We Can Fix the Problems of Family Breakdown and Corrupted Juvenile Ethics

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Happy Declaration of the Realm of the Cosmic Sabbath for Parents of Heaven and Earth, established 1997. We will feature a special reading regarding the significance of this holiday over the next six days.

   Beloved Father! Today, 1997, July 7th, at 7 o’clock, 7 minutes and 7 seconds, centering on the 3.6 Million Couples Blessing,
   We have accomplished this year’s motto, “Let Us be Proud of True Parents and Love True Parents by Accomplishing the 3.6 Million Couples Blessing.”
   How hard You have struggled and borne the heart of grief! As Your children, True Parents, we are hen: with Your other children not knowing Your heart in this historical age. In the meantime, you sent True Parents to the earth so we could build the foundation where mankind could speak out Your heart and be educated about Your internal situation. Through that foundation, we came to know the sad history that since Adam and Eve fell as teenagers and their family was broken down by Satan’s scheme, humankind has been linked to fallen Adam’s family and Satan’s lineage instead of to God’s lineage.
   Therefore, until now, history has kept the lineage of the realm of the archangel and the lineage of Satan. When we think about founding the realm of religion in order to establish the history of the new archangel’s position in the Kingdom of Heaven, we know that the providence of individual restoration is the history of regaining the elder sonship from the realm of the archangel. 

We thank you for this great time when we are facing the age of the Second Advent, the center of the worldwide salvation through the Old Testament~ New Testament, and Completed Testament. Now we can fix the problems of family breakdown and corrupted juvenile ethics originally caused by Adam’s fall.
   In 1945, at the end of World War II, Christianity and the allied nations, which had the mission of a bride to welcome the Lord of the Second Advent, failed their responsibility as the bride. This loss of the world-level nations, the Abel nation and the Eve nation of Adam’s family, which carried the victorious hegemony in the world – level providence, created greater pain and suffering than the loss of a family in the Garden of Eden.

  If Christianity had received the Second Advent of Christ centering on the allied nations, we could have held a historic worldwide Mass Blessing Ceremony so that humankind could have been liberated through the Blessing by linking with the lineage of True Parents after uniting the grief of Jesus, (whose mind and body were separated by Satan) and could have prepared a united world centered on Christian culture. At that time, by working with 800 million Christians, God’s desire to establish the Kingdom of Heaven on earth would have been completed within seven years, by 1952.
   Christian culture, however, rejected its responsibility as a bride to receive the Lord of the Second Advent. As Adam’s family turned over the fallen world to Satan during the fruitful growth period, Christianity and the Eve nation in the role of the bride failed their responsibility and gave the victorious foundation at the worldwide level over to Satan all at once. As a result, fallen grief exists on the earth once again.

   We are reminded of the sad history in which True Father had to walk the path in the wilderness alone. The grief that Adam’s family left in heaven and on earth could not be compared to True Father’s path. True Father’s path was a time of deeper sadness than the course of Jesus, who could not unite people on the foundation of his family.
   Yet, I realized that it was Your desire to end Satan’s lineage by liberating humankind centered on the ideology of a world family which would indemnify all of history. Also, I realized Your will which was to look for a place of rest and freedom in heaven and on earth.

Father, You have been yearning for a millennial world during the seven millennia of history. I know how hard and significant that is! You tried to maintain the standard of Your wish by having Christianity observe the Sabbath on the seventh day.
   Because all these tasks were not completed, I know that You have been sitting alone on Your throne in heaven and enduring the unbearable history of the realm of Satan like a prisoner. I found Your Fatherly heart that no one ever knew. You had to forget the situation that You could not forget, You had to re-create the condition into which You could not pour out Yourself, and You had to love those people whom You could not love. In spite of sadness and even death, I pioneered the path in which I could console Your heart, and I endured persecution to prevail and go over the peak of forty years with the determination to face any kind of deadly path, Father.

   The fatherland, which should be the central nation of all nations centered on the unified world of North and South, and the whole culture of East and West were lost. Even the clan which You prepared to complete the Blessing was lost, too. Unification Church members understand that I have had to walk the path of restoration for forty years. There has been fighting between the democratic world and the communist world because all the descendants of the clan which was to become the clan of heaven faced a divided situation.
   I understand that these forty years represent the 4,000 years of providential history. Yet no one has known your painful sadness that for forty years True Parents have been persecuted by the sovereign nations of the satanic world that once used to persecute Christianity and Christians, as well as other religions and their people. These forces opposed Your will to cover the world.

