Peace and Happiness Depend on People’s Moral and Spiritual Development

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Peaceful families create a peaceful world.
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Cheon Seong Gyeong 2026

In Home Church we will find the True Parents, the angelic world, the satanic world, and God. It is all decided in Home Church. I might go to Japan or England, but wherever I go, we must all go the way of Home Church, that is Gajeong Gyohae. What is Home Church? It is a heaven consisting of homes or a family heaven. Accordingly, each of those 360 homes must prepare the foundation to attend you as the messiah, and as true parents. The fact that you have harmonized these homes and offered them before God means that you have inherited a position of victory over all of Satan’s foundations and opposition throughout the world. (99-262, 1978.9.25)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1128

Jacob knew that when the angel came he came as a messenger from God. Thus, he asked, “Did you come with the mission to destroy me? Or did you come to give me a blessing?” The angel replied, “I came to bless you.” So Jacob asked, “If you came to bless me, why are you withholding it from me?” The reply came, “I cannot just give it to you because your portion of responsibility remains.” In other words, Jacob had to wrestle with him and win in order to receive the blessing. That is to say, the blessing could not be granted unless he fought with his life. When challenged by the angel, Jacob determined to be victorious and rose up saying, “I see. All right, even if I lose my fingers or even my arms, I will not lose.” He then wrestled with the mind that he would not let go, even if he were struck by a sword, or had his head cut off. How long did they struggle? They struggled all through the night. He fought with the determination that he would not let go until he died. (20-228, 1968.6.9)


The Moral Foundation of Society

  1. The Foundation of Morality

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

The Bible teaches about the nine fruits of the Holy Spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, benevolence, goodness, loyalty, gentleness and self-control. (Gal. 5:22-23) These nine fruits of the Spirit are the standards of the nation that God proposes and intends to establish. They comprise that society’s way of life. (4:112, March 16, 1958)

Good citizenship does not appear automatically, but arises out of a person’s character and family. It flows from character, heart and education through family life. These are the bases for noble deeds by which people can advance to positions of responsibility and enhance their country’s prestige. Build these foundations and become someone your country needs. If you do not build them, you may end up becoming a corrupt official. (34:19, August 29, 1970)

Peace and happiness depend on people’s moral and spiritual development. This is because a nation, even the world, is only as peaceful as individuals and families that comprise it. Science and technology can be used for good—for the improvement of human life—when they are utilized by good people.
    Throughout history, saints and great teachers have devoted themselves to guiding families, societies and nations toward a peaceful and happy world. To take on the challenges of the twentyfirst century, humanity needs true parents, true teachers and true owners who can raise leaders of mature morality and spirituality. (271:74, August 22, 1995)

An ideal society is characterized by universally shared values. This means that everyone practices true love, observing universal ethics and morality. All members of society pursue a life of goodness and righteousness. To establish that ideal, we aim to build a society rooted in moral principles, whereby all people live moral lives in keeping with the absolute value of God’s true love.
    An ideal world presupposes ideal families and mature individuals. An ideal family requires the harmony of ideal parents, ideal husband and wife, and ideal sons and daughters in true love. An individual can be called mature when his or her mind and body function in harmony through true love. When people at that level of maturity practice goodness and righteousness in their family, they create the foundation for true love. When they practice it in society, which is the extension of the family, they build the world of supreme love, the world that operates in accordance with the Way of Heaven. This indeed is the ideal world. (271:78, August 22, 1995)

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