God Has Suffered Alone

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1547

The Korean language and alphabet were created and are being used in Korea. The term True Parents was first coined in Korean. For the first time in history, God’s love and True Parents’ love could be engrafted based on True Parents’ love. At the beginning of the time when God could speak about love, He could only communicate in Korean on the foundation of the love centered on True Parents. The origin of the words True Parents is absolute – therein lies the reason you must learn Korean. You also need to learn the Korean alphabet because it contains the letters used to write the language. You should understand that the first place God could speak the words of true love is in Korea. (135-166, 1985.11.12)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1192

Once I set the condition of having loved Satan on the world level, then he cannot take away those who follow me. Then what happens? Cain and Abel will switch their positions. The Abel realm up, until present, was in a position of people who are chased after, but from now on, it will possess the right of the eldest son of God’s Kingdom. The satanic world will collapse. It will only retreat, unable to generate any opposition. If it even tries to oppose, it will be crushed into pieces. This is the view of the Principle. (139-278, 1986.1.31)

Purity of Intention

2. Sincerity as the Measure of Worship

Why did you come and sit in this room this morning? Are you sitting here and listening to my good message so that you can become a great person? Or are you sitting here and listening to my message because you want to make the church prosper and make America great? Which is your reason for being here, the former or the latter? After listening to me now, those of you who came with the first motivation have converted to the second. You prove that by your laughter! (118:45, May 2, 1982)

People who believe in religion for their own benefit stop believing when they receive blessings, because their goal of faith was to receive blessings. After enjoying their blessings for a time, they fall away from God. You should be different. The goal of your faith in God should be to bless the world, because that is what God wants from you. (127:27, May 1, 1983)

When I visited the spirit world, I saw that the martyrs who died in order to enter heaven did not enter heaven. Rather, those martyrs who died with a grateful heart entered and dwell there. They went the way of martyrdom with this heart: “God walked a suffering path to find me; He shed His blood for me. I will go anywhere and do anything to repay God for His grace.”
    For whom did they die? Did they die for their own sake? No, they died for the sake of heaven and earth. On the other hand, those martyrs who thought, “I will die like this because it is the path to heaven,” for whom did they die? They died for themselves. As fallen people, we can never enter the Kingdom of God by insisting on ourselves. (41:355, February 18, 1971)

When you offer sincere devotion, you must not offer it merely for your own work. Do you realize this? If your devotion is merely for your own work, it turns out to be just that; it is like asking God, who makes His sunlight shine over all the earth, not to shine it equally on everyone but to shine it only on you.
    Hence, you must have the presence of mind that you are praying as a representative of all humanity, even representing God. When you pray representing God, when you offer your sincere devotion representing God, you must try to imagine how much sincere devotion God Himself has been offering throughout providential history and continues to offer even now. (308:200-201, January 5, 1999)

God’s sorrow is that He has no one who will suffer with Him when He suffers and be sorrowful with Him when He is sorrowful. Though God has embraced humankind for thousands of years, He has suffered alone. He suffered injustice alone, and suffered sorrow alone. When He suffered hardship, He had no one with whom to share the hardship. When He was sorrowful, there was no one to share His sorrow. That is why God’s suffering has been so great, and His sorrow so great. (11:95, February 12, 1961)

Father, make Thy heart and mind my heart and mind,
Thy situation my situation,
Thy hope my hope,
Thine enemy my enemy
and Thy battle my battle.
May we be Thy victorious offerings,
sons and daughters who make Thy dream come true. (5:213, February 1, 1959)

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