Since We Are Surrounded by so Great a Cloud of Witnesses, let Us Also Lay Aside Every Weight

Cheon Seong Gyeong 2206

Then even after your death your loyalty and filial piety will remain as that which belongs to heaven and to earth. Humankind will pass this tradition down as that which belongs to earth. That is how it is. (155-235, 1965.10.31)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 775

    Water symbolizes the age of the womb. Your nose symbolizes the age of air. After coming out of your mother’s womb you live in the age of air. Afterwards, it becomes the age of the eyes, the age of the sun and the age of light. Love is also called light. It is said that love lights everything up, isn’t it? It is the world of light.
    Life goes through three periods. Even a dragonfly spends time in the water, on land and then, after discarding its shell, it flies about feeding on other bugs. It goes through three stages. It is the same with human beings, the lords of creation. After the age of the womb, when you emerge from your mother’s womb, do you come out with your arms full of household goods or do you come out destroying and cutting everything away? It would cause serious trouble if you came out with even one item.
    You used to eat and breathe through your umbilical cord. Wouldn’t you expect to die if you cut it? Yet you need to cut it in order to come out of the mother’s womb. You have to cut it ruthlessly. You have to destroy everything as you come out. (299-37, 1999.2.1)


Hope is integral to faith in God. A hopeful view of the world’s future follows from faith in the God of history who is moving forward to fulfill His promises. God has promised an end to violence and oppression, poverty and sorrows. Even though people do not always see the realization of their hopes in this world, they can still hope for a future beyond death, a new life in the eternal world. Therefore, God created human beings to hope, and by keeping hope alive we can draw closer to God.
Father Moon teaches that in the religious life we should keep a positive and hopeful attitude, ever maintaining our vision and our hopes regardless of the circumstances. We should keep our minds fixed on eternity, with a hope that transcends even death. We should carry the torch of hope, following in the footsteps of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses and others who, in the words of the Letter to the Hebrews, possessed “the conviction of things unseen, assurance of things hoped for.” Above all, we should hope for the fulfillment of God’s Kingdom, especially in these days of the advent of the True Parents.

Where there is no vision, the people perish.
    Youths may faint and be weary,
and young men may fall, exhausted;
but they who hope in the Lord shall renew
their strength.
    Isaiah 40.30

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