Evil Started from One Being Who Was Arrogant

A prophetic older Richard Urban Show:
Big Pharma, Farming and the Parkland Murders

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1992

The responsibility of religion is to lay the historical foundation of receiving the mother. It should be on a worldwide scale. In that sense, I believe God could not help thinking about the providential point of return that would enable the world to become one, centering on the religious spheres. That period was the time of the Second World War. That is why God had to raise the Eve nation, the Cain and Abel nations, and the Adam nation. God’s will was for these nations to attend the true father who comes as Adam and endeavor to connect him to the various world leaders in order to create a unified nation. History should be viewed from this perspective. (193-189, 1989.10.4)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1012

1.2. The church is an extension of the family
Those who say they go to church for someone else’s sake, for their beloved sons and daughters or for their beloved husband or wife, will not be able to go further. They should go to church for God’s sake. You should go to church to attend God as your own God and to find God’s love as your own love. (8-162, 1959.12.6)


3. Taking a Humble Position and Placing Others above Oneself

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

If you stay in a low position and try to put everyone else in a higher position, no walls will block your way. (230:35, April 15, 1992)

Goodness is quiet when evil is active because it cannot act in conjunction with evil. Goodness emerges only after the evil departs. (Way of God’s Will 1.1.2)

Evil started from one being who was arrogant and put himself in a high position. The opposite of arrogance is humility. Our first task is to be humble. We must take the position opposite to what Satan takes delight in, or else we cannot succeed. Instead of being arrogant, we must put ourselves in the position to sacrifice and do things at the cost of our lives. (52:302, January 9, 1972)People who justify themselves cannot enter the Kingdom of God. The position of absolute faith is not a place to justify yourself. Rather, someone else should defend you while you keep silent. In the Kingdom of Heaven, you cannot be proud of your achievements. What you thought was one hundred percent might from God’s viewpoint be only one percent. Therefore, a self-centered person cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

    The Kingdom of God starts from absolute faith. When you live by absolute faith, you cannot insist on your own opinion… Instead, you must rely on other people who defend you and declare that you are correct. That is the only way to establish the correctness of your opinion according to the standard of absolute faith. If you are not living this way, than you had better change and live by the absolute standard; only this way can you establish the Kingdom of Heaven. (46:79-80, July 25, 1971)

If you are clinging to God, it is okay to boast that God is helping you. God likes to hear people proclaiming His works. However, if you boast about your own doings, everything you did will be shattered. (342:11, December 29, 2000)

What kind of being is God? Does He say, “I am God Almighty! I created you to serve Me. Love Me and sacrifice everything for Me!”? A being who says such a thing is not the true God. God has set the tradition of sacrifice and service by changing babies’ soiled diapers and cleaning up after feeble and doddering parents. God wants you to live by this tradition and be His textbooks for education in meekness and humility. (116:68, December 20, 1981)

Some people follow God’s Will for a time but then abandon it. Some people when they learn of God’s Will do not want to separate from the secular world; they may go back and forth for a time but end up living no differently than secular people. Some people think that they are living for God’s Will, but whenever they do something good they brag about it. Finally, there are people who sacrifice for God’s Will yet still feel ashamed that they did not do more. They are always looking at things from the perspective of God’s Will, not from their own perspective. Among these four categories of people, only those in the last category will last all the way to the end. (89:232, December 1, 1976) America emerged as the fruit of history, but now she must go back and connect with the Cause of history. In other words, she must rediscover God.
    America is the most powerful nation in the West, but on its way back should it continue increasing? Or should it decrease? This is a question. In seeking for God, America should lower itself.
    Why do arrogant people need to learn humility? It is to return to the Cause. However, you [who are returning to the Cause] should not only be humble. Sometimes you need to assert yourselves. You cannot just be humble all the time. Powerfully march forward! This means advance to the result. (117:93, February 14, 1982)

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