It Doesn’t Matter that Your Wife Looks Unattractive

Cheon Seong Gyeong 2065

Our tong ban breakthrough activities must be done centering on the family foundation. From there, centered on True Parents’ words, specifically those dealing with the declaration of True Parents, you should inspire the people to connect with our activities and move forward. This time I’ll send out all the members and have them make and show copies of the video tapes to the people. In between tapes we will have people record what they saw and thought. It will work once you try it. You must deliver deeply moving speeches to everyone, and then enroll these people in the future in the effort to unite North and South Korea. From a spiritual viewpoint, South Korea is in the position of the mind, while North Korea is like the body. The body opposes the mind. Since the body belongs to Satan’s realm, that’s why this is happening. (205-334, 1990.10.2)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1916

Since Jesus lost his body, the foundation for the main stage disappeared, and he lost his foothold in Asia. Therefore, the material civilization went in the opposite direction. It was dragged the other way to Rome. It should have gone towards the West from Asia, but instead it came back the other way from the West. It conformed to the path of indemnity and had to go along that path while shedding blood and suffering sacrifices. In this way, Western Civilization went around in a circle, centering on Rome and passing through Britain and America, to return again to the Pacific civilization. It returns to the Pacific civilization, because it was in Asia that Jesus lost his body on the worldwide level. The spirit and the flesh were separated at this place. Therefore, Western Civilization, the material civilization, went the other way in a circle to return to Asia. (249-132, 1993.10.8)

Conjugal Love
  1. Love and Affection between Husband and Wife

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Do you wish to become a loving couple that shines like the moon and even like the sun? Try to dig out all the beautiful points in your spouse. It may take a lifetime of digging, and still you cannot fathom them all. Finally when you arrive in the spirit world, you can plumb love’s deepest core.
    Therefore, wives, study your husbands. You may think he is one way, but then you should discover another side of him. Study him from every possible angle, and you can see the whole universe in him. Then you can think he is more amazing than God! When you married him you saw him only through a small lens, from one direction, not from all directions. As long as you continue to regard him only from that narrow perspective, you cannot find ideal love. Over the years of living together you need to study him from every direction.
    Do you have an unforgettable memory of your husband at his most charming? What is it? It is his body. So observe his entire body. After a fight, you glance at your husband and you will see his eyes blink. They blink just as your eyes blink. Observe carefully his breathing, his eyes, nose, lips and emotions—all these parts of him are just like you. The man you love exists for you, so you can never let him go. 
    If your heart never gets old, your love will never grow old either. Your life will never be boring and your lineage will endure forever. True love never grows old. It becomes more beautiful the older it gets. With such a heart you will always see your husband as the best-looking man in the world, and he will look at you as the most beautiful woman in the world.
    It doesn’t matter that your wife looks unattractive; through the eyes of love, she is the most beautiful woman. Regardless of her form on earth, in the spirit world she will appear young and pretty, transfigured by the light of love that is brighter than any earthly light. A woman who places great store in her beauty is dismayed to see it fade as she grows old, and when she passes on to the other world she takes on an ugly appearance. On the other hand, a woman who shares a lifetime of love with her husband becomes beautiful in the other world. Her husband becomes the most handsome man.
    The light of love is the highest form of light. Because it is the highest, it has the power to beautify anything. Therefore, think that the wife whom you love is the very light of heaven and earth. She is your love, your dream, your happiness, your freedom and your peace. Then when you go out of town, should you meet an alluring vixen you will not be tempted in the least. That temptress would appear like rotten fish in your eyes. There is no other way to beauty than by the love and light of God. (297:168-70, November 19, 1998)

A husband and wife are like partners. Just as people have different faces, they have different destinies. If a man has a bad fortune, but he marries a woman whose fortune is good, his fortune can change for the better. Conversely, if a wife’s fortune is bad but her husband’s is good, her fortune can change for the better.
    Over time, the husband and wife balance their destinies, as if they are leveling a mountain and filling in a valley to make a plain. After leveling the ground, the husband and wife can do many things together, such as plowing the fields and cultivating diverse crops and trees. (God’s Will and the World, September 22, 1978)

Heaven starts in the family. Unless you can find God in your spouse, you cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven. (Way of God’s Will 1.8) ❖

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