What More Could I Ask?

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1854

No matter how dirty the water, it knows how to balance itself. People should also know how to balance themselves. My coming here to Jardim does not mean I have some special relationship with Brazil. There are people living here representing the five colors of different races. Although I do not speak their language, I do not think that they are a different species. They are my kin – my younger brothers and sisters. I am meeting them again after living separately for six thousand years. That is why they naturally welcome me with joy, although we do not share the same language, habits and customs. (276-90, 1996.2.4)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1954

I am in a position to retake these nations of Korea and Japan centering on the Adam nation and Eve nation. With the arrival of the age of restoration, they must be restored centering on Eve. That is why the Eve nation, Japan, holds all the economic power. Consequently, America needs Japan, China needs Japan, and Korea needs Japan as well. In the realm of competition, these nations are at war with each other, vying to be the first to attract Japan. I know about this. That is why I brought them into exchange marriages and completely tied Korea and Japan together. America, China, and the Soviet Union did not oppose this union. (201-232, 1990.4.22)

Call and Mission

  1. God’s Call and Our Sense of Mission

God’s plan is to call good individuals out of the sinful world and have them… accomplish His work. Thus did God call Abraham out of the sinful world to be the standard-bearer of goodness and blessed him with descendants who would uphold the Will of God. (Exposition of the Divine Principle, Parallels 7.1) Continue reading “What More Could I Ask?”

I Am Jesus, whom You are Persecuting

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1661

Ideally, Adam and Eve as a loving couple giving birth to a child would be the same as standing in God’s position as the Parent, wherein His invisible Self, that is His internal nature and external form, united and lovingly created His children. The first Creator, the invisible God, created Adam and Eve as the visible second creators, and by their giving birth to children from the position of substantial second gods, they are elevated to the position of parents. Through these young children’s growth, God’s past history is displayed substantially, which also includes Adam and Eve’s infancy, siblinghood, matrimony and parenthood. Thus, parents desire to love and be close to their children because they are their second selves. (258- 240, 1994.3.20)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1081

When women put on clothes, what do you put on first? Do you put on your upper garments or lower garments first? It is a principle for woman to put on clothes beginning with the lower garment. It is a principle to dress beginning with the lower garment. Although it is okay for men to occasionally put on their jackets first, that is also the case for men. It is the principled way. You have to know all those things and put your lifestyle in order. You have to know that the Principle is also a philosophy of life. (131-283, 1984.5.3)

Chapter 17

Obedience and Sacrifice

Call and Mission

When Saint Paul was struck by spiritual lightning on the road to Damascus, he experienced the demanding presence of God deep in his soul. This was not simply a conversion to the new Christian faith. More than that, Paul received a mission to preach Christ to the Gentiles. That sense of mission burned in his heart and motivated him to strive for the rest of his life to plant churches throughout the Greco-Roman world. Thenceforth he devoted himself as a “living sacrifice” in obedience to God’s call.
Throughout history, God has commissioned saints and righteous people like Paul to be His instruments. God needs people of faith who will take up various missions and fulfill them in His name. The prophets of Israel, the disciples of Jesus, the Companions of Muhammad and countless believers ever since have answered the call to mission. Obedient to their calling, their lives have been challenging and difficult. Yet because they cherished that divine purpose in their hearts and felt a strong sense of responsibility to fulfill it, they persevered.

  1. God’s Call and Our Sense of Mission

Now the Lord said to Abram, “Go from your country and your kindred and your father’s house to the land that I will show you.”
    Genesis 12.1 Continue reading “I Am Jesus, whom You are Persecuting”

Your Mission Is to Clean Up Evil

Cheon Seong Gyeong 2120

In the future we will have to be reg-
istered. When the North and South are
united, the families of the Unification
Church around the world, those Blessed
Families who have been active, will all
go beyond the tribal level and become
registered. If the North and South are
united through my power, heavenly law
will establish the loyal officials of the
Unification Church around the world as
the representative people and the peo-
ple who provide the seed. Who would
oppose this? Historically speaking, who
would oppose me, when I have worked
as hard as I have for the sake of the inde-
pendence of Korea and the return to
hometown in Korea? (197-212, 1990.1.14)

Richard:  All families have to receive the Registratin Blessing to be registered:  http://visionroot.org/resources/marriage/.

Cheon Seong Gyeong 803

You should not be proud of how
many years you have been in the church.
What matters is how many regional
directors you raised, how many people
you blessed, how many people you con-
nected to Father’s tribe and lineage. This
is a serious problem. Pak Bo-hi, Kwak
Chung-hwan, and Yoo Jung-ok became
my in-laws, but this does not mean they
fulfilled this criterion. As a foundation
for everything else, they have to expand
the realm of the tribal messiah thou-
sands of times, and quickly raise peo-
ple of the Kingdom of Heaven who are
shameless in the historic age to come.
(230-27, 1992.4.15)

Richard:  Do you know about the Lord of the Second Advent, Rev. Sun Myung Moon and his ministry of marriage, family and absolutely good sex?



July 28, 1991
Belvedere, Tarrytown, New York

Now the American government and American churches must follow my teachings. There is no hope otherwise. I am being recognized for who I truly am. The Inquisition book clearly proclaims the truth. As opinion-makers read that book, they change 180 degrees: “We must repent for our treatment of Rev. Moon.”

The satanic world has been targeting Father. However, Father repelled every one of those attacks and declared the victory. One man stood with all humanity against him. From that a foundation was built, through the indemnity course. Parents, brothers and sisters, and relatives kidnapped their Moonie children. That phenomena occurred only in the Unification Church. But I won back the individual foundation, the family foundation, ultimately indemnifying the world foundation.

At the family level all families came against me; at the tribe level, all the tribes of the world attacked me. After winning the tribal level we rose to the national level, and all the nations of the world gathered to destroy us. Finally, all of the spiritual world came against me.

But now, the leading nations of the world no longer have any power over me. They said, “Reverend Moon, we don’t want you!” But all of the worldwide opposition caused me to be raised up even more quickly. Continue reading “Your Mission Is to Clean Up Evil”