How Can God and Human Beings Become One?

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 2158

    Who did you say that the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth resembles? Us. It resembles us. Individuals such as us gather together and that forms a nation. Just as I have my own mind, the nation must have sovereignty. Just as I have a personal identity, there must be a national people. And just as people interact with the created universe, so a nation must have its national territory.
    Within this basic principle, the people control the national territory, and the sovereignty governs the people. This national territory, people, and sovereignty are the three essential elements that form a nation. That is how things are.
    If you look at human beings, the basic principle is that our mind controls our body, and our body controls nature. Because of this principle, if you look at the entire world, the definitive conclusion is that it consists of heaven, earth and mankind. What did you say that Heaven is? It is the same as the human mind, so it is also the same as the sovereignty. Humankind is the nation’s citizenry, and the earth is the created world. In the end, whom does the nation resemble? It all resembles your individual self.

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1062

In Blessed Families, the man stands as a physical representative of Jesus and the woman stands as a physical representative of the Holy Spirit. Therefore, the Blessed families should dash forward to rescue the Korean people without delay, just as Jesus and the Holy Spirit did for the people of Israel. Thus Blessed families can begin their mission as tribal messiahs. (21-284, 1968.12.1)


3. Devotion to God as a Bride for Her Bridegroom

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

God is the eternal Lord of our bodies and the eternal Lord of our hearts. Consider the most loving couple in the original world: The wife will not resent the husband for loving God more than he loves her. Likewise, the wife may love God more than she loves her husband, but the husband will not complain, “Why do you love God more than you love me?” The Kingdom of Heaven is the world where both husband and wife rejoice to see such a thing. God is our Subject Partner, transcending any earthly love. He is the eternal Lord of our bodies. As long as God embraces us in His bosom, as long as we dwell within His garden, we do not mind if we die right there. Since our hearts are united with their eternal Lord, what more could we ask for? (7:255, September 20, 1959)If a woman feels about a man, “If I could be with that man, I wouldn’t care if I died,” and she is joined with that man, she wants nothing else under heaven. She doesn’t care if she eats well or poorly. She doesn’t care if she cries. She doesn’t care if she even dies. There is nothing greater for her. In the same way, as human beings, our highest ambition is to take possession of God’s love. When we do, we become the lords of the universe and possess the authority of a king, even a king of kings.

    God endowed everyone, whether handsome or unattractive, with such ambition. It is God’s original ideal that all people have this desire in common, so that everyone will naturally arrive at this destination.
    The oneness of God and human beings through love: How can God and human beings, one vertical and the other horizontal, become one? God’s love is perpendicular to human love. For this reason, God sent the Holy Spirit after Jesus ascended into heaven. The Holy Spirit is the love of the mother…
    The Kingdom of God on Earth, the messianic ideal, is for realizing God’s vertical love on the horizontal plane. After God sends the returning Lord to this earth and establishes him in the center, he develops God’s domain horizontally. It is accomplished in two ways. First, mind and body are no longer two, but become one. Second, man (representing mind) and woman (body) establish a mutual relationship and become the radiating center for the harmony of heaven and earth. (252:119, November 14, 1993)

The Fall was not the failure to consider God’s circumstances. It was the failure to consider His heart. As God seeks fallen humanity, He has the heart that is capable of relating with His lost sons and daughters, but He does not have people with whom to share this heart. Therefore, God has worked to find and establish such people. You need to clearly know that this has been the providence of salvation and the purpose for sending the Savior.
    Before we wish for the Kingdom of Heaven, we should desire for God’s heart; and before we wish for God’s heart, we should first reflect on how we should live or lives. First of all, we should have a heart of attendance. It is the original character of human beings to long for what is exalted and precious, and on finding it, to bow our heads before it. We human beings fell, but we were created with a heart that desires to relate with the exalted and precious heart of Heaven. We learn how to communicate at this level of heart through a life of attendance.34 Therefore, anyone who has never experienced a life of attendance does not have even the slightest connection with the Kingdom of Heaven. (8:291, February 14, 1960)

Father! Today please let our bodies move, our minds move
and our thoughts move in the garden of Thy heart.
We realize Thy heart is a heart of infinite love,
a heart of infinite sorrow pierced with an infinity of wounds…

Exceedingly sorrowful Father;
Thou hast worked exceedingly hard,
and still even now Thy heart feels exceedingly anxious!…
May we become sons and daughters who offer our full devotion,
giving our entire minds and bodies,
until we can be recognized as having no inadequacies before Thy heart.

We do not want Heaven to give us anything material,
we do not want Heaven to understand our situation,
and we do not want Heaven to give us grace—
only allow us to know Thine innermost heart. (8:262, February 7, 1960)

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