You Should Vist Jeongju North Korea

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1980

Now we have entered the stage where I can recover the nation. That is why the ruling party is not the owner and neither is the opposition party. Surrounded by four powerful nations, the Korean peninsula is being marginalized by these four masters. The center of that nation is the Unification Church. Wasn’t I the first to call for the reunification of North and South Korea? We are calling for the reunification of North and South Korea. We are calling for the creation of a unified government between North and South Korea. Considering this, one needs the ability to absorb these four powerful nations if one is to bring about the reunification of North and South Korea. So far, I have been doing such work in America and Japan, as well as Communist China and the Soviet Union. We are now entering the age where they can become one by my lifting the weight that had been fastened to the ground. (178-231, 1988.6.4)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1514

All the creation would appear beautiful in your eyes at the time of your marriage, just as it was when God created the universe. The whole of creation, including you, exists through love. When you realize this, then through that love the fundamental feelings God nurtured at the time of Creation can be re-created and shared with your partner and all forms of existence on earth, all united together as one. In other words, it is possible for you to experience the deepest feelings of God at the time of Creation. You are also a part of the creation who inherited every ideal conceived by God when He created the universe. If you were to pull true love towards yourself, heaven and earth would also be drawn towards you. Even the furthest things would be drawn to you if they were pulled by true love, and things nearby could be sent far away by the power of true love. (216-192, 1991.3.31)


6. Pilgrimage and Holy Places

Three times a year all your males shall appear before the Lord your God at the place which he will choose: at the feast of unleavened bread, at the feast of weeks, and at the feast of booths. They shall not appear before the Lord emptyhanded; every man shall give as he is able, according to the blessing of the Lord your God which he has given you.
    Deuteronomy 16.16-17In those days and in that time, says the Lord, the people of Israel and the people of Judah shall come together, weeping as they come; and they shall seek the Lord their God. They shall ask the way to Zion, with faces turned toward it, saying, “Come, let us join ourselves to the Lord in an everlasting covenant which will never be forgotten.”
    Jeremiah 50.4-5

And when We settled for Abraham the place of the House, “You shall not associate with Me anything. And do purify My house for those that shall go about it and those that stand, for those that bow and prostrate themselves;
    “And proclaim among men the Pilgrimage, and they shall come unto you on foot and upon every lean beast, they shall come from every deep ravine, that they may witness things profitable to them and mention God’s name on days well-known over such beasts of the flocks as He has provided them, ‘So eat thereof, and feed the wretched poor.’ Let them then finish with their self-neglect and let them fulfill their vows, and go about the Ancient House.”
    Qur’an 22.26-29

Pilgrimage falls during known months. Anyone who undertakes the Pilgrimage during them should commit no sexual intercourse, immorality or quarreling during the Pilgrimage. God knows any good you do. Make provision; yet the best provision is heedfulness.
    Qur’an 2.197

Though the poorest of mankind come here once for worship, I will surely grant their heart’s desire.
    Oracle of Itsukushima in Aki (Shinto)

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Teachings of Sun Myung Moon Suppose you die amidst tears and suffering… while devoting your life for God. Then even if your grave is at the top of the Himalayas, people from all over the world will visit your tomb and weep in memory of you. The locals might want to discourage them from coming, but no one can stop them. Isn’t it true? When Jesus was being led to his death on Golgotha, he prayed as the Son of God. Who knows what actually took place? Yet that awesome event [has inspired millions to visit Jerusalem.] (97:104, March 1, 1978)

My hometown is Jeongju in North Korea. Would you like to visit there? Why would you like to go there? When we go there, there are many stories that I would like to tell you. I have many anecdotes about my childhood. Therefore, you should visit there at least once in your lifetime. If you do not,  it will be your shame in the spirit world. In the future, Unificationists will regard it as Mecca for Muslims or as Jerusalem for Christians.
(Way of Unification

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