People Living in this Present Age Have Inherited the Lineage of Satan

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 1453

People living in this present age have inherited the lineage of Satan. For this reason, they need to repent. It is a disgrace, for which they cannot show their faces before the Great Owner of the universe. They are shameful children who cannot call out to God, and instead need to hide behind rocks lest He sees even their backsides. They inherited the blood of the enemy of love. They must crawl on their stomachs, shed tears with runny noses, and be able to admit, “I deserve to be punished,” even at the risk of their lives. They must find their true selves and be able to give out a cry of gratitude from the bottom of their hearts, even if they face certain death. They are piteous beings who are ignorant of the fact that they have fallen into a pit of eternal resentment where there is no love. I came to realize that the fundamental issues of human life cannot be resolved without understanding the problems manifested throughout history, the true nature of the universe, and the grief of God. You do not know what trials I had to go through to find this path, unknown by anyone. You cannot even begin to fathom the hardships I went through in my youth, groping blindly in the dark in the quest for answers. However, I was triumphant in the end, built up an organization that can accomplish this task, not just in words but in deeds, and now the worldwide foundation testifies to it. Now the era has arrived in which anyone who comes running to us, holds fast to the banner, and turns around can enter the Kingdom of God. (209-292, 1990.11.30)

Richard: Through the Blessing we can escape from Satan’s lineage.

Cheon Seong 958

The Blessing means inheriting the foundation that connects God’s lineage of true life. The people who have inherited God’s lineage through the Blessing exist both in the spirit world and the physical world. Consequently, God can freely govern them. That is why God can freely push forward with the works of re-creation and restoration with His full authority without any indemnity conditions. Therefore, the issue is whether you have the conviction to maintain your position in relationship to this. When you resolutely unite with the standard of absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience, a straight path can be quickly opened that equalizes everything in the world. (300-303, 1999.4.11)


3. Quiet the Mind and Enter a Calm State, Empty of Self

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

We need training in the way we think and the way we use our mind. Meditation and prayer are methods for cultivating the mind. (67:178, June 10, 1973)

Zen meditation brings your mind to a level place on the horizontal line. There you lose consciousness of self. Consciousness is formed through resonance; in that horizontal state it can resonate with wavelengths coming from the vertical world. (296:203, November 9, 1998)

When we pray or meditate, as when Buddhists practice Zen, we are seeking a state that is void of self. What is our goal in seeking this state? It is to awaken the elements that can become the nucleus of the mind. If you set that one standard and establish the center of your mind, you will see, hear and cognize everything in accord with the principles of Heaven. Then you can offer a full bow before God and return Him glory. (2:193, May 19, 1957)

We seek the deep ravine of the world of mind. Buddhists who meditate also ask, “What is mind?” and enter the deep ravine of the mind. When you enter the deep ravine of the mind and journey to the state of the original mind before the Human Fall, you will be connected to Heaven. Indeed, without entering the world of the mind, you cannot make a relationship with Heaven.
    As long as we are holding on to the world, we cannot contact or attend Heaven. Human beings are composed of mind and body, yet because spirit and flesh are in opposition, we are unable to attain the original world of the mind in a state of mind-body unity. Instead, the journey to the world of the mind requires that we deny the world of body—deny it one hundred percent. We have to remove all that the body desires and isolate ourselves from the world. We have to separate from the world and put it behind us. This is the religious path; it is opposite the ways of the world. It seeks that original point to which we should return. (21:37-38, September 1, 1968)

Make your mind taut like a round air-filled balloon. If you are insecure or self-centered, or if you are approaching things from a personal viewpoint, then your mind is not round but wrinkled and jagged. Therefore, you need to stretch your mind and make it round.
    When your mind rolls like a ball, it makes smooth contact with a flat plane. But if it is jagged, only the points make contact. In that case, it will not smoothly stimulate anything but will act against everything. That is when we feel conscience-stricken, and if we continue this way gradually the standard of our conscience will decline.
    Therefore, you need to keep your mind taut like a round balloon. Then upon receiving a stimulus, the whole of it will resonate. Take two tuning forks and strike one; the other will vibrate with the same frequency. A well-rounded mind makes a good resonating vessel. It has the sensitivity to feel the spiritual vibration coming from the Subject Being. Therefore, when living a life of faith, you need to take time to meditate. Meditate while longing for goodness. When you meditate, open the door of your mind completely and make your mind round.
    Then, God’s original nature and your original nature will resonate together. The individual qualities of your mind [e.g., your spring-like personality] will resonate completely with those same qualities of God, uniting you in a complete relationship with the Subject Being. In that state, when you go out to pursue your desired purpose, God will certainly be with you. (40:278, February 7, 1971)

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