Today Is the Day of the Proclamation of the True Parents

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 859

Once you go to the spirit world, everything will be connected from hell to the midway spirit world, to paradise and to the Kingdom of Heaven, depending on how much you adapt and align yourself to the Principle. Shouldn’t there be such a principle? Even if one is an American president, a Nobel Laureate or a worldfamous scholar, can such a person go to the Kingdom of Heaven when they enter the spirit world? Can they be admitted? No, they cannot. That is why the world of religion teaches people to give everything up and follow. You have to give everything up and follow. Then what is the most precious thing? What counts is how much a person received pain for the sake of heaven, how much he received pain for this world, and how many tears he shed. That is the ticket to pass into the next world. Make no mistake about this. It is absolute. This fits the theory. (97-172, 1978.3.15)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1246

    What is the ultimate purpose of the Blessing? It is to restore the true family. This is the greatest purpose sought by fallen human beings.
    In order to form a true family, there must first be a true person. That true person should be none other than a true man. Then that true man will seek out a true woman, and be married to that woman centering on God; that is how a true family can emerge. Because of the Fall, this did not come to pass, and so we must deny all families that have been created up until now. We must go beyond this point and form new families according to God’s providential will.
    If you cannot do this, then from a Divine Principle point of view, fallen human beings will not be able to return to the original world. It must be clearly understood that fallen people, no matter who they are, cannot stand before God if they do not fulfill this formula course. (35-215, 1970.10.19)


Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Hope brings with it revival, development, victory and prosperity (64:311, November 12, 1972)

The highest hope of a human being is to reconnect with God.6 (68:131, July 29, 1973)

Because God continues to have eternal hope, today we too continue to cherish an eternal hope. (1:99, June 6, 1956)

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