There Is No Life Apart from the Heart

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 2120

This is a possession of Satan, not God’s possession. Heaven and earth will become one without war because there is such a thing called the restoration of ownership. In the future, lines of people such as never seen before in world history will form. There will be people trying to put together all their possessions and be registered as a clan in heaven. The position of elder brother and younger brother will be determined by who has been registered first. (208-345, 1990.11.21)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1080

When we say, “Save money!” we should think of the more public purpose of saving for the nation rather than for the more personal purpose of gathering wealth. We are not saving to become rich. We are doing so to save the nation. The reason I say to America, “America must be frugal and should save!” is in order to save the world. America collects the most taxes in the world. If it had collected a lot of taxes for the world, then America would have been respected by the world. If this was done just for the sake of the American people, then they should oppose the government, and even the world would oppose it. I believe America shows a tendency and a culture that is ruining the world. Consequently, for the world I can say, “Although I may face opposition, the way I am going is the just and right way.” That is how it is with everything I hear, say, and do. (111-256, 1981.2.22)


1. Apprenticing to a Good Teacher

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Do you know an earthly person with the character of God? Someone with the pure disposition of Jesus? Find that person and make him your friend. If you know a person of noble character, please follow him. If you know someone with a God-like disposition who brings harmony wherever he goes, follow him and attend him. Then you will surely gain the path of life. (2:318, July 7, 1957)

There is no life apart from the heart. The path through the valley of life is difficult and grim. When you seek a teacher, seek a teacher of the heart, not a teacher of knowledge. If you dig into the valley of the heart, the more you dig, the more tears you shed and the more your “self” disappears. (9:81, April 16, 1960)

Maybe you are someone with a talent for writing. After you write a particularly fine poem or essay, do you ever think, “I’m grateful to my teachers who taught me how to write well”? Do you ever miss your teachers and wonder how they were doing? Do you remember a teacher who made a striking impression on you with something he wrote on the blackboard? Truly, they made great efforts to educate you. Sometimes you resented a strict teacher who chastised you and gave you a hard time, but now you recognize that his training has made you a better writer. (104:278-79, June 1, 1979)

My idea is to give you an extremely hard time, in order to make you into filial children of God and loyal patriots in the service of your nation and the world. Should I strike you if you do not go this way? In the relation between father and child, elder brother and younger brother, or teacher and disciple, one should say firmly, “Father, please cut off my bone!” “Elder brother, please cut off my bone!” “Teacher, please cut off my bone!” It is true love to make someone overcome his present difficulties by kicking him with your foot. (49:304, October 17, 1971)

A teacher who tells you, “You don’t need to study hard. Just take it easy,” is a fake. Why do your teachers push you to study hard? It is not for the sake of the present, but for the future. They want you to prepare for the future. If you do as they say, your future will expand without a doubt. (93:232, June 5, 1977)

President Eu was my disciple; he went through a lot of suffering for my sake. For instance, he was deeply concerned about me when I was in the prison. When I think about him, I reflect on when I was lying in prison. I was pulled by his love. It made me want to see him. Whenever I sent him a note on a scrap of paper, he regarded it as precious as his life. (33:83 August 9, 1970)

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