Our Weapon Is the Word of God

Happy 40th Anniversary to the 2075 couples, who were Blessed in marriage on July 1, 1982 by Rev. and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon!

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 2202

Who should be called and recognized as true filial children and patriots in the providence of God? Does the richest man in America deserve these titles? What about people who drop flyers out of a plane with the message “Believe in Jesus!” but who have the attitude, “Believe it or not, it’s up to you”? Who do you think is closer to God, someone dropping flyers out of a plane or someone praying deeply and holding onto each person, individually distributing those flyers tearfully and with trembling hands? (155-261, 1965.10.31)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1057

We are not focused on the individual but on the family. Still, we are not trying to solve everything based only on the family. Rather, we should connect everything to the family. Hence, the endeavors made in the past while cultivating a solitary life of spirituality are not enough now. To this you should also add your own determination and resolution to exert yourself much more than you did in the past. In an instant, a life of challenging evil can easily leave one fatigued and lead one to retreat. When you have a family, you should work much harder than when you were single.

War Against Evil

  1. The Warrior for Righteousness

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

From morning until night you must be strong warriors. No matter how big the obstacles are in front of you, you must have conviction that you can overcome them. Set your determination: “I will break through the barrier, though my fist be mangled and my body crushed.” Never forget that God has made you His instruments to complete the mission for the sake of humanity’s future. By joining this fight you can become God’s princes and princesses, who resurrect the people of the past, liberate the present, and give hope to future generations. (73:106, August 4, 1974)

“I will become God’s true soldier. No matter how terrible this battlefield for God may be, I will join the front line.” That is my spirit. I never once complained to God even when the world’s persecution swarmed about me—even when I was in a position of utter loneliness due to persecution and suffering. This is what I can take pride in. (193:73, August 20, 1989)

I did not pray to God asking Him to save me even when I collapsed under torture. When people were pursuing me, I did not pray to God asking Him to protect me on my path or to save me from my pursuers. As a man of character, I have my own reserve of strength. I have the spirit and inner strength to fight. I say to my self, “God will probably save me if I collapse unconscious due to lack of strength. But before that, with my own power…” I know that God is waiting, preparing things in advance before I go. (138:358, January 24, 1986)Each of you should pledge, “I will win God’s victory.” What is your attitude? Is it, “When the battle is joined, I will be the first to volunteer. When a Goliath appears, I will be David”? (118:129, May 9, 1982)

Twelve men representing the twelve tribes were sent to spy on Canaan. All except Joshua and Caleb reported that they would not be able to defeat seven tribes of Canaan. While the Israelites had lowered their flag to half-mast, Joshua and Caleb proclaimed, “God is alive. Believe in Him, who parted the Red Sea for us and kept us alive thus far.” They proclaimed that the only way for Israel to survive was to believe in God, who does wonders for His people. Know that it was on the basis of Joshua and Caleb’s faith that God opened the way for Israel. (19:240, January 15, 1968)

Our situation is analogous to David and Goliath’s. We don’t have weapons and we didn’t receive any military training. We are like the humble shepherd David, a mere child, who had no armor but wore only patched-up rags. His only weapon was a sling; ours is the Word of God.
    Whether in America, Korea, the Middle East or Russia, we will clash with Satan’s forces and keep fighting until we win. We are training and focusing our strength for the battles to come. Although my forehead is crushed, my eyeballs pop out and my lifeblood drains out, I have to go this path for the sake of God’s work.
    United Nations soldiers from sixteen nations fought and died for the sake of Korea. Perhaps Unification Church members throughout the world may have to shed more blood in the fight against communism than those United Nations soldiers did in the Korean War. Regardless, we must go forward. If we retreat from the challenge, then God will lose any basis for hope in this world. Therefore we march forward, knowing that the destiny of heaven and earth is in our hands. (88:323- 33, October 3, 1976)

“With the forceful and courageous sound of my pledge, the sound of my youthful heart beating, and the uproar of the corps running towards the enemy camp, I hold on to the thought, ‘Everything depends on this moment!’”—if you have this attitude, billions of spirits in spirit world who have been waiting for this moment will welcome you with applause. Even the spirits in hell will say, “Please, please be victorious. We will help you even if we have to crawl.”
    In a few years, such a breathtaking moment when all heaven and earth are mobilized will come to this land. Then you should fight courageously, even if you fall down on the battlefield and vomit blood. Fight to the end for the cause of righteousness. If in the battle you must offer your life as a loyal subject of Heaven, your sacrifice will resolve countless sins. On that battlefield will begin a new history.
    We have been preparing ourselves for that final, critical moment, always maintaining a righteous and courageous standard and cherishing the desire to secure the final unification. Have we not willingly endured rejection by our own family, our own nation, and numerous religious denominations? God, history, and all humanity have been waiting for that final day. For its sake have we not suffered the sacrifice of many loved ones, wishing that they too could realize that solemn and magnificent victory? Now, when everything can be consummated by the stroke of my sword and by my own words and deeds, is this not a moment unprecedented in history? To fight on the actual battlefield, witnessing it with my own eyes and feeling it with my senses—what life can be more fruitful than this? (57:352, June 5, 1972)

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