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Cheon Seong Gyeong 1948

    Ancient civilizations arose on continents. Human civilization, which came forth from the riverbed of the Nile in Egypt, shifted to peninsulas and established a Mediterranean civilization sphere, in Greece and on the Italian peninsula. Civilization was transferred from the peninsula to an island, thus creating an Atlantic civilization sphere, centering on Britain, an island nation. Next, the island civilization, in Britain, crossed the Atlantic Ocean and established a miracle of modern civilization on the American continent, thus creating the sphere of the Pacific civilization. The flow of history has not stopped there.
    I am fully aware of God’s will to have this civilization cross the Pacific Ocean, blossom as a new island civilization in Japan, an island nation comparable to Britain, and then to establish here on the Korean peninsula, which corresponds to the Italian peninsula, an integrated human civilization, comparable to that of ancient Rome. This will become a new unified civilization sphere, adjacent to the Asian continent, which will lead to one world of harmony. (78-254, 1975.6.7)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1260

There can be no perfection in ignorance. Who did I say Satan is? He is the adulterer. I have made all this clear to you. Do you think you can go to the Kingdom of Heaven if you ignore this? Do you think you can be saved if you ignore it? There is not even the slimmest chance. What a set of ignorant people! If you could be saved by just believing what you are told to believe, people like you and I would have been saved a long time ago. We would not have to suffer like this. (188-230, 1989.2.26)

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Learning and Practice

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Whatever you conceive in your head, you should practice. It is not enough to only think it. Why do you need to act? When your actions are in accord with your words it creates a center, a place of unity between word and deed, and of unity between mind and body. (248:89, August 1, 1993)

Whatever you learn you must practice. You must practice it in all dimensions: in your vertical relationships, in your horizontal relationships, and in all four directions, widely and deeply. By so training yourself in this world, you will become adept when you go to the spirit world. (248:166, August 1, 1993)

Human beings… cannot become the object partners who inspire God with joy unless they understand His will and make effort to live accordingly. Hence, human beings are endowed with emotional sensitivity to the heart of God, intuition and reason to comprehend His will, and the requisite abilities to practice it. (Exposition of the Divine Principle, Eschatology 1.1)

I do not have the right to teach you anything unless I have first practiced it. (134:203, July 20, 1985)

Teaching is not just a matter of repeating what you have heard. You have to speak from experience; then the knowledge becomes real. (205:130, July 9, 1990)

I believe that anyone who would become a world-level leader, in charge of many people, should first have many life experiences before the age of thirty. You should acquire unforgettable stories from having gone through many challenging life experiences. That is my conclusion after experiencing it all.
    Then, when you ask your people to do manual labor, you can appeal to them with the heart you felt while you were a laborer. For example, suppose you once worked at a job where you carried loads of clay across a narrow bridge using poles to balance yourself. When you tell your story about that job and the dangers you faced, your workers will become serious.
    An expert is someone who explains and teaches everything on the basis of his or her own experience. (65:302-03, March 4, 1973)

This teaching is not just a theory. I tested everything through my own experience, which involved all kinds of suffering. I have put this teaching to the test and applied it in practice. (133:83, July 8, 1984)

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