Carry True Parents Picture

Cheon Seong Gyeong 2362

Upon restoring the same level of unity that the Christian cultural sphere had established worldwide after World War II, we must set the direction the world needs to take in the next seven years. These seven years include this year. Because this time has finally arrived, the Family Federation can be founded after my forty years of public ministry, and we can stand and line up horizontally. In the same way that world unity was attempted after the war, if your families will only unite, you can indemnify all the past failures. Therefore, before you can recite the Family Pledge, your mind and body should be one, husband and wife should be one, and parents and children should be one. Without achieving this oneness, you still belong to the satanic world. You recite the pledge on the foundation of having united your mind and body, husband and wife, and parents and children. That’s why we have the Family Pledge. The Family Federation will govern the world based strongly on the Family Pledge. You must have pledge services in your families on the first and the middle of every month. We have two groups, Cain and Abel. (265-249, 1994.11.23)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1176

Facing the opposition of Christianity, in America and Korea, I stood in the position of a person with no nation. I had no country. Since I had no country I also had no people, no tribe, and no family. Thus, I was like an orphan. From this point, everything had to be restored within forty years, in order to stand on the foundation of spiritual territory on the national and worldwide level. However, just having spiritual territory was not enough. I had to inherit the foundation of the spiritual territory from the realm of the Christian culture and restore the substantial cultural realm on the national level. Upon that foundation, I had to restore through indemnity the substantial realm of the Christian culture on the worldwide level. (143-176, 1986.3.18)


7. Symbols, Images and Relics

Worship me in the symbols and images which remind you of me.
    Srimad Bhagavatam 11.5 (Hinduism)Then the Sun Goddess Amaterasu imparted unto the first emperor the myriad Maga-tama beads and the mirror which had been used to lure her out of the cave as well as the sword Kusa-nagi… and said, “This mirror—have it with you as my spirit, and worship it just as you would worship in my very presence.”
    Kojiki 39.2-3 (Shinto)

In due time they purified the bones of the deceased Saint with the finest water, and, placing them in golden pitchers in the city of Mallas, they chanted hymns of praise, “The jars hold great relics, full of virtue, like the jeweled ore of a great mountain, and the relics are unharmed by fire, just as the sphere of Brahma in heaven is unharmed [though the whole earth be burned up]. These bones, pervaded with universal benevolence, and not liable to burning by the fire of passion, are preserved under the influence of devotion; though they are cold, they still warm our hearts.” The wise know the virtues of the Buddha to be such that, given equal purity of mind, the same fruit will be won either by reverencing the Seer during his worldly existence or by doing obeisance to his relics after his passing into Nirvana.
    Ashvaghosha, Buddhacarita 28.69 (Buddhism)

With a love for the happiness of different beings Shiva Puja shall be performed—so say the wise men. The pedestal represents Shiva’s consort Parvati and his phallic emblem represents the sentient being. Just as lord Shiva remains ever in close embrace of the Goddess Parvati, so also the phallic emblem holds on to the pedestal forever… The devotee shall install the phallic emblem and worship it with the sixteen prescribed types of homage and services: invocation, offering the seat, water offering, washing the feet, water for rinsing the mouth as a mystical rite, oil bath, offering of cloth, scents, flowers, incense, lamps, and food, waving of lights, betel leaves, obeisance, and mystical discharge and conclusion… Everywhere Shiva accords benefit as befitting the endeavor put in.
    Shiva Purana, Vidyeshvarasamhita 11.22-35 (Hinduism)

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Just as among sinful humanity there are filial children who love their parents, there should be sons and daughters of Heaven who come forward to break away from the history of sin. To demonstrate their dedication people need an object partner representing Heaven; that is why they set up an altar, arrange a place to pray, or erect a statue of Buddha.
    Even when you are by yourself, you need to make offerings and to set up an altar or a sacred image where you can offer your devotions. Then, whenever you meet with good fortune, upon your return you should look at the sacred image and present an offering of sincerity in front of Heaven, saying, “I am grateful for today’s good fortune. I offer this gift before Thee, Heavenly Father, as a token of it.” (123:189, January 1, 1983)

In Buddhism today, many people pray for blessings in front of the Buddha’s statue. The external difference between the worshipper as the object partner and the statue as the subject partner is enormous. However, in the world of the heart, there is no difference. When people believe and relate to the statue as God, moved by the feelings it inspires in them, then God inspires their minds and fulfills their wishes. (6:342, June 28, 1959)

By wearing a cross around their neck, people show themselves to be Christians. If you carry a picture of True Parents, it symbolizes that you are their son or daughter. It begins with a symbol, then image, and finally substance. [People who carry the picture] enter the realm of the formation stage—the first of the three stages of formation, growth and completion; hence they are protected. Therefore, as tribal messiahs, you should give True Parents’ pictures to everyone in your clan. (212:109, January 2, 1991)

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