Man and Woman Are God’s Masterpieces

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 2079

Throughout my life, I have endured hardship to create the foundations of a movement to unite North and South Korea. With the environment already created, it will be much easier; I hope you will act with enthusiasm and courage. You must attempt to change the minds of people opposing the unification of North and South, even if it means holding demonstrations. (149-170, 1986.11.21)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1516

    Members of the Unification Church are closer to each other than their own siblings. In this manner, in the world of the future, front and rear, husband and wife, left and right, and above and below need to unite as one. Above and below represent the duties of children towards parents, front and rear represent the duties between siblings, and left and right represent the duties between husband and wife. Once perfection is achieved in this way, you can then ascend to the level of God in the spirit world and become like Him.
    The only way to return to God is through true love, and nothing else. A true family represents the trained and perfected Adam’s family based on the heavenly standard. Once it extends across the world, it will bring about the unity of East and West, as well as man and woman. The object partner needs to unite as one with the subject partner, the man. Also front and rear, and above and below need to unite. In so doing, one unified world will undoubtedly result and everything in it will become perfected based on true love and the content of the Principle! Amen! (222-321, 1991.11.6.)



Conjugal Love
  1. Love and Affection between Husband and Wife

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Man and woman are God’s masterpieces. When they love each other centered on God, it is supreme, transcendental love, not worldly love. They feel that their love is the best of all loves; the most beautiful love, shining forever. Where can they experience and fulfill such love? Only in the family. (26:154, October 25, 1969)

A husband and wife love each other without conditions. Their love is unconditional. Their love is absolute, eternal love. (112:294, April 25, 1981)

When a husband and wife love each other, the man does not block his wife from entering deep into his heart. The woman likewise does not resist her husband. Even if impenetrable walls surround their hearts, love has no difficulty surmounting them. (49:52, October 3, 1971)

When you love your spouse, you feel your body’s desire to unite with your beloved. When husband and wife become one flesh in true love, they become inseparable. They can live in unity, loving each other forever. (187:47, January 6, 1989)

Why is marriage so important? It is the path to finding love. It is the path to knowing what love is. It teaches about life.
    Marriage joins the life of a woman and the life of a man. In time [through children], it joins the lineage of the man and the lineage of the woman. It thus begins a history, a nation, the world and the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. (279:114-15, August 1, 1996)

What is the Kingdom of Heaven as a couple? It is the state of matrimony where a man and woman are totally united as one. It is not like a typical marriage where in the beginning you tell your spouse, “I love you,” but after a few years you say good-bye and divorce… A heavenly couple is inseparable; they could lose their legs by exploding dynamite but still keep embracing with their upper bodies! That is possible only with true love. To achieve that kind of love, your mind and body must be completely united. Then you can attain the Kingdom of Heaven as a couple. (96:29, January 1, 1978)

The purpose of marriage is to synchronize the man’s heart and the woman’s heart to perfect their love. The wedding ceremony is a proclamation of the couple’s commitment and determination toward that goal. If you start with the goal to perfect your love and heart through your married life, you are on the way to fulfilling the ideal of family. If you actually fulfill it, upon your death you will certainly go to heaven, because your lives will be heaven. (97:277, March 26, 1978)

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