Absolute Faith Means there Is No Concept of Self At All

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 2133

Realizing the boundless realm of peace of the ideal world that links the ideal of the nation to the ideals of the race, family, and individual, through assimilating the ideal for the world and the nation through God’s ideal that I have described, is without a doubt the way that the world of peace of true love will be built on earth.

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1254

Marriage is a very serious thing. Marriage is the coming together of heaven and earth, east and west, north and south, and high and low. Then, where does love go? When the two become one, where does love go? Why should we seek love? By seeking love, we automatically go to the central place of the environment. If people do not have a family, they are imperfect in this society. No one will ever trust them. That is because they fall short of the standard of the principle in sustaining the universe and so people do not acknowledge their value. That is only logical. (139-64, 1986.1.26)

Richard: The key to world peace,whether in the Ukraine or anywhere else, is not more weapons, but exactly what Rev. Moon states above. Peaceful families do make a peaceful world. Register here for the Peaceful Families; Peaceful World workshop.


4. Absolute Faith—Untainted by Personal Desires and Unaffected by Circumstances

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

When you pray, be aware of your privilege as a glorious son or daughter of God. Then when you pray, “O Lord, please grant me my wish; I truly want it to be done,” God will grant your request. Thus you will discover the living God. You will see that God is alive and working on your behalf.
    By harnessing the power of God in this way, you can heal your members when they become sick. When you go through difficult times, you will find that God is directly helping you. Live this way, and you will have many realizations. You will gain the confidence and conviction to overcome every obstacle. You will know with certainty that God is on your side. (65:286, January 1, 1973)

On the way of our faith there should be no self-assertion or self-concept. Absolute faith means there is no concept of self at all. If I say I believe absolutely, it means there should be no opposition to that within myself. When you say you are united with God, there should be no ego. You have to unite completely with the Subject, leaving no trace of self. In the life of faith there is no place for egoism. (46:82, July 25, 1971)

When God called Noah, He did not instruct him to do something that corresponds with common sense. He said, “Noah, build an ark on the heights of a mountain.” God could have told Noah to build the ark near the seashore or by a river, but instead He gave Noah instructions that seemed completely implausible. Nevertheless, Noah carried out God’s command in faith, and persevered in doing so for 120 years. God always conducts His providence in ways that ordinary people cannot understand. (70:64, February 8, 1974)

If you follow the secular environment and try to pursue a life of faith at the same time, you cannot attain absolute faith. Most people live routine lives and think, “I am acceptable in God’s sight.” However, regarding the fundamental problem—how to enter the Kingdom of God—living a routine life in this fallen world does not suffice… Why is it, that without an absolute standard of faith, we cannot establish the Kingdom of God? It is because Satan dwells there. (46:79-80, July 25, 1971)

When you walk with absolute faith, even if your nation comes against you, you must never yield. Although your family may oppose you, with absolute faith you should not be defeated. Even if your loving spouse persecutes you, you must hold on to the attitude of absolute faith. Why do we live our life with an attitude of absolute faith? Quite simply, the way to goodness requires that we overcome the evil environment. (29:206)

The purest and most trustworthy person does as God does: although belief seems impossible he never stops believing, although loving is difficult he never stops loving, and although he cannot stand living with his partner he continues to live together with her. That kind of person will definitely become a victor over any circumstances. (Way of Unification 8.4.8)

How serious are you, as you stand before God’s tremendous Providence which He has been conducting through history? How much are you united with God’s Will? Are you leading a life of absolute faith, centered on God’s Will? You should be able to say, “Though winds and tempest blow, and though I may perish, my conviction is firm. I could be wrong, but God’s Will can never be wrong.” You should have such a rock-solid conviction. It is folly to desire for the Kingdom of God when your faith is ever changing from morning to evening. (46:74, July 25, 1971)

Where do we connect to love? It is at the point where we become absolutely zero, where there is no trace of self. To find perfect love, there is no place for “me.” It is the same with faith. As God’s object partner I believe in my Subject absolutely, and God as my Subject partner believes in me as His object partner absolutely. In faith, there is no self. In absolute faith, there is no place for “me.” Faith is absolute at the zero point.
    When you unite with your partner in absolute love, there is no “I.” Likewise, when you unite with your partner in absolute faith, there is no “I.” This is how two become one. Follow this way, and you will become completely one. (279:146, August 4, 1996)

At the time of creation, God created with absolute faith. When God spoke, He determined according to His Word that created beings would become His object partners. In other words, He spoke based on absolute faith. Furthermore, the objects that God created by His absolute faith were for the sake of His absolute love. (273:298, October 29, 1995)


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