We Marry for the Sake of Our Partner

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1721

What are the sexual organs for? They are for finding love. Through woman and man finding each other, love comes into being. Such is marriage. It cannot be exchanged for anything in the universe. Man is the way he is because he was created in correspondence to his genitals. The woman too was created the way she is in correspondence to her genitals. People have been living till now without knowing the fact that woman came to be woman and man came to be man on account of their sexual organs. (280-60, 1996.11.1)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1242

If you have the opportunity to attend a Blessing Ceremony, you should not go thinking you are just a man or a woman and there is nothing else to it. When you attend the ceremony, you are there representing men and women who have come and gone in the world over the past six thousand years. You must understand that you have been invited as such. You should experience this reality deep in your heart. (30-169, 1970. 3.22)


Conjugal Love
  1. Love and Affection between Husband and Wife

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

A man’s wife represents his mother; she contains elements of his mother as well. At the same time, she contains elements of his elder sisters, younger sisters, and indeed all the women in the world. When he loves his wife, who contains all these elements, he is loving his mother, his elder sisters and younger sisters, and indeed all the women in the world.
    Likewise, to woman, her husband represents and contains elements of her father, elder brothers, younger brothers and all the men in the world. In loving him, she loves her father, her brothers, and all the men in the world. This is the ideal of the family. (God’s Will and the World, September 21, 1978)

We marry for the sake of our partner. Therefore, the man should have the attitude that even if he finds some aspects of his wife unattractive, he will love her even more than if she were beautiful. This is the principled way of thinking. (97:321, April 1, 1978)

What is the solution for unity? It is the heart to love each other. Love can come from pity as well as from liking. Few couples love each other from the start. Love grows with time. A woman marries a man who is absolutely stubborn, and thinks the man is totally unlovable. Then the woman takes pity on him for the many obstacles that he must confront because of the stubbornness. Then, when her pity turns to love, the man can find solace in her. The woman might even find her husband’s stubbornness useful because she is not stubborn enough herself, and this way, turns his stubbornness to mutual advantage. So, love’s affection can bloom even from pity, and eventually lead to unity. (41:332-33, February 18, 1971)

Families that live in hardship are not necessarily unhappy. Sharing a single piece of bread, when the husband feeds his wife even though he does not eat, or the wife feeds her husband even though she goes hungry—how deep is the love in that family! (216:270, April 7, 1991)

A woman is better off taking a wild and rough man for a husband rather than one who is delicate and fine-featured. The husband-wife relationship brings together opposites. Therefore, a woman who takes a wild and tough man as her opposite partner will live happily. The wife who receives the love of such a husband is a happy wife. You women should not forget this, and encourage your husbands to be rough and tough.
    It is the law of love that the strength of a man becomes like a gentle spring breeze in front of a woman. Among men matters are determined by the strongest fist, but in front of a beloved woman that fist becomes as soft as cotton. Therefore, a woman should not be afraid of a man who is wild and rough. Rather she should think that the stronger a man is, the more worthy he is to receive her love. (Blessing and Ideal Family 4.1.6)

Do you wish to become a loving couple that shines like the moon and even like the sun? Try to dig out all the beautiful points in your spouse. It may take a lifetime of digging, and still you cannot fathom them all. Finally when you arrive in the spirit world, you can plumb love’s deepest core

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