A Husband and Wife Hold the Key to Each Other’s Holy Place

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 2523

The Blessed families are equal in value to the world and cosmos. They are like the sons and daughters of Rev. Moon’s direct lineage, who can act on his behalf. When I gave them the Blessing, I did so in order for them to become better than me, by following me. So, once you have the heart of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience, you can do the things I did. When God created, He started with such a heart. God, the subject partner, said, “When I speak, my object partners of love substantially appear.” This is absolute faith. Upon this, He meets the partner of absolute love. To be an owner of love, a partner of love is indispensable. That is why even God Himself absolutely obeys love. A circular movement arises whenever we adopt an absolute response. (301-74, 1999.4.16)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 941

If you invest your entire life in true love and pass to the spirit world, you can meet me in no time just by saying “Father!” wherever you are. You can meet me at once. There is nothing to worry about. When you tune into the heart of love, you will be given the right to participate, stand in the same position, and live together with me. When you call me, I will meet you at once. How wonderful that would be! I would show the whole of the spirit world to such people. There are stars made of diamonds and stars of gold. With my special authority, I may just give you one. I have that special authority. (229-164, 1992.4.11)



Ethics of Married Life

1. The Core Ethic of Conjugal Love: Spouses Are Subject to Each Other

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

The way of love is to exalt your spouse a thousand times above yourself. God went through a course of absolute obedience to humanity to reach the realm where He could love us as His object partners. A husband and wife married in God’s love desire to practice just such a high standard of love—the standard of love that God desires from His object partners. Each partner gives the other absolute obedience. Each continually gives and forgets what he or she has given. From that practice, the flower of love blooms between the husband and wife. (288:68-69, October 31, 1997)

You who were born as a woman should have the attitude that you will love your husband as God and as the representative of all humanity. Unless you love him more than anyone in the world, you cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Likewise, you men should know that unless you love only one woman, and love her as God and the representative of all humanity, you cannot love God or humanity. (97:321-22, April 1, 1978)

A wife who lives with true love attends her husband as God. Moreover, she attends him as she would attend Christ, the Lord. Christ is the King of kings; therefore she attends her husband like a king. When she rejoices in her husband as if she were beholding the Lord, she is lifted up to the value of God’s partner; and as God’s partner, she would manifest the value of God.
    Likewise, a husband with true love attends his wife as God, as the Bride of Christ, and as a queen. (March 9, 1978)

You should have absolute obedience, absolute sacrifice, and absolute love for God. But before practicing all this for God, first practice it for your wife or for your husband. (97:312, March 26, 1978)

What is the most valuable part of the human body? It is the love organ. What is the love organ? It is the reproductive organ. Does your reproductive organ belong to you? No, it belongs to your spouse. Who decided that? God. It is the way God created heaven and earth.
    Everything in creation was created for love. Therefore, no creature has its reproductive organ for its own sake. Each achieves love by offering its reproductive organ to its partner. Connecting with your partner is the only way to complete love. This is the heavenly law.
    True love is absolute, unique and unchanging. Do you need true love? Only when you are connected to true love can you become an owner of love who is absolute, unique, unchanging.
    What does this mean? It means that a man alone cannot be an owner of true love. He can perfect his love only through connecting with his counterpart, who is the owner of his reproductive organ. A woman can perfect her love only when she connects to true love; this means when she takes ownership of her husband’s reproductive organ, and her husband takes ownership of hers. (297:156, November 19, 1998)

A husband holds the key to his wife’s holy place, and a wife holds the key to her husband’s holy place. No one can enter it without that key, which is conferred by marriage.
    Does a man’s sexual organ belong to the man, or to his wife? It was not created for the man, but for the woman. Do you understand? Since the male organ was created for a woman, it belongs to the woman. Therefore, you men cannot use it as you wish. Only your wife can use your organ as she wishes. This is the heavenly law. (130:126, January 1, 1984)

When all men and women recognize that their sexual organ belongs to their spouse and not to themselves, they will bow their heads and become humble when they receive their spouse’s love. Love comes to you only from your partner. If you do not live for the sake of your partner, what you are doing is not love. (279:123, August 1, 1996)

There is etiquette between husband and wife. A wife should not just walk about the house naked out of a desire to entice her husband. She should first ask him, “Is it okay if I do this?” Likewise, if his wife is fast asleep, a husband should not wake her up saying, “Honey, come here!” Even in bed the couple should be courteous and respectful of each other. (225:160, January 12, 1992)

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