No One Said that Any of the Things He Possessed Was His Own

Cheon Seong Gyeong 2260

Earthly families are the production plants to re-create citizens who can be brought along into the heavenly world. We act as the owners of these factories before entering the spirit world. If Adam and Eve had set the straight path, we would not need to educate our children. It would have happened naturally. Everyone would have had God within himself. There would have been no need to educate them. We are where we are now because of the Fall. As a result of the Fall, humanity has been ignorant of all the fundamentals. (254-246, 1994.2.13)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1205

God’s providence was centered at the Vatican in Rome, and then it passed through Britain and America. Now, after two thousand years, it is returning to Asia. This return is not easily accomplished. According to the principle of restoration through indemnity, history should pass through phenomena opposite to those that occurred in the past. The country of Japan corresponds to England, and Korea is similar to Rome on the Italian peninsula before the providence shifted to Britain. In that age, the responsibility was not fulfilled and the mistake was made on the worldwide level. Now these things have to be indemnified and cleared up in similar circumstances. Without going through the foundation that enables us to do that, we cannot prevent Satan from following us. That is why we have been going this course according to the principle of indemnity. (168-310, 1987.10.1)

Offerings and Tithes

OFFERINGS ARE MATERIAL EXPRESSIONS of faith and devotion. The animal sacrifices of ancient times long ago gave way to monetary donations and tithes, as well as gifts to mendicant monks. Every offering, regardless of its kind, represents an outward expression of a devoted heart. Essentially, an offering is a substitute for the self. Therefore, scripture instructs us to offer up the things that are dearest, willingly and without any reservations or lingering attachments. The biblical standard for offerings is the tithe—ten percent of one’s income.

  1. Offerings—Out of a Pure and Devoted Heart

You will not attain piety until you expend of what you love; and whatever thing you expend, God knows of it.
    Qur’an 3.92

Every sacrifice is a boat to heaven. 
    Satapatha Brahmana (Hinduism)

The spirit that eats a man’s offering, pays him back with life.
    Yoruba Proverb (African Traditional Religions)

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