All alone, all alone, all by Yourself. According to the directions given by You, who pioneered the path, I have fought and conquered the peaks of persecution for forty years. This has been the battleground to declare Your individual resting place as well as the resting place for a couple, a family, a tribe a nation the world, and the cosmos. This place has been the ideal free environment of creation that You can call Your domain of freedom. Now it is completed, Father. Now, centering on True Parents, we are making the amazing declaration of the realm of the cosmic Sabbath.
   Your son, Sun Myung Moon, who has lost the dream of his youth, of his 20’s and 30’s, while inheriting and tolerating your big heart, Heavenly Father, has conquered the peaks of 40 years of agonizing history, while overcoming numerous failures that were filled with insults and bitterness.

As a result, the 3.6 million couples Blessing has been successfully completed. In place of Adam’s family, these families on the world level can receive instantly the Blessing that Adam’s family failed to get. The realm of the Sabbath, where billions of people enter the realm of liberation, can evolve to both the Kingdom of Heaven in heaven and on earth; I thank You for that.
   The elder sonship had to be restored first, then parentship and kingship had to be restored. Father, I thank You for the completion of the 3.6 million couples Blessing that breaks beyond the limit of three stages.
   The elder sonship on a family level can be sustained on earth. The right of a family on a national level and a cosmic level can be sustained on earth as well.
Therefore, because this is the time for receiving the age of kingship centering on a family, from today the real liberation can be declared. This is the Sabbath for God, who has not been able to rest in a family. Again, I sincerely thank You for that.

Today, it is 1997, July 7th, at 7 o’clock, 7 minutes, and 7 seconds. Also, Your son, Sun Myung Moon, is at the age of 77. These eight occurrences of the number seven signify that the number seven can connect to the number eight, becoming the Sabbath and the day of a new start, transcending the numbers seven and eight. All this is connected with the number seven. Now all Unification members, centering on a family which inherits the tradition, heart, and authority of heaven, can attend God. Now God can rest in a nation, in the world, and in the cosmos. We are facing the victorious time when the kingship of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in heaven are established at the same time. The foundation of the Sabbath where God and True Parents can travel freely expands from the family level to the cosmic level.

   For this great work to be done, Mother, who can represent Eve’s nation, had to come to the United States of America, which is the Archangel’s nation, and to the United Nations to promote the fortune of unification, so that she can spread this fortune over the divided Korea, where the base camp for the liberation of the family can be founded to represent the liberation of people. Thanks to your guidance and protection, True Mother could make three speaking tours during which she poured out the words of True Parents.
   True Mother has opened up the Blessing for high ranking officials by giving speeches in 16 places. Transcending the number 16, the Blessing that occurred vertically has become holier than ever.  True Mother has been welcomed in all her speaking tours by guests who represent women of all nations centering on women of the North and South. Today is a day of declaration based on these speeches. Tomorrow we will have another Blessing to declare the victorious realm of heaven in front of high-ranking Korean officials who represent the essential central figures and representatives of sovereign nations of the world. It means that we are entering the age of kingship on a family level. We attribute this Blessing, which the Unification Church received as the number one family Blessing team, to Your hard working path. If it was not for You, Korea would have no place to exist. But as you and True Mother are working together, we are having this great opportunity, and I am very grateful, Father.

   A thousand thanks to You, Father, for having been able to complete both the foundation of the victorious 40 years and the Declaration of the Realm of Cosmic Sabbath for Parents of Heaven and Earth at the same time.
   As the Foundation of the Sabbath of the age of kingship on a family level, national level, worldwide level, and cosmic level ar established on earth, Your will is facing the time when this country is called as the center of God’s providence of salvation, liberating the world, and bringing the world of love. Please gladly remember this.

Now I am offering the path that Your son has walked on with tears and then declaring this to be an anniversary date. Please allow me to do so. From this moment on, I am declaring the age of libereration As You have wished to act on the whole body in its totality, with all authority and everything, please fulfill Your wishes. Please claim the realm of liberation of mankind. I sincerely wish and ask for Your Blessing to move on to the liberating Kingdom of Heaven.
   Now, it is the day and the time to stop the tears of sadness and to remove all the tears which were shed and all the tear stains from True Parents’ family. I sincerely hope that You will receive this declaration of liberation in the name of True Parents. May You realize Your wish to have the prestige of traveling freely among Your beloved children, countries, world, and the cosmos. May the families of True Parents who work for Your liberation be able to travel around the world freely and come back home without any trouble.

