We Should Train Our Children First to Please Heaven

#110-Andy Wells-Fighting Transgender Indoctrination and the Sexualization of Children

Cheon Seong Gyeong 2290

It is not I who insist on the Blessing. I have done everything as instructed by God and then made this logical system indirectly. Had it been my idea, I would have told you so through my own lips. There is no way to deny it. (231-155, 1992.6.2)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 486

The husband should be able to give his life for his wife, and the wife should be able to give her life for her husband. Since such a couple will be connected to the realm of God’s love and receive direct protection, they won’t fall. (Blessed Family – 880)



Filial Piety
  1. Filial Piety as the Root of Virtue

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Filial piety cannot be practiced with a self-centered attitude. (62:37, September 10, 1972)

Who is a filial child? He or she always thinks of what his or her parents want most and then acts upon it, taking the position of their object partner. The eyes of a filial child see the things his or her parents would like to see. The ears of a filial child hear the sounds his or her parents would like to hear. The heart of a filial child has feelings his or her parents would like to feel. In other words, filial children love centered on their parents’ five senses, always yearning for the realm of their parents’ heart. They only want what is good for their parents, never anything bad. And when their parents have something good, they try to make it even better. (161:132, January 18, 1987)

A son or daughter who worries more about his or her parents’ cares and difficulties than about his or her own can be called a filial son or daughter. On the other hand, a son who always expects his parents to worry about his troubles, never concerned that they have their own difficulties, is not truly united with his parents.
    According to the principle of filial piety, the child who habitually ignores his parents’ situation will fail to properly respond to his parents at the crucial moment when they desperately need his help. Though the son clings to his parents, continually imploring them to recognize and resolve his difficulties, at the crucial moment he will be a treacherous son. We experience this in our daily life.
    Filial piety starts when a child worries about his parents’ difficulties more than his own, adding theirs to his own, and accepts this as a matter of course. On the other hand, when the child ignores his parents’ difficulties, a breach occurs in the relationship. The way of impiety starts there. (62:187, September 25, 1972)

A filial son takes responsibility for his parents’ sorrow. He goes to difficult places in order to resolve their sorrow, that they might rejoice. If his parents work ten hours and the son works fifteen, the parents will feel joy corresponding to the extra five. Thus, a filial son considers how to supplement what is missing. He serves his parents, trying his best. (24:261, August 24, 1969)

What should you do in order to become a filial son or daughter? You should always keep your mind and heart in line with the direction of your parents’ heart. A child who walks the path of filial piety does not act apart from his parents. If his parents go east, he goes east, and if his parents go west, he goes west. Should his parents suddenly turn back, he turns back without dissent. Even if they change their direction ten times, he still follows them.
    If you resist and complain, “Father and mother, I don’t like this. What kind of parents are you, changing your minds so impulsively?” then you will not be able to keep the way of filial piety all the way to the end. Even when your parents do something that seems crazy, you should still follow your parents’ direction. It might seem that they are mad, but your parents know what they are doing and why they are doing it.
    Sometimes parents act capriciously to test their children, to pick the most filial child from among them… Therefore, you should take your parents’ follies as your vocation. (62:32-33, December 18, 1985)

When educating children, parents should not teach them only to love their parents. They should explain to their children, “I am a loyal patriot who loves this nation. I’m not a mother first, but a patriotic mother; I’m not only a father, but a loyal citizen.” In order to teach filial piety, parents should behave with filial piety themselves.3 Otherwise, their children will fall like autumn leaves. (26:296, November 10, 1969)

People have traditionally brought up their children to put the benefit of their own families first, but this is upside-down. Rather, we should train our children first to please Heaven, then please the world, then please the nation and the community, and after that, to please our family. That is the original principle. But our way of life has become upside-down due to the Human Fall. (8:105, November 22, 1959) ❖

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