Men and Women Can Produce God’s Sons and Daughters through the Reproductive Organs

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We will feature a special reading regarding the significance of this holiday over the next four days.

Declaration of the Realm of the Cosmic Sabbath for Parents of Heaven and Earth

August 9, 1997
Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Who is next? Samsung.(Samsung means three stars in Korean. Samsung is the name of one of huge enterprise in Korea) they can not win against the Great Bear. Samsung is only a servant which follows the North Pole that goes around. Or else they must add a name the Great Bear. The Great Bear never changes. It goes into all of the universe and turns around the center, but can Samsung do that? Who is it, Lee Gun Hee of Samsung, can he do what I am doing? All he does is sell el~ctronic products. He does not have any talent to restructure man. Isn’t that so? Does he have a right to bless families? He doesn’t. Only Rev. Moon can do that. If that person dies and is buried in a public cemetery, only the Korean conglomerates will come, but if Rev. Moon dies, conglomerates, politicians, educators, cultural peogle of the world, a few thousands of them will gather. … People here today, if I die will you follow me to that public cemetery in line or not? [We will follow] No, I don’t like that. Now get away from me here. Even if you don’t follow me, people of the world are meant to follow. Even if you do not bring flowers, people of the outside world are meant to even climb over the North Pole covered in snow with flowers and come and meet me with flowers.

So what kind of person will be able to become the disciples of love and in who’s house do you want to live in? Is it the house of Rev. Moon, or Korean conglomerate Jong something’s house or who’s house? {Father’s house) I am not satisfied, with you people. You are a group of beggars. A beggar who sells his father’s name and asks his father for money until the day be dies.   There are people who are not able to obtain the qualifications as father and son and there are many who always ask for something. You second generation, I will get hold of you and put you on the test stage and will see how much you can endure …

   Now God is liberated, True Parents are liberated, so what more is there that I should do? I am now a grandfather … The authority of grandfathers in Korea is symbolized by what kind of pipe? How do you call it in dialect of Kyong san do? A long pipe, and with the pipe when you hit the floor, the metal part of it makes a loud noise and it shakes the whole district. When the grandfather hits the floor with it to call the grandson, the grandson will come. It is a signal. That’s what a grandfather does. Continue reading “Men and Women Can Produce God’s Sons and Daughters through the Reproductive Organs”

Adam and Eve should have opened their eyes once again and looked toward the sky

Cheon Seong Gyeong 2252

Yet until now, people of faith did
not know that realizing God’s ideal of
creation based on His love carried such
meaning. The fulfillment of His will and
the realization of His ideal of creation
comes with the completion of the four-
position foundation. What happens
when the four-position foundation is
completed? Heaven and earth find their
rightful positions and settle for the first
time. Heaven forms an upper axis and
earth a lower axis; everything can be
united with them at the center.

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1388

God has taken hold of me and cannot
let me go because I have practiced every-
thing inside and out. I did not preach
before practicing, but I practice before
asking others to do the same. This was
also the case with the 360,000 Couples
Blessing. I embarked on this great ven-
ture after laying the groundwork for it,
so I knew clearly that it would be accom-
plished. Since I know that we now will
be able to accomplish the Blessing of 3.6
million Couples, I have instructed you
to start working on it. You will defi-
nitely be able to accomplish it if you fol-
low my words with absolute faith. (272-47,

Let Us Open Our Eyes Once More and Behold the Sky

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
February 15, 1959

Matthew 26: 36-46

The fall took place because God’s thinking and human beings’ thinking were diametrically opposed. Thus, we must cultivate ourselves and reflect upon ourselves. We must reflect upon and recover ourselves. Because human beings have this obligation, countless philosophers and religious people have sought to resolve this issue, without much success. We understand this very well. In other words, who am “I”?

If human beings necessarily live in relationships, then who is the subject of these relationships? If there is a master of our lives, who is it? It is someone about whom we would say, “Only that person can represent my entire being, my thoughts and my life. I cannot live without him.” The day we recognize that person, we will understand God, the unchanging Master, who has been fighting to hold on to us through the long course of history. From that moment, everything will go smoothly. We came from the one Master, so we will understand what the Creator God has entrusted in us and what He has been struggling to govern. Continue reading “Adam and Eve should have opened their eyes once again and looked toward the sky”