   So please accept this time of the Declaration of the Realm of the Cosmic Sabbath for the Parents of Heaven and Earth! Please declare it over heaven and earth! Raise high and wave the victorious flag of world unification in heaven and earth! I declare this day in True Parents’ name! Amen! Amen! Amen!


Let me take a look at your faces. Did anyone good looking come? Raise your hands if you were blessed by me. It looks like everyone. Put your – hands down. What is this thing called the blessing? What happens to you if you are blessed?
   Originally the blessing is that the father bequeaths everything, of his own loving couple, his own loving sons and daughters, the family, the nation and the world to his sons and daughters.

If there had been sons and daughters of Adam and Eve who had not fallen, then being blessed would have been God and Adam and Eve having been the vertical and horizontal parents, and then they would have just inherited the right to possess everything of the cosmos. You must understand that. Families who are blessed in the world must not think with a secular concept that it is just bringing a man and a woman together and getting married. (If you touch me like that, it makes me forget what I’m going to say.)

You must know how awesome/frightening the blessing is, this blessing. From before the creation of the world, from before God created, the center of creation was the concept of the perfection of the True Parents, that is the thought of True Parents.
   In order to make the True Parents, heaven and earth and all the things of creation as well …. and the mineral world as well, all are in pairs. If it is a molecule, molecules, too, consist of subject partners and object partners, the plant world, too, has subject partners and object partners, and next in the animal world as well there are male and female animals, and in the human world there are men and women; everyt.hi.ng consists of pairs. The reason everything consists of pairs is that everything must become one centered on true love. Becoming one cannot be done by one alone. In order for something to become one, it must be level, horizontal. In the end through love a man and a woman…. isn’t that what a man and a woman do? When one enters puberty a young man meets a young woman, and a young woman meets a young man horizontally.

   Where they meet is when they have come to the exact center; if the young man goes ten steps, the young woman goes ten steps, too, and at the exact center …. that center is the vertical line of the tradition of love through which God is able to come down.
   He comes down following that. They come here and meet.
   When getting married, the Lord of love is not humankind. It is God. God who is called the root of love is at the center of that marriage. Adam is the internal nature, and Eve is the external form, and the invisible God goes into and dwells in Adam who is the internal nature. And the invisible God goes into Eve who is the external form, and therefore heaven and earth become one. Through this.

The wedding ceremony 1s the uniting of the heavenly parent and the earthly parents centered on love. There’s a saying that on the first day the man and woman form a union by uniting, isn’t there? At the place where they become one body, centered on God, God who is the inner internal nature and external form goes into Adam and Eve, centered on the outer internal nature and external form, and becomes one because of love . The internal nature and external form of the spirit world which cannot be seen are the plus, and the internal nature and external form of the world which is seen, these are the minus. The large minus and the large plus become one for the first time.
   They become one, but the place where they become one is not at the forehead. It’s at the organ of love. Only if they become one that way is the baby who is born through the bodies of Adam and Eve, the son of God at the same time that he is the son of the True Parents .

   We also did not know that the True Parents were two persons . We didn’t know that parents are two persons. If the fall had not occurred, centered on the love of God, which is absolute love; centered on absolute, eternal love; and centered on unchanging, unique love, because Adam and Eve become one body through true love, they could have become the lords of unchanging love, and they would have become the lords of unique love and unchanging, eternal love. Through that this world would have been the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in heaven eternally .

Through the parents having become one, this is expanded to a world where thousands of generations of descendants can become one. As for the word “parents; without a blood connection, one cannot be connected to the word “parents. ” Do you understand? [Yes.) An ancestor connected to the true lineage appears and the family of a true child appears through inheriting the entire lineage of the family connected through that ancestor.

The True Parents were the central model in the middle of God’s ideal from before the creation of the world. They were the nucleus. When God was creating even the mineral world was in pairs. The plant world is in pairs; the animal world is in pairs, too, and the world of humankind is in pairs, and the invisible God whom we cannot see is in pairs, too. So in the Unification Church there is the tern the “incorporeal world” for the world we cannot see. As for the internal nature and external form of God whom we cannot see, the internal nature is like the mind, and the external form is like the body, but although within God himself whom we cannot see, there are both internal nature and external form, he cannot feel stimulation alone. Both men and women have love. All have love, and women have life, too. Isn’t that right? Women have the blood lineage of the woman.



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