What More Could I Ask?

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1854

No matter how dirty the water, it knows how to balance itself. People should also know how to balance themselves. My coming here to Jardim does not mean I have some special relationship with Brazil. There are people living here representing the five colors of different races. Although I do not speak their language, I do not think that they are a different species. They are my kin – my younger brothers and sisters. I am meeting them again after living separately for six thousand years. That is why they naturally welcome me with joy, although we do not share the same language, habits and customs. (276-90, 1996.2.4)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1954

I am in a position to retake these nations of Korea and Japan centering on the Adam nation and Eve nation. With the arrival of the age of restoration, they must be restored centering on Eve. That is why the Eve nation, Japan, holds all the economic power. Consequently, America needs Japan, China needs Japan, and Korea needs Japan as well. In the realm of competition, these nations are at war with each other, vying to be the first to attract Japan. I know about this. That is why I brought them into exchange marriages and completely tied Korea and Japan together. America, China, and the Soviet Union did not oppose this union. (201-232, 1990.4.22)

Call and Mission

  1. God’s Call and Our Sense of Mission

God’s plan is to call good individuals out of the sinful world and have them… accomplish His work. Thus did God call Abraham out of the sinful world to be the standard-bearer of goodness and blessed him with descendants who would uphold the Will of God. (Exposition of the Divine Principle, Parallels 7.1)God’s providence of salvation—a work of re-creation—cannot be completed in an instant. It begins from one point and gradually expands to cover the whole. Therefore, in the providence of salvation, God first predestines one person to be the central figure and then calls him to a mission…
    God, being omniscient, foreknows who has the qualifications necessary to become a central figure in the providence of restoration. God predestines those whom He foreknows; then He calls upon him to fulfill the purpose of the providence. Calling the person is God’s responsibility, but that alone does not entitle the person to be justified before God and given glory. Only when the person completes his responsibility after being called by God is he justified and then glorified. (Exposition of the Divine Principle, Predestination 3-4)

Fallen people’s spiritual sensibility is extremely dull. Hence, they generally tend to adhere strictly to the letter of the truth in their efforts to follow God’s providence. Such people cannot readily adjust themselves to the dispensation of the new age, even though the providence of restoration is moving toward it. They are generally too strongly attached to the outdated perspective provided by the doctrines of the old age. This is well illustrated by the case of the Jewish people of Jesus’ day who were so attached to the Old Testament that they could not respond to Jesus’ call to open a new chapter of the providence. On the other hand, those believers who receive divine inspiration through prayer are able to grasp spiritually the providence of the new age. Even though this may put them at odds with the doctrines of the old age, they will still respond to the promptings of the Spirit and follow the calling of the new dispensation. (Exposition of the Divine Principle, Eschatology 5.2)

Ten years ago God sent me to America, the representative nation of the free world, and directed me to speak His message to all Americans. If people ask me, “Reverend Moon, what is your purpose Obedience and Sacrifice 847 here?” I would tell them, “When people are sick, they send out for a doctor. Since the American people are sick, I came from the East as a doctor to heal America. America is burning. I am the firefighter who will put out the flames.” This is what I am fulfilling. (123:320, January 9, 1983)

Each of us should think: “God has expectations for me; He tells me to build a new world. He commissioned me with the responsibility to resolve all the complicated problems of the past. Then, what is my position? I am not an ordinary individual who is perishing; now I belong to humankind, the world, and my Heavenly Father.”
    Our hearts should be awe-struck over the fact that we have been called, although we are an unworthy people and an unworthy lot. While countless others who volunteered themselves in service of their nation were not chosen, God chose us and made us His children. For this we should have grateful minds and reverent hearts. (9:344, January 30, 1960)

What more could I ask for, that in these historical Last Days, I could be appointed as an object partner to my lonely God? Is there anything more I could ask for? Even if I die, my bones crushed into powder and dispersed in the wind, could I hold any resentment? The world will always have plenty of worthless lives, people who die like pigs and dogs. (62:140, September 17, 1972)

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