Absolute Faith Is the Place of Self-Negation

Cheon Seong Gyeong 2288

    Mothers and fathers should love each other and their children and educate them by manifesting themselves as representatives of the nation, the cosmos, their relatives, their mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters. This must take place on earth. They must set an example of how to love the cosmos, world and nation. They must be the textbooks that reveal the future.
    That is not all. To become owners you need to learn the heart of parents, teachers, and God, and inherit the right of ownership. After joining the church, we are reborn, educated, and finally perfected. When we are fully matured, we will be able to understand everything. You will then say, “I want to stand in the position of the owner.” You will inherit everything, for that is what being the owner means. Wherever it is, it comes to the same thing. Such is the mainstream ideology. If you go this way, you will meet the true teacher, and if you go that way, you will meet the True Parents. All is the same. Hence, the Kingdom of Heaven is the same everywhere. (205-21, 1990.7.15)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1262

    The reason human beings need a messiah is so they can be saved. Then, what is the original starting point from which salvation can occur? It is returning to the point of contact with God’s love.
    However, the whole of humanity has become totally disconnected from God, and instead has become the embodiment of Satan. This is the exact opposite of God’s love, and therefore needs to be indemnified. Indemnity refers to the complete removal of the original sin. But the fundamental problem lies in the lineage. Any problems related to the bloodline cannot be resolved by fallen human beings. That is why humankind needs the Messiah. (35-159, 1970.10.13)


Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Absolute faith is not the place of self-affirmation, but of self-negation. (Way of God’s Will 3.2)

What is the most serious obstacle to entering the Kingdom of Heaven? An enemy called “I” is lurking about. “I” am the enemy. The reason why we pray and put effort into our life of faith is ultimately to be victorious over “me.” Our goal is to achieve the victory whereby we no longer face Satan’s accusation, but as long as “I” exists, it is impossible to completely break away from that condition.
     We should be able to deny this “I” in the name of God. We must totally deny ourselves. Only by total self-denial can we cut all the strings by which Satan has been pulling us. We should understand that something like the silk threads of a spider web connect us to Satan, who uses them to pull us. We have to cut them all with a razor. (122:13, April 26, 1982)Jesus came to this earth to teach us that before we desire to live, to be a ruler of others, or to be happy, we should first be willing to die. Since human history was ruined due to selfishness and self-centered thinking, the only way to save it is to go in the opposite direction. That is what Jesus meant by the paradoxical words, “Those who desire to live shall die, and those who are willing to die shall live.”

    With those words he set up the teaching to abolish this world of self-seeking, in which everyone regards him or herself, not the whole, as most important. In the world where everyone thinks, “I am number one,” everyone is divided. No one likes arrogant people. Conversely, everyone likes individuals who willingly live for others and lift them up. (67:182, June 3, 1973)

The Fall was the beginning of the consciousness of “myself.” Therefore, you should deny yourself, especially your body. Get rid of Satan, that narcissistic being, by denying yourself. Return to God by always living for the sake of others. Know clearly that this is the path laid out by religion to seek after enlightenment and the method to attain unity through the way of love. (214:65, February 1, 1991)

Satan exists nowhere else than in “myself.” Since ego exists, suspicion, jealousy, excessive desire and anger come about. Therefore, kill your ego. Everything that has to do with “I” is Satan. Scoff at yourself and judge yourself. Satan always invades through someone close to you or the things you like most. (Way of God’s Will 3.4)

Living for the self ends with the self, but living for others continues forever. Therefore, for goodness to continue, you should live for your counterpart—the greater whole. This is particularly the case when you are in a position of leadership…
    Therefore, the public road begins with denying the self. Denying the self does not mean the self disappears. Goodness begins when you try to find yourself in another and value that relationship. This is the principle law and way for goodness to develop. (57:63, May 28, 1972)

The religions of Asia traditionally taught self-denial and rejection of material possessions. Conversely, Western people seek to raise themselves up and gain material prosperity. The end result of such a self-centered life is material wealth but emptiness of spirit. (97:67, February 26, 1978)

As long as you insist on keeping to the ways you grew up with, you can never unite with people of other societies and nations and who have different ways of thinking. The simple way to unite with them is to forget totally about yourself. By completely denying yourself you can make relationships everywhere. (360:192, November 16, 2001)

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