history and read him poetry. Teach him the traditions of the Messenger and politeness of speech, and not to laugh except when it is appropriate. Let no hour pass without teaching him something that will benefit him, but do not hurt him, as this may quash his thoughts, causing him to love idleness and become familiar with it. Correct him with kindness and compassion. Only if he refuses to obey can you use punishment and force.”
    Ibn Khaldun,18 Raising Children in Islam (Islam)

Confucius said, “The thought that,

    I have left my moral power untended,
    My learning unperfected;
    I have heard of righteous men, but have been unable to go to them,
    I have heard of evil men, but have been unable to reform them.

—it is these thoughts that disquiet me.”
    Analects 7.3 (Confucianism)

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