Filial Piety Is the Necessary Foundation for Establishing the Kingdom of Heaven

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 2107

What is more precious than life? Am I precious? What is more precious than my life? The answer is love, and therefore, we must be loyal to the one who has higher love. This is why children must obey their parents in the family. Since parents’ love is in the highest position, the sons and daughters who long for that love will obey them for a thousand and ten thousand years and will be happy to wander about through mountains and valleys in order to inherit that love. You must continue the tradition of loving your parents even if you are showered in smelly manure. Your parents’ words, “Practice filial piety,” are words that lead you to the position where you can inherit the love you can be proud of for eternity. This is how it should be. (191-222, 1989.6.25)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1165

In the cases of both Cain and Abel, and Esau and Jacob, the brothers were supposed to exchange positions after their birth. To achieve this, the cooperation between mother and child was always necessary. Eve protected Abel. In the case of Esau and Jacob, Rebecca was on Jacob’s side, and helped him through her acts of deception. Nevertheless, no one knows why God still granted the blessing to them. Jacob was born as a twin and later restored the position of the right of the eldest son. Yet this still didn’t restore the lineage. Then at the time of the birth of Perez and Zerah, when they were about to emerge from Tamar’s womb, they fought each other and switched positions. The second child pushed aside the first child in order to be born first. You should understand the deep significance of these actions that signify moving closer to the lineal standard of the original parents. (120-167, 1982.10.13)



Filial Piety

2. The Inseparable Bond between Parents and Children

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

No one can change the relationship between parents and children. It cannot be rationalized away. No amount of force can destroy it; nor can the lure of knowledge, power, and money. The relationship between a child and his or her parents is undeniable; it is destiny. It is inalienable, no matter how much people may try to break it.
    Since this relationship, which is derived from love, life and lineage, is eternal, it can enable us to unite with God for eternity. (206:235, October 14, 1990)

Parents and children form an inseparable relationship—especially mother and child. Can you argue with that? Although this is a fallen world, nothing can change the love between a mother and her child. Neither education nor political revolution can touch this bond. It is so even in the animal world, in the way of a mother bear loving her cubs. It will continue for billions of years, eternally, never changing. Motherhood is an unchanging principle. The entire universe revolves around motherhood. (143:52, March 15, 1986)

To whom do you belong? You belong to your parents and to your children. Then, to whom do your parents belong? They belong to their children and to God. So, you should first belong to God, then to your parents, then to your children, and finally to yourself. Therefore, can you attain perfection by yourself?
    You cannot. That is why moral laws and traditional customs the world over instruct us to respect and attend our parents. That is why these teachings remain and guide our lives to this day. Know that this is the reason we should honor and serve our parents and love our children. (18:209-210, June 8, 1967)

Since parents give life to their children, children should be willing to give their lives for their parents. Life came from love. Hence, it is logical that we sacrifice life for love. There is no contradiction here. (137:76, December 18, 1985)

Children should pay back their parents for the love their parents gave them. When food was scarce their parents fed them, even while they went about with empty stomachs. They loved them at such a cost in order to raise children who will do the same for them.
    Parents, you should first go the path of toilsome work and difficulties. Then, with that as a foundation, your children will also go the path of toilsome work and difficulties that can bring comfort to you. Moreover, because you have been filial to your parents, your children will develop filial piety towards you. And by raising such children, you can bequeath a good lineage to future generations. However, if you live only for yourself and neglect your parents, you cannot expect that your children will be filial towards you.
    Who is a filial child? He loves his parents as his parents loved him. A person who lives this way has a foundation to relate with God… The principle of give and take action states that only when a reciprocal base is formed can there be some return. God comes and abides only upon such a foundation. It is a necessary foundation for establishing the Kingdom of Heaven.
    Therefore, sons and daughters who can live in the Kingdom of Heaven are those who willingly paid back the debt of their parents’ love. When your parents became old and senile, you should willingly and gladly attend them. You can think about how when you were an infant your parents changed your diapers and wiped you clean. You should not feel anything difficult in doing this; it is natural for a filial child. (35:241-42, October 19, 1970)

Your parents tell you to be filial. Why? They want you to participate in the same path of love that they walked, a path that centers on the parents. Yet there is more: The path of parents’ true love leads to a relationship with the invisible God. Unity with your parents connects you with both realms of heart—invisible as well as visible, vertical history as well as horizontal history. That is why your parents teach you to become a filial child.
    Yet today many people question, “Why should I live a life of filial piety?” Especially, people in America think that way. They even wonder, “Did our parents ever think of giving birth to me? Or did they just happen to conceive me while making love?” They do not know this principle.
    The vertical standard must be set before a horizontal standard can be set. For instance, when we construct a building, we first make sure that the beams are vertically straight and then we align them horizontally. Otherwise, the building will fall down. Therefore, while living in the world, we should connect to the vertical standard. (136:203, December 29, 1985)

Yet these days, children are denying their parents. From that starting point, they go on to flaunt basic human ethics and morality. This negation of morality is a sign that we are living in the Last Days. Unification Church members: do not dance to the rhythm of this present trend. Instead, uphold a firm and true connection with your elders. Parents must establish it, children must establish it, and educators must establish it. (21:121, November 17, 1968)

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