Humanity is Altogether Unaware that It Is Diving Headlong Into the Abyss

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 1242

The place of the Blessing is a very fearful place. You cannot receive the Blessing based on your emotions alone. The value of a life is more precious than the whole universe. That is why when you make vows to take responsibility for a person, you should be ready and willing to do so forever. You must understand clearly that the place of the Blessing is where these questions come up and are answered. For this reason, if a person has a chance to be in the place of the Blessing, he is truly a happy person. You must have firm resolve if you are to take part in receiving this great Blessing. (30-186, 1970.3.22)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1240

Since the Fall of the human ancestors, Adam and Eve, human beings have waited eagerly for the day when God could bless them. (19-23, 1967.11.14)

Richard: The Blessing is described here.


The Moral Foundation of Society

2. The Foundation of Education

Rabbi Assi and Rabbi Ammi, on an educational inspection tour, came to a town and asked for its guardians. The councilmen appeared, but the rabbis said, “These are not guardians, but wreckers of a town! The guardians are the teachers of the young, and instructors of the old, as is written: ‘Except the Lord keep the city, the watchman wakes but in vain’ [Psalm 127.1].”
    Lamentations Rabbah (Judaism)

When Confucius was going to Wei, Jan Ch’iu drove him. The Master said, “What a dense population!” Jan Ch’iu said, “When the people have multiplied, what next should be done for them?” The Master said, “Enrich them.” Jan Ch’iu said, “When one has enriched them, what next should be done for them?” The Master said, “Instruct them.”
    Analects 13.9 (Confucianism)

The source and root of all the evils which affect individuals, people and nations with a kind of poison, and confuse the minds of many is this: ignorance of the truth and not only ignorance, but at times a contempt for, and a deliberate turning away from it.
    It is therefore necessary to confront evil and erroneous writing with what is right and sound: against broadcasts, motion pictures, and television shows which incite to error or the attractions of vice, must be projected those which uphold truth and strive to preserve wholesome morality.
    Pope John XXIII, Ad Petri Cathedram (Christianity)

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Democracy has produced secular humanism, which is expelling God from society. Secular humanism is driving out the morality and justice taught by the saints and holy men, and is spurring on the trend towards free sex. Humanity is altogether unaware that it is diving headlong into the abyss… We have the mission of preventing this tragedy. (193:306, October 8, 1989)

This world stands at a crossroads leading either to the kingdom of Heaven or the kingdom of hell. Which way it goes depends chiefly on whether it protects family values—the ethical norms that preserve the purity of the family. Is there any nation on earth that has solved humanity’s common plight: corruption of youth and their continual abuse of drugs, family breakdown and skyrocketing divorce, the AIDS epidemic, sexual crimes and political oppression? Conventional education, even religious teachings, cannot meet the challenge.
    What meaning is it for a society to enjoy economic prosperity and political freedom when its families suffer in agony, with no solution in sight? Therefore, people have come to the point where they are seeking educational material and methods to protect and promote family values. Promoting family values is the fundamental issue in this age after the end of the Cold War. (288:140, November 26, 1997)

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