If In the Past You Fought With Your Sisters or Brothers, Give Them a Feast

Strengthening Families and Communities Forum-August 28, 2022
#110-Andy Wells-Fighting Transgender Indoctrination and the Sexualization of Children

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Cheon Seong Gyeon 1746

    Who is the owner of the male and female organs? It is the vertical God. Where do the ideal love of God and human beings come together? In the sexual organs. We marry to meet God. These are amazing words. God does not reside in some other separate place. When we have attained that position we will find Him dwelling there. Where does the teaching concerning the three great subjects come together and take root? It is in love. The love of God and human beings come together through the sexual organs. Marriage is for us to be engrafted to God’s vertical love.
    Thunder and lightning caused by negative and positive electricity on a cloudy day symbolizes the marriage of the universe. A loud noise is audible at such times, right? Are not pigeons noisy when they make love? Do you cry out when making love? I’m sure you have a hard time stifling the cry that threatens to come out of your mouths lest your mother and father may hear you. Be spontaneous. There is no need to hide such things. It is no longer a sin to shout until the windowpanes shatter all at once. Just as lightning flashes with a peal of thunder, so should you blaze. In marriage, you should attain that state of living in attendance of a holy woman or man, and God. Buddhist monks will never get to know such a world of love, no matter how much they practice asceticism. (203-255, 1990.6.26)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1377

If I listened to the words of Mother, my children, and you all, I would not have been able to work at all. I have to go ahead, pulling you. You did not know the way to go, but now you know where you are supposed to go, don’t you? Anyone would know by now – it is straightforward. From this day forth, there will be no life-and-death struggles nor will you be persecuted. With the 30,000 Couples, everyone’s view on the Blessing has been completely revised. I now have 30,000 new sons and 30,000 new daughters: they cannot all be crazy or stupid. Included in them are great scholars and all kinds of talented people; hence, they will not be disregarded. (235-139, 1992.8.29)

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Sibling Love

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

How should brothers and sisters love each other? What should be their standard of love? They should love each other as their parents love them. Children learn love from their parents.
    Children can begin to inherit their parents’ love by relating with their siblings. A boy can love his older sister as he would love his mother; a girl can love her older brother as she would her father. The eldest son should love his younger brothers as his father loves him, and the eldest daughter should love her younger sisters as her mother loves her. (66:121, April 18, 1973)

Do filial sons and daughters bring their parents presents, saying, “I love you Daddy and Mommy,” while always fighting with their brothers and sisters? No, such children are not filial. Any mother would think that a good son or daughter is one who loves his or her brothers and sisters more than her. This principle applies not only in the family, but in the family of humankind. If we live by this principle, then we can make the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. (95:189, November 13, 1977)

Suppose the president of a nation has a younger brother in his family who is a mere laborer. He should not say to his younger brother, “You are a mere laborer, so you should work for me.” If he were a true brother, he would be sad that his younger brother’s position was so far beneath his, and he would want to do whatever he could to elevate his brother. Such is brotherly heart and love. (7:38, July 5, 1959)

When you regard your brother’s difficulties as less important than your own, the brotherhood relationship becomes distant. (62:188, September 25, 1972)

In a family, when brothers fight, whom do the parents side with? No parent will side with the one who hit first, or who fights for a selfish purpose. The reason why they do so is because they want their child to grow up to be good. This is consistent with moral education throughout history. (31:235, June 4, 1970)

People who have good relationships with their own siblings will be more likely to get along with their neighbors and friends when they go out into society. They are also bound to have wholesome relationships with friends of the opposite sex. They will not relate to the opposite sex with sensual or unhealthy feelings, but rather with brotherly or sisterly feelings. (Tongil Segye 194, p. 16)

If in the past you fought with your sisters or brothers, give them a feast to make them happy and apologize for your past behavior. Be reconciled with them and love them again as you love your mother and father. If you do this, how beautiful it would be! Then after your parents pass away, your brothers and sisters will help, serve, and love each other with the same regard as they had for their parents. From such a mind and heart, the Kingdom of Heaven starts to become a reality.
    You can also see aspects of your mother and father in your aunts and uncles and cousins. Your aunts and uncles display aspects of your father and mother, grandfather and grandmother. You should regard them as gifts to show God. You should love them with your life. The Kingdom of Heaven is where everyone lives together and loves one another. Everyone!
    From this point of view, the world is an expanded family. There are people in the community of the same age as your grandparents, aunts and uncles, parents, and brothers and sisters…
    In the sight of God, all people in the world are His sons and daughters. Therefore, we should love all the people of the world as our brothers and sisters. If you see a poor beggar who is about your father’s age, you should care for him as if he were your father. How beautiful! Is God happy to see His children fighting? It is the principle of family relationships applied to the whole of humanity, who are the children of God’s family. (184:65-66, November 13, 1988)

Cain and Abel must never be divided. They are like the right hand and the left hand. Everyone should believe that my God is also my brother’s God; that the God who loves me also loves my brother. (3:207, November 1, 1957)